October 21, 2018

Kroger 101: How to Shop and Save Money at Kroger Stores

Jan 26, 2011

Kroger Couponing 101 - How to shop and save money at Kroger!

Kroger is one of my favorite grocery stores because they have great sales and they have a very nice selection of organic foods. If you simply walk into a Kroger and buy whatever you want, you aren’t going to save very much money. If you shop wisely, pay attention to sales, and use coupons, then you can save a ton! I am going to show you how!

Kroger Plus Card

The first thing you need is a Kroger Plus Card. You can get one of these at the customer service desk by filling out a short form. You will need to use this card every single time you shop in order to get the sale prices.

Be sure and register your card on the Kroger website. You will definitely want to include your mailing address because they frequently mail out coupons! You will receive coupon booklets periodically, as well as personalized coupons based on your shopping habits (these usually include coupons for a free product or two!).

You also earn points that can be used to save money on fuel at Kroger or select Shell gas stations. If you spend $100 on groceries then you earn 100 points. 100 points = 10¢ off per gallon of fuel for each fill-up. You can read more about the fuel program on the Kroger website.

Double/Triple Coupons

The best part about Kroger is that they double and triple manufacturer’s coupons! The will triple any coupon that is $0.39 or less, and they will double any coupon that is $0.50 or less. That means your $0.50 coupon is actually worth $1 if you use it at Kroger! The doubling will happen automatically at the register. Your receipt will look like this:

Scanned coupon 0.50-
Bonus coupon 0.50-
Scanned coupon 0.25-
Bonus coupon 0.50-

You see that your $0.50 coupon was scanned, plus you see that Kroger gave you the additional $0.50 doubling discount. Another way of describing doubling would be Kroger is “matching your coupon savings”. Pretty cool deal, yes?

You have to keep in mind that Kroger will only double/triple 3 of the same coupon per transaction. That means if you want to buy 4 toothpastes and use 4 coupons for $0.50 off, only the first 3 will double. The 4th one will be accepted, but will not double. (I have heard rumors that Kroger no longer limits the number of doubled coupons, but I cannot confirm this.)

Some coupons, especially internet printable coupons, say “Do Not Double or Triple”. These coupons will still double or triple at the register as long as the bar code starts with a “5”. (Your cashier can override this and manually enter the coupon to avoid doubling, but that very rarely happens.) If the bar code starts with a “0” or a “9” then it will not double or triple. Kroger does not double or triple eCoupons either.

***Kroger no longer doubles or triples coupons.


Kroger also accepts another form of coupons called “eCoupons”. Electronic coupons are loaded onto your Kroger card and are automatically deducted at checkout. The coupons do not double or triple and can only be used once per card. You can find eCoupons on these websites:

You simply create an account on those websites with your Kroger loyalty card. You then check those websites before going shopping to see which coupons are available. Select the ones you think you might use and save them to your store card. When you buy those items the eCoupon will automatically deduct the savings at the register. Please note that you can only use a paper coupon OR an eCoupon for an item. If you try to use both, the register may reject your paper coupon.


Kroger has amazing sales. They usually have “Mega Events” about once a month as well as some great 10/$10 sales. By pairing your coupons with the sale prices, you can get some great bargains!

A common misconception is that you have to buy 10 items in a 10 for $10 sale. This is not true. You can buy just ONE item and still get the sale price of $1! The same applies to 2/$4 sales, 3/$5 sales, etc. The prices are listed this way because the stores want you to buy more items.

Mega Events are sales that require the purchase of a certain number of items to get savings. It’s usually something along the lines of “Buy 10 participating items and save $5 instantly.” There are typically a ton of items included in the sale at various prices, and you can mix & match the different products. In this example, you will need to buy 10 items exactly to get the advertised prices. You can buy more than 10, but you will have to buy in groups of 10. So, if you bought 20, you will receive (2) $5 savings on your receipt. If you buy 11, then you will pay $0.50 more for the 11th item. Let me give you an example.

Goldfish Crackers are on sale for $1, pay just $0.50 if you buy in groups of 10. Kraft Macaroni & Cheese is on sale for $1, pay just $0.50 if you buy in groups of 10. Let’s say you want to buy 5 of each product. Your receipt would look like this:

Goldfish Crackers $1
Goldfish Crackers $1
Goldfish Crackers $1
Goldfish Crackers $1
Goldfish Crackers $1
Kraft Macaroni & Cheese $1
Kraft Macaroni & Cheese $1
Kraft Macaroni & Cheese $1
Kraft Macaroni & Cheese $1
Kraft Macaroni & Cheese $1
Mega Event $5 Off – $5
Tax $0
****Balance $5

So, it’s like paying just $0.50 per item after the mega event savings. Had you bought an 11th product though, you would have paid $1 for that item instead of $0.50, since the $5 Mega Event discount only deducts after each 10 items you buy.


Another thing to look for at Kroger is manager’s specials! I frequently see produce, baked goods, dairy, and meat marked down in order to sell quickly. These items are usually nearing their expiration date, so plan to use them quickly if you buy them. Be sure to inspect the items carefully so you don’t buy an item that has already spoiled. Find out which day your store marks down items and try to shop on those days to get the best selection.

Stack Your Savings

Kroger does have some great sales, but if you really want to maximize your savings then you need to use coupons on the sale items.

If you’ve shopped at Kroger before, but thought they were too expensive, I recommend giving them another try now that you are armed with this information!

*Please note that this information applies to Kroger stores in the north Texas region. Kroger stores in other areas of the country may vary in policy.


