Fun DIY Group Halloween Costumes

Dressing up for Halloween is fun, but dressing up with a group takes that fun to the next level. These fun DIY group Halloween costumes offer a cohesive group look that can really make an impression.

Dominos Costume via The Merrythought

Sometimes, you need a last-minute group costume, which is why we’ve included this project on the list. This project is super easy and works with any number of participants, so it’s very flexible.

Circus Family via Fresh Mommy Blog

We like this group costume idea because each member of the group has a unique costume that can stand alone. However, when grouped together, these costumes have a fun and festive circus vibe. Want to include more people in your group? It’s easy to add more clowns, circus animals, or other performers!

No-Sew Care Bear Costumes via See Vanessa Craft

If you’re putting together costumes on a budget, you might want to avoid buying clothing you’ll only wear once. That’s why we’ve included this group costume on the list. Each costume in this group uses a hooded sweatshirt and sweatpants, so you can wear them around the house to stay cozy once Halloween is over.

Star Wars Themed Costumes via Desert Chica

We’ve included this group costume idea for the galaxy of “Star Wars” fans out there. Beyond paying homage to the popular franchise, this group costume is also convenient. There are so many recognizable characters in “Star Wars” that this group costume could work even with a very large group of people.

Family Weather Costume via Studio DIY!

This group costume makes the list because it is cute, but it can also be educational. Since the costumes focus on weather, wearing this group costume could provide a good opportunity to introduce your child to the science between the weather. Even if the details are still too complex for your little one, this fun costume might brighten up everyone’s day.

What group costumes are you planning for Halloween? Share your ideas in the comments section.

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