  1. A few weeks ago i collected a large amount of Yakisoba noodle coupons and had Kroger to order them for me, when they came in I handed the lady 120 $.50 coupons and they every one doubled, so yes they do double more than 3 now, but last week the soft soap was on sale for $.88 and my .35c coupon only doubled, making them $.18 each, so not sure about the triple coupons in TN

    • @Maria,

      I just went to Kroger yesterday and used several coupons. I live in TN as well. They don’t double or triple coupons here either. I’ve never gotten anything for free! It would be nice though 🙂

      • Marilyn says:

        I live in TN near Knoxville and they double coupons but don’t triple them. They used to triple them quarterly not any longer. I am planning to talk to the manager and ask if they will consider tripling them again at least quarterly.

        • Renee' says:

          Hey Marilyn,
          I shop at the Pigeon Forge Kroger. I am new to couponing, do you know if this store doubles?


        • lynn baker says:

          I live in Tn and shop at the Alcoa TN Kroger and thay do double and triple if u remind the cashier she or he will do it for u if u print out a Kroger couopon policy and thay will follow it ..

          • I am new to the area. I shop at the Crossville, TN Kroger. I have seen people with coupon binders and I figured “whats the worst that could happen if I try this? I save some money?”. Very excited to save. Going to call the Kroger here to establish what the policy is.

          • Kathy Stevenson says:

            HiI live in Mempis, TN and I shop at one of the Krogers locally. We have a number of them. But they used to have a special time where thy would on certain days triple them, but not anymore. Now they double them up to .60 cents. They do double them, but they show it in a different way. I don’t really do good with coupons because I am single. I don’t need some of them because it will say buy 2 or more. I also don’t have the space. I watch that extreme couponing show and with all the copies they get of each coupon and being able to find the real good sales, it does look like it could pay off if you do massive amounts of shopping. I am glad for anybody that can really take advantage of all the ways you can use the coupons. I wish for all of you to save a lot of money, by the looks of it, it does pay off.


          • I live in Maryville TN am new to couponing. Does Kroger double coupons on certain dates or is it advertised? Any help would be appreciated. Shopping for two households (mother-in-law had knee surgery) and need all the help I can get.


          • You need to check with your store’s manager to see what they coupon policy is. Some grocery stores double, and others don’t. It’s always best to check directly with your local store. 🙂

      • SHolden says:


        The Kroger’s here in Houston, TX used to double coupons, but now they’ve stop. Do you know if they still double for those less than $0.50 to make $0.50?


        • I live near Waco and have to drive to Cleburne just to go Kroger. Unfortunately, the Kroger’s don’t double or triple anymore.

          • I am an avid couponer and have been since 2004. The Krogers in Houston have stopped doubling and trippling coupons. This is because of the economy. The one Kroger on College Station does double and tripple. I actually think it may be worth the trip if you are saving enough at the checkout line.

      • I am new to couponing. My Kroger store doesnt double or triple coupons…..can I still save money with coupons???? Everywhere I have read they all talk about the double/triple coupon.. Im a newbie and just was wondering.

      • Our Kroger here in Elkins, WV doubles everyday up to .50 but I have never received triple on anything. Bummer! I want that deal!

    • The reason for it not tripling is because you only had .18, Price won’t go negative. I work at Kroger as a cashier

    • I don’t think Kroger in TN triples coupons…I had the same thing with the soap coupons a few weeks ago.

  2. Kroger does not double here in GA either. They use to have triple coupon sales but I haven’t seen those sales in years.

  3. I believe the limit on double/triple coupons is on a store by store basis. Some will only double/triple one like coupon. Mine will only do 3.

  4. @Maria, is your Kroger still carrying 8 oz softsoap??? All the ones here in Garland and Mesquite (TX) have been hit with a shrink ray. They’re still on sale for $1.00 or $0.88 recently, but they’re either 6.5 oz or 7 oz and not big enough for the size the coupons specifies.

    The Rockwall Kroger doesn’t have a limit on how many they will double. My husband took in 21 Safeguard $0.35 off q’s and got 21 free 2-packs. However, they refused the Coast internet printable of $1.00 off because “it’s over 70% of the value of the actual item”. Okay, fine! He got the 23 2-pack bars of soap for $2.00 plus tax and used those Coast coupons at a different Kroger the next day.

    • @Misty Mc, this is where I am too Misty. I always go to the store on broadway and 30 and they have no limit of 3 and are always super nice and I have never been given trouble using a single coupon there. But I’m with you on the softsoap. I think the soaps have always been that 7.5 oz size, but the coupons in the past never specified a size. =(

    • Do the Kroger’s in Ft. Worth still double or triple coupons? I have family up there and have always wondered if they did. I live near Waco and drive all the way to Cleburne just to go to Kroger. But, the one in Cleburne doesn’t double or triple coupons anymore. That really sucks. I used to get a lot of free stuff.

    • Do those of you living near Garland who get a senior discount get it on most of your items? In Georgia I did, but in Garland it’s only on “Kroger” items.

  5. I know Kroger here in Va (757) have these awesome sales. That store just turns me off. There are signs on the window for UNLIMITED doubling but when you go inside there are restrictions. Each store is different. Too much drama to deal w/Kroger. I was really surprised that Kroger on EXTREME COUPONING allowed customers to use all those coupons b/c it CANNOT be done here! SMH!

    • The Kroger I work at in Chester, Va (520) will double any number of coupons everyday as long as the coupons are $.50 or less. We don’t triple here though. If the sign says unlimited than they need to follow it. I went through training with other cashiers from all over Va and we were told that there is no limit to the number of coupons that can be doubled. Tell the cashier that the sign says unlimited and all we have to do is hit 1 button to let it through once the screen pops up why the coupon isn’t allowed.

  6. The Kroger that I frequent here in Dayton, Ohio “allows” the use of both ecoupons and paper coupons, regardless of if they are both manu q’s or not. I don’t think Kroger actually condones this, but I haven’t run into a cashier yet who hasn’t just pushed through a paper coupon even if it has beeped at them. Typically they don’t even check to see if there was already an ecoupon used.

    • @Jessie, This has been my experience as well. They never check to see why it’s beeped at them, they go ahead and manually enter the paper coupon.

    • @Jessie, I am also in Dayton, and the Wilmington Pike Kroger usually won’t let me use an eCoupon with a paper coupon. Sometimes the cashier will push the paper one through, but they usually don’t so I have stopped trying.

      • I work at Kroger in Chester, Va and I don’t really check the coupon unless I didn’t see the item as I scanned it. However, some don’t let a cashier override it without a manager’s code and that’s when I really check. It’s usually only high value coupons that do that though and it’s no problem to fix.

  7. One more note: Before you shop at any Kroger store, you should check with store manager to see if they accept internet printed coupons. My stores in Grand Prairie TX do not. The first time I shoped there with internet coupons, I spent about a hour at the store. Lately, I found out at the check out line they did not take any internet coupons. It’s been about 6 months, I don’t know if the store policy change or not. Now, I only use coupons from newspaper when I shop at Kroger.

    • @ Ann, which Kroger in Grand Prairie, do you shop at. I live in the DFW area too, and I always go to the Kroger on Jefferson and Carrier….I never once had a problem with Internet Printed Coupons. To tell you the truth, I just used a couple of internet coupons a few days ago, without any problems.

  8. I have a question how does Maria and Misty Mc have so
    many coupons of one item??? I obviously am not doing

    • @marilyn, You can buy them online from clipping services or buy a LOT of newspapers! =)

    • @marilyn, *and* I tell everyone I know that I need their unused inserts. At my work, they know I’m the “dial soap” fairy, supplying soap for the restroom that is way better than the institutional soap. That helps people see the benefit of bringing me what they would otherwise recycle. Spread the word and share the wealth!

    • Darlene says:

      @marilyn, I was thinking the same thing. If people are buying that many papers are they getting a deal or not. I have just started compiling my coupons and am really not to savy on how this whole couponing thing works. but am going to try a little at a time. My biggest question is how on earth do they buy so much for nearly nothing. I shop at Krogers in Ohio and they have a 6 coupon limit per item. Learning a lot from this website.

      • You can also go to your local recycling center and look through the bins late Sunday evening or Monday morning. Or you can look through dumpsters of stores that sell Sunday papers. Or you can ask the store for any leftover copies they have on Mondays. Some stores will let you have them, others might not. Just ask a manager.

  9. I live in WV and after reading this I called the 1-800-Kroger number at 7:05 PM EST and asked the Customer Service rep if my local store happened to triple any coupons and she said that NO Kroger stores tripled. Strange, but oh well.

    • @Holly, that’s not right. I kroger store triples in texas, adn I know the ones back in Louisiana where I used to live do to. I think it’s a regional thing. Certain areas are owned by a different group int he company and the rules are different. And then the managers at single stores can have their say too, so you really have to ask at YOUR store to know for sure. Those people on the phone in an office aren’t going to know what goes on in the actual stores. They have probably never even clipped a coupon…lol.

    • @Holly, Not all Kroger stores triple coupons – Kroger stores in other areas of the country may have never heard of triple coupons.

    • Sabrina says:

      @Holly, not true at all on the tripling of qs at kroger, I live in az and all manufacture coupons dbl or trpl up to $1.00.

  10. I wish we had a Kroger!! Only one chain supermarket here doubles but only on coupons valued at less than a dollar. If your coupon is .75 off, they’ll up it to a dollar and that’s it. They’ll only double one “like” coupon. Oh well, I guess that’s better than not doubling at all. But I still wish we had a Kroger!! 🙂

  11. I sent them email about the mailing coupon thing. they told me that I have to spend $200 in their store every month or frequently. I guess I will never get it. Their point won’t roll over to next month either if the point is less than 100 per month. So I guess I won’t get the 10 cents/gallon for shell gas either.

    • @Renee, The coupons should come regardless of what you spend – I get them regularly and can’t say I’ve ever spent $200 in their store in a month!

      • @Stephanie,
        So you mean their customer service people lied to me? What should I do then? Thanks for your reply.

        Below is their reply:
        Dear Customer:

        You had recently contacted us regarding the fact you would like to receive Kroger coupons in the mail. I believe when you first signed up for your Kroger plus card you checked the box that stated you did not want to receive mail from Kroger. Again that is updated, and for you to receive the coupons you have to spend a minimum amount of $200 a month on a consistent basis or just show some consistent shopping history with using your Kroger plus card.

        • @Renee, No, they didn’t lie, they said $200 “or just show some consistent shopping history with using your Kroger plus card” so I think if you just shop there regularly then you will probably receive the coupons. If not, then I have no idea how they base their coupon mailings because I most certainly never spend $200 there!

      • @Stephanie,
        Thanks for your reply. I see. Do you remember how often you go there? Because I went there about once a week, I dunno how often is often enough for them. I’m new for it, thanks for your patient to answer my questions.

        • @Renee, I go there about once a month or so, depending on the sales. Since you just got signed up for the mailings, give it a month or two and see if you start receiving coupons. 🙂

          • My store only sends out coupons every 3-4 months. Ask your store manager. He/She might know more about it.

    • @Renee, by the way, I went shopping in Kroger almost every week.
      Also I have experienced difficulty to use coupons for free items. There are 2 krogers in my area. I went to one kroger and they said they won’t take coupons for free items. So next day I went to the other kroger, they took it without any problem. I’m curious why there is such a big different, kroger has different rules for their store in different location or what. It really confused me. Thanks.

      • Ashley says:

        @Renee, I emailed Kroger customer service to ask about their coupon policy. They responded, saying “Stores in your area…” I wonder if you emailed and got the same response about “stores in your area” and printed that out and showed it to the manager at the one that doesn’t apply that policy, whether they would be forced to apply it. Does that make sense? I got a little lost in that sentence, but do you get my drift?

  12. They also don’t take coupon without expiration date, even if the machine accept the coupon. I just figured it out today. I had 2 coupons looked the same, one of them was missing the date because I cut it wrong. The woman won’t take it. I don’t get it why they hire someone to just scan coupons beside the self checkout.

    • That’s nowhere close to all the duties of the U-Scan attendant. I work at Kroger, not as a U-Scan attendant, but I always end up working the registers next to it and see all they do. The do all the duties of the regular cashier, checking ID’s taking payment, etc. they also help bagging and to make their job harder, they also have to teach others how to use the U-Scan too. I have asked all the U-scan attendants at my store how they like it compared to the regular register because I am considering going back to training to do it. They all told me the U-Scan was a lot harder and all preferred the regular register. You may see them looking like they don’t do much, but they actually do a lot more than the cashier all the regular registers.

  13. Nicholas Harris says:

    Sometimes cashiers make up their own rules about coupons. I was told at one Krogers in Columbus, Ohio that they do not accept internet printed coupons. After speaking to the manager, I found out that they did! Also the Walmart in Whitehall, Ohio to me that they do not accept any internet coupons at all. After calling 1-800-WALMART, I recieved a phone call from the store that they did accept internet printed coupons, and when I came in, they gave me a $20.00 Walmart gift card for my trouble. So do not always beleive what the cashiers and managers tell you. Some just do not know the stores policy.

  14. I love Kroger. I sometimes get a cashier that is not as friendly about the coupons but they do not represent Kroger as a whole. I recently had two e-coupons that did not credit and I emailed the e-coupon Customer Service Team, who gladly credited the amounts to my card. I think we sometimes expect too much and don’t appreciate the generosity of the double coupons. It’s not something that they have to do and I appreciate it.

  15. I just want to echo what you said about Manager Specials. I will always browse quickly past the specialty cheese section, the packaged produce section, the meat section, and the dairy section to see if there are any specials. Today I got great quality steaks for about 40% off and some brie for %50 percent off! If I’m not going to use it right away, I’ll freeze it (even milk will freeze for later!) Once every blue moon I will have a coupon for a manger special – and Kroger will pay me to take the item off their hands!

  16. Thanks for the refresher course! I’ve known most of this information, but I just added my mailing address to my Kroger account so I can begin receiving coupons from that avenue.

  17. Some one told me that I order to get double or triple coupons I need to scan my kroger card before they start scanning any groceries or coupons? Is that true ?

    • @Ana b, You need to scan your Kroger card before you start scanning coupons, but it doesn’t matter if it’s scanned before or after your groceries.

      • At the store I work at in Chester, Va, you don’t need your card to scan manufacture’s coupons, just store ones. You need you card for those because they are exclusive to the store and are only sent to customers with a Loyalty Card. It doesn’t matter whose card you scan for store coupons, as long as one gets scanned or an error will pop up that can’t be overridden.
        You do not have to scan your card first. You can scan it last. The reason that cashier ask for it first is because we have a time limit per transaction. It’s a lot faster for you to dig through purses and pockets for your card first instead of waiting til last and going over the time limit. The limit shows each cashier efficiency. The cashier is supposed to have at least 90% of time below the limit allowed. The cashiers on the express lanes are usually the new cashiers getting used to the system in store and the cashiers who had the lowest scores the previous week. The time limit isn’t set, it’s based on the number of items, the number of items a cashier scans a minute, the way the customer pays (a check will allow a higher time limit than cash or a credit/debit card). The time starts the second the first item is scanned and ends when the receipt starts printing. It’s all averaged together and that’s a cashiers score.
        A cashier asks for it first to have a lower time, thus making them more efficient and more likely to not be in an express lane or have a higher pay.

  18. Anyone know if Kroger will allow you to use multiple manuf. coupons on one item? IE: I’ve got two CoverGirl $1 coupons, can they be used on just one CG product?

    • @Emily, No, you can only use 1 coupon per item.

      • Actually, it’s based on the individual store (just like everyone else here mentions). The Kroger here in Athens, GA has really strict rules on their coupon policy, however they accept only 2 manufacturer’s coupons per item (unless the coupon states 1 item per purchase, per transaction).

  19. If you’re old enough you can get a 10% senior discount on all Kroger brand products. I just went to the service desk and said I was told about this and they upgraded my card to reflect this discount. LOVE IT!
    I also buy the mark downs near expiration date. I freeze my bread and warm in the toaster oven as needed so exp. dates aren’t really an issue. I’ve also looked at the salmon and if the date was nearing, I’d ask the meat dept if I could buy at a discount. 50% of the time, the’ve done it for me. I think it depends on how busy they are when you ask. I also purchased the cutest Christmas cards at 90% off!!! (Walgreens still has theirs at 25 or 50% off and it’s February!) And of course, it’s great to get a discount on gas!

  20. The Krogers in Houston won’t double or triple their own coupon, so they have to look at each coupon and press a key to make the others double. In general, 1 in 4 receipts have errors, so spend that extra minute to make sure.

  21. Any time I need gift cards I always buy from kroger because they double the dollar amount towards gas points. Especially is we are planning a family trip we get cracker barrel gift cards and get money off on our gas too. I think there is suppose to be something where you can take any receipt from a Shell gas station and they will add the credit to your krogers fuel points too, but I haven’t had a chance to try yet.

  22. I am new to the couponing, I have a question about combining coupons. For example in this weeks newspaper there is a coupon for 10.00 off crest whitening strips. Kroger also has a 10.00 coupon for the same item and I loaded it on my card. So will I get 20.00 of the item?

    • @Kit,
      No. The digital coupons loaded onto your card are manufacturer coupons. You can’t use a digital coupon and a paper coupon. The digital coupons don’t double like paper coupons either. Some of the digital coupons are better than paper coupons and vice versa, so watch your coupons. 🙂

  23. Billy Gomez says:

    I’m not sure about Kroger, but my Vons/Safeway store considers eCoupons that are loaded from THEIR website to be “store” coupons and CAN be combined with manufacturer’s coupons. In other words, Cellfire, Shortcuts and the like would be manufacturer’s coupons but not the one’s I load directly from the Store’s website.

  24. Tammy Walker says:

    I live in middle TN and our local Kroger will double up to .50 but not triple. The store in my area does not limit the number of like item coupons they will double. At least I have not had that happen to me.

  25. Thank you ladies for the coupon information. I’m new to couponing and I can’t wait to start saving.

  26. Hi, I have found all of this information extremely helpful as I have literally JUST started couponing this weekend. I have saved only $18 dollars but I’m thrilled. I was wondering if you know if Kroger’s gives you cents off your total order for using your own recycle bags to rebag your groceries each time? The new TV show on TLC led me to believe they did something like $.05/per bag used per order. Would love to know! Thank you again for such delicious information for us newbies!

  27. Andrew Hime says:

    My Kroger does give you 5c credit per bag you bring in (canvas bags and the like, not plastic), but most of the checkers aren’t aware of it and you have to ask for it.

  28. At the Sunbury Kroger, in Ohio (not sure about other Kroger’s, it seems like every one varies!) a manager told me that eCoupons will be taken BEFORE paper coupons, and that only one can be used. So if you have a $0.75 paper coupon for soap and there is a $0.50 eCoupon on the website, don’t download the ecoupon and use the paper one first! When they scan your Kroger Card, the eCoupon automatically gets used and you cannot choose which coupon to use. What I do is before I go to the store, I look at all my paper coupons and compare them to the eCoupons and download only the eCoupons that I don’t have a paper of or it’s a better deal (which is often – save that paper coupon for later!).

    • @Melinda, I know exactly what you mean. That happened to me today. I had a 2 coupons for 1.00, but they wouldn’t let me use one because at 1one time I must have clicked it on e coupons for.55. So I was only allowed to use 1. I am going to check week to week now to make sure I don’t have a better coupon. I am learning paper is better than digital because they double.

      • Today, I realized it is better to present your paper coupons (if they are worth more) BEFORE scanning your Kroger card. Thought ahead, and that worked for me.

  29. I am joining the couponing team recently would u have any suggestions to get laundry Coupons?

    • Crystal says:

      I can tell you that this particular week, Kroger has ALL detergent on sale for $2.99, and I have a mfg coupon for $1 off, making a 32 load bottle of detergent $1.99. That’s enough of a discount to make me smile, considering Tide runs around $10 for that same bottle!

  30. Hello all!

    I had an acquaintance recently informed me that a Louisiana Kroger nearby was no longer doubling or tripling coupons anymore. I just called my local Kroger in southeast Texas to verify their current coupon policy, and I was informed that as of April something they are no longer doubling or tripling coupons here either. As it is such a recent event, I would suggest calling or visiting your local store before planning a big trip to verify your store’s policy. Just a head’s up. 🙂

  31. I live in N. Az. and here the stores are all diffrent. One store will take prined coupons, and the other wont. Smiths (Kroger) is my fav store to shop at but i wish they would have one policy.

  32. Thanks for the tips as I am a newbie couponer and need all the advice I can get!

  33. I am very new to the couponing thing, I’ve used coupons, yes. But not for the real purpose of saving money until now with the recession and all. From what I’m reading it almost seems like Kroger isn’t really accommodating the couponers. They don’t double or triple anymore so the real saving aren’t there anymore. I’m finding it hard to save because I am a single female and I’m not really finding coupons for the products I like to buy. Does anyone out there have any suggestions for me. Thanks from Houston

  34. Thank you so much for this helpful information! I just saved 30% for the first time yesterday at Kroger in the DFW area of Texas, and i’m excited to see how much more i can save by utilizing the helpful tools provided here. The cashier told me they will triple anything $0.30 and under and double anything $0.50 and under. I also took advantage of the Mega Event (buy 10 and save $5). What a great deal! I could have done so much better had I know what was already marked down in the store, but maybe I will plan ahead with a preview trip next time.
    ** Any tips on how to know exactly what is on sale other than what is in the weekly circular?***

  35. I live in NW Ohio. Kroger stores in my area do double coupons. I belueve they do triple coupons 1 day a month, but I’m not positive. I know they just had a triple coupon day recently. As far as the number of coupons per like item, one store cut me off at 3, and the cashier was pretty rude about it. Went to another Kroger close to the first, and they were out of the items that I wanted. The store clerk was very helpful and issued a rain check to me for the items. She said their policy is 3 coupons for each like item, but that the 6 that I wanted to use would not be an issue at all. Visited a third on my way to work and got exactly what I needed in two transactions with NO hassle what so ever…needless to say I will be using that store most often!! I got 9 tubes of toothpaste today for 13 cents each!!! I have just in the last couple months gotten back in couponing, but taken it alot more seriously…I have already saved almost $300 in the last two months!! As far as store policies, I try to keep the policies printed in my binder and updated for each store that I use. I showed a manager his store’s coupon policy…he didn’t even know that it existed!! Funny twist how WE have to educate THEM!!! I love coupons and will never go back!!!

  36. Bonnie L. says:

    I’ve been couponing for years and it all started with the little brown envelopes that use to come in the mail. I love Kroger cause they double/triple coupons. Well the one back home in Lake Charles, La does…here in Hinesville, Ga not so much…lol. My favorite part of going to the store is the hear the person behind me making negative remarks and mumbling and grumbling about how there should be a line just for people who use coupons. Then you see their jaw drop when I go from 130.00 to 6.57…PRICELESS!!! I made my own coupon binder using a 3-ring binder and the clear photo pages that hold (3) 4×6 photos, which I purchased at Wal-Mart. I then place an avery label on each photo slot and organize my coupons in alphabetical order (antacids, airfreshner, baby products….dairy, detergent…). I even made a few for friends and placed some coupons inside to help get them started. I’m now thinking of starting a coupon exchange, should be fun!

    • @Bonnie L., Bonnie, how do you do it. I mean you went from $130.00 to $6.57. Did you use coupons off your Kroger card and clipped coupons? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    • I understand about the difference in coupon policies across the states. In Texas they just did away with double/triple couponing. Not very happy to say the least. I also use a binder for my coupons. Makes it so much easier. Instead of the photo sleeves I use the the clear sleeves for baseball cards. You are able to get more coupons on one page. I sort mine by type of products, i.e. cold, hair, razors, baby, pet, etc…At my church we have a meeting once a month and exchange coupons. I also share with my family. It is a great bonding time.

  37. My question is this, what is the best way to save money on groceries? I clip coupons now; however a lot of my coupons are for $1.00 or more. I rarely get coupons under .39 or .50 (for the double and triple off coupons at Kroger). Can I use my Kroger card coupons + coupons I have clipped from the internet or newspaper? What is the best way to save on groceries and where is the best place to shop for groceries? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.

    • @Brandi, I think Kroger is a great store for couponing because they regularly have great sales. You cannot combine your paper coupons with the coupons on your card though because they are both manufacturers coupons.

  38. Hi, great site! I just started to use coupons and it all seems a little overwhelming. Thank you for explaining things for us beginners.

    I wanted to ask you two things about couponing at Kroger:

    1. Is it true they will no longer double or triple coupons?

    2. Suppose I have a $2 off digital coupon on my Kroger card. WIll I be able to apply that coupon to multiple instances of the product in question? For instance, suppose the coupon is for tropicana juice, if I buy two bottles, will I get a two dollar discount on each bottle?

    Thanks for your help. I am going to study all your website thoroughly and recommend it to all my friends!

  39. Machelle says:

    Does anyone know if you give a paper coupon first and then give them your rewards card if it will use the paper coupon. When I have 25 cent coupons I want to use the paper ones because those triple and the ecoupons don’t.

    • this just happened to me the other day, they use the e-coupon and hand you back your paper coupon. Whatever you load on the card is what they use.@Machelle,

      • Laura Ford says:

        I’ve heard this might work….scan items, give them coupons, and then scan your card so you get to use the paper coupons…but then I’ve heard that this might effect the doubling of your paper coupons. Just not had a chance to try this myself.

  40. Crystal says:

    Something else worth knowing about shopping at Kroger. I’ve found this to be INCREDIBLY helpful. If you go to the Kroger website and look at their weekly circular there, they designate when their sale items ALSO have a card-loadable coupon to match! They’ll tell you beside each item the sale price, coupon value, and final price. It makes coupon matching to sale items a breeze when they do it for you. LOL.

    • Ann Rosales says:

      Yes but if you have a better coupon that you received from the paper, they will not take that coupon. The register automatically takes the one on the card.

  41. Bridget says:

    FYI for those in Illinois, Kroger has changed their coupon policy drastically. Last week, they refused most of my coupons, saying their policy was now to only take 2 like coupons per trip. Because of this I will NOT be doing most of my shopping at Kroger like I have been doing.

  42. I am new to couponing and am very interested in learning as much as i can about saving $ with coupons… however, I am noticing that all the “Savings” take places in states that are on the East Coast or Mid-West. I am in California and don’t know if there are any stores here that still do Double or Triple Couponing. If anyone knows of any here in California, please let me know. thank you.

  43. i am just getting started couponing and I am in Knoxville TN. I am wondering if anyone has any good tips for me. Also doea anyone know if y0u can get any good deals from Food City or Food Lion with Coupons?

  44. Samantha says:

    Here in MO they’re called Dillon’s O.o….will that make a difference on policy? It’s really the same store, just different name, wonder why that is….

  45. Nelishia says:

    I am new to couponing and have been shopping at Kroger’s. I’ve ran into some problems with the cashiers accepting coupons even though I make a practice of doing it ethically. I almost always have to go to Customer service because so many of my coupons didn’t double as they should have. Last time I shopped I was told that they wouldn’t take a coupon on a manager’s special. I had .50/1 Bob Evans Side Dish. They had their mashed potatoes on sale for 1.49. My q should have doubled. When I questioned it he said he’d do it this one time.
    Thanks for any help you can provide. They make you feel like you’re trying to cheat them or beat the system. I’m frustrated.
    They don’t triple coupons here in our area.

  46. Logan C says:

    The Kroger’s in the BCS (Bryan/College Station, Texas) area not only double and triple coupons, but they also accept internet printed coupons as well. There is not a limit on how many coupons you can use for the same item. I usually wait for the Mega Events where you can save $3.00 on any 10 participating items or $5.00 on any 10 participating items. I usually fill up my entire cart for less than $10.00. I usually clip and print my own coupons but there are some good deals on eBay from time to time on people “selling” stacks of like coupons. The trick is to utilize those double and triple coupons. They save $$$$

    • Hi Logan I live in the Bryan College Station area and would like to learn how to make my money stretch. You seem to know what you are doing and I am completely lost, if you have the time I was hoping you could contact me and possibly give me some tips. Hope to hear from you soon 🙂

  47. tiffany says:

    If i have a coupon for an item that is 75 cents will they double it at all? Like say give me 50 cents extra or no?

  48. Kroger owns Fred Meyers. Any idea if this applies to Fred Meyers store too? We have a Fred Meyers, but no Kroger.

  49. Do the Krogers in Texas have those Catalina coupons that print out at the register?

  50. Hi Stephanie- I live in California and as far as I know, I do not have a Kroger store here BUT we have Ralphs which is a Kroger affiliate. Do you know if Ralphs would accept Kroger coupons?

    • I believe they would but am not positive. You might try just calling your store and asking them so you’ll know for sure.

    • I know this is old, but I just moved from Northern California. I lived there for the past 4 years, and I found that NO stores double or triple coupons. I had my best luck at Safeway though. They will customize deals for you on things you buy often, for example I only paid $0.30 for single serving yogurt because I bought it all the time. They also have a TON of online coupons for your Safeway card, and they take printed coupons without a lot of scrutiny. They also do a lot of 10/$10 sales. They have a lot of high priced stuff, but if you shop the sales you can save about 50% every time you shop.

  51. Note that Alabama residents cannot take advantage of Kroger’s discount fuel program: Alabama state law prohibits fuel retailers from discounting fuel. We moved here from Tennessee and were very disappointed to learn this 🙁

  52. Ann Rosales says:

    Unfortunately I am in a location that Kroger no longer double and triples their coupons. I dont know why we, Texas, was excluded but I will tell you that it affected my shopping trips to Kroger. I now do a majority of my shopping elsewhere. I know of several people who have done the same. I dont know if it really impacted Krogers sales but I know that many of its consumers are not happy. I loved shopping at Kroger and they still have awesome deals but without the coupon deal, they are still more expesive as others in my area. Please….. bring us back our coupon deal!

  53. I emailed Kroger to get their coupon policy! They responded with every region has different policies and they can change at anytime without notice!!

  54. I’m a single mother of two trying to find ways to save up some money so that my girls and I can have a place of our own. I just started using coupon still new to the whole thing my question is are there any other tricks to making sure I’m saving as much as I can at my checkouts. I kinda need a coach and wish that i could have one by my side at my check outs.

  55. Hello everyone Coupon newbie here enjoy reading all the Q&A great coponing info. but still not getting the double coupon. ? say I have 2 seperate coupons for 75c off on ballpark franks and the cost of the franks is 3.75 on this single item can Iuse the 2 coupons that will be $1.50c off makes the final cost $1.25c for the franks. ? is it thta they only double the coupon if .50c or less???????
    What about neccessities like shampoo, deorderant etc can thase be doubled. ???? What about stores like CVS,RITE AID??????
    Thanks alot for the info great looking out for my family.

    • No, you can only use 1 manufacturer coupon per item. Doubling is not letting you use 2 coupons. Doubling is making the value of your coupon double. So a $0.50 coupon is worth $1. Drug stores do not double coupons.

    • You should try Walgreens. They have a different method of saving you money, but a friend of mine ends up getting lots of free items using a booklet they give you each month. At CVS you earn “bucks” when you buy certain items, and once a quarter you get a coupon for the amount you have earned to use anywhere in the store. I shop mostly at Kroger too for their specials. Their own brands are usually really good too.

  56. Ann,will like to know how this coupon deals work, I live in GP area and new to this, but would love to start saving lots of money on items. please help.

  57. I have watched Extreme Couponing, and I see these people go to Krogers alot and they use their store card on an item and also use a coupon for that same item, I live in Stockbridge Ga., and I have 2 Krogers within 10 mins., of me and they both have told me I can only use a coupon or my store card, I can’t use both of them for 1 item??? I’m very new to this coupon as well, and I buy Sunday papers and look on the internet, but it’s just my husband & I so I don’t find alot of coupons for items we use, andone have any coupon sites they would like to share? I do use Krazy Coupon Lady,Coupons.com. I was told you could contact companies, and they will mail you coupons, I haven’t found any company that will send me any, they tell me they post them in papers and on the internet..
    Any advice or help will be greatly appreciated.

    • Wow, that’s a new one! I have never heard of a store not letting you use both your store card and a coupon! I would definitely try speaking with customer service and get that sorted out.

      Yes, you can contact companies and have them send you coupons! Some will say no, but keep trying and eventually you’ll start to see coupons in your mailbox. 🙂

    • Virginia,
      I live in McDonough and have found it very hard to find a store that is really worth couponing at. I am new to couponing and sooo excited to save money but at Kroger I haven’t been well received at the checkout. I usually use my coupons at Walmart. As for asking manufacturers to send coupons…Don’t! Instead..hit the contact link and tell them why you like their products or if they are getting pricey, etc. They will usually send you a bunch of coupons without you asking. Crest sent me a envelope full of coupons for all their different products. I was ecstatic! Hotcouponworld.com is a wonderful site that has helped me alot! Please feel free to get ahold of me if you are in need of coupons. I might have what you need 🙂

  58. @ Maria, Amanda & all the other Tennessee residents that posted: I thought Kroger’s had stopped doubling and tripling coupons myself, but still kept seeing the signs up in the store! After doing a little digging, I found out that (at least at the store I go to) the coupons are only doubled/tripled for value card members WHO HAVE REGISTERED THEIR VALUE CARDS ONLINE! I was confused for the longest time because I noticed that the sign referenced doubling/tripling for “value card members”, but it wasn’t until I went online, registered my card, and started downloading eCoupons that I started seeing the bonus discounts on my receipts. Hope this helps=)

  59. Coupons at Krogers in Norhtwest Indiana do not Triple!!!

  60. So confused by by Ralph’s today.
    Went there to buy some items that I had received Ralph’s coupons on in the mail.
    Found the matching coupon on the same item in the Sunday paper and figured I would make a steal on these items!
    But when I was ready to check out the clerk told me that Ralph’s DOES NOT let you stack a store coupon with a manufacture coupon…
    What? Since when?
    Von’s, Target and Albertson’s in the same area does it.

  61. I went to my local Keller, TX Kroger today and used a printed coupon from coupons.com and they stated they wouldn’t take printed internet coupons. Lame!! 🙁 Totally beats the purpose of coupons and trying to save! I wonder why they won’t?

  62. We have King Soopers (a Kroger family store) in our area and think I can use some of these tips. I was wondering a couple things though —

    1) Is going to the actual store I shop at and asking customer service their coupon policy, the best bet? Or do I need to ask for a manager? Or should I just try to go online and find a policy?

    2) Also, just a curiosity, do you get the fuel points for the price of your purchase before using coupons, or after? As in, say you have $130 worth of groceries, but with your coupons you only have to pay $75. Do you get 130 points or 75 points?

    I was interested in the Extreme Couponing show, but then read a lot of negative press about it, but ended up stumbling across your site and am really loving it. Would really like to be able to better utilize coupons and save money.

    Thanks, Katie

    • Hi Katie! Asking a manager is really the best, in my experience. Sometimes customer service is not clear on the policy like they should be. 😉

      As far as fuel points, same thing. I would ask the manager just to be safe! Sometimes stores can be different.

      Good luck!

  63. krista crull says:

    Can someone please help me learn how to be a crazy coupon-er? I have a kroger and a food line where i live in hinesville ga and i really need to start couponing. Please anyone help me out……I have printed the coupon policies out for both but i dont know what sites to go to to get the good coupons or any of that…Thanks so much….

  64. Just wanted to say that you have to ask at the store that you shop at for their particular policy, retail grocery stores coupon policies vary from store to store. At my Kroger, they will only double a coupon with a value of 50 cents or less. They used to double a coupon up to the value of a dollar meaning a 75 cent coupon would get you a 25 cent bonus coupon. Now, a 50 cent coupon is actually more valuable than a 75 cent one. They also used to allow you to use a digital coupon loaded on your card with a paper coupon. There is also a limit of 5 like items purchased with coupons. Most of the changes came out when Extreme Couponing hit and suddenly everyone wanted to walk out with bags of groceries and more money then they walked in with. If you think about it, the stores had to do something. Unfortunately, makes it a bit harder for those of us that really need to save money these days. Check around though. I actually go to my Kroger and another store that usually has higher regular prices, but better sales and coupon policies. I’m fortunate that they’re both pretty close. By the way, I’m in Virginia.

  65. I am new to couponing and I have a few questions. 1st: I live in Georgia and when I went on the Kroger website I couldn’t find the actual paper coupon policy. I only found the digital coupon policy. So where can I find that online for Hinesville GA or do I have to go get one at the store? 2nd: You said that prinatble coupons will sometimes say “Do Not Double” but if they begin with a 5 in the bar code they still will, but if they start with a 0 or a 9 they will not double. Is that only if they say “Do Not Double” or will they not double because of the 0 or 9 even if they do not state that you cannot double them? Last Question: I watch the show Extreme Couponing… not saying I want to go to those extremes… but where do they get all of the coupons? (besides in the recycling bins)… can you go to the local newspaper and get them or do they just buy that many newspapers? Because if they actually buy 20-30 newspapers only for the inserts thats kind of defeating the purpose of couponing don’t you think? 🙂

    • It’s best to ask the manager at your grocery store for the official coupon policy. Each store can differ slightly. You’ll need to ask the manager in-store for that. The only time a coupon won’t double is if it states “do not double” on it. Yes – I completely disagree with Extreme Couponing. There is a lot of unethical stuff going on behind the scenes that they don’t show you. And yes – you’d have to spend hundreds of dollars on newspapers to get those kind of savings. Definitely best to keep a realistic approach to couponing. You can still save a lot.

    • Hotcouponworld.com has many many tips for you that will save alot of time and money. I am new to couponing also and still trying to build my coupon stash. There are alot of companies that will send you as many inserts as you want each week for low cost. Its cheaper than going out and buying papers you won’t read. Even if you only want say 3-5 paper inserts. They will send them out to you right away. I like Krogers sales but I usually end up at Walmart for most stuff because its cheaper all around. I have had waay less trouble at the checkout when it comes to coupons. They don’t double but right now I am just excited to save. I go to Kroger for the 10 for $10 deals. Walmart does price match but I don’t know if they do on the 10 for $10..hmmm I’m going to have to find out 🙂

  66. Sara Pichardo says:

    In my state (Ut) the “kroger” store is Smith’s and they don’t double, nor triple coupons 🙁

  67. I was wondering if anyone knows the coupon policy in logan, ohio area? I have tried looking online for the policy but haven’t had no luck so far.

  68. With the double and triple coupons u just need on coupon per item right

    Say the dial soap is on sale for 1.00 I buy 20 of then and I have 20 0.35 off coupons all 20 end of coming out free since each coupon triples


  69. In the example on this blog under Double/Triple Coupons shouldn’t the .25 be tripled and show Bonus coupon -.75 instead of -.50?

    • Hi Wanda. No – the “bonus coupon” is showing what Kroger adds on to the regular value. So the $.50 coupon is doubled – you get a bonus of $.50 making it double to $1. The $.25 is tripled – you get a bonus of $.50 making it triple to $.75. Hope that helps!

  70. Can I use 2 coupons Onondaga product.?

  71. Jamie Young says:

    Went to Denton Kroger Friday 11-15-2013 and they said Kroger no longer doubles or triples coupons and haven’t for over a year

  72. I live in KY and the Kroger here will only let you use a paper and digital coupon together if one is a manufacturer coupon and one is a store coupon. So you can’t use 2 store coupons or 2 manufacturer coupons together. I also asked one day if they double coupons and was told they will double if the coupon is .35 cents or less, and you have to tell the cashier beforehand that you want them doubled, because it won’t do it otherwise! I was hoping someone here could tell me when they have the mega sale events? Do they do this once a month around the same time every month, or is it just every now and then? Thanks!

  73. Keith Lilly says:

    All I wanted to know is when the double coupon days are at Kroger in Hinton. My dad wants to know.

  74. No business wants to double/triple coupons or combine coupons because people were getting things for free. Instead of being smart and buying a few items this way every now and then, people decided to exploit and publicize this on television. No need to stock up an entire room full of items that will not have the same effect because they are old, past best used by date, dry-rot, etc. CEO/CFO’s aren’t inept and I’m sure if I can find tricks to get a good deal by using the internet, then they have someone sitting at a computer to figure out a way to still make a profit.

  75. Sheila Hall says:

    I asked a question last time I “Spoke my mind” but have not received any kind of answer. I know you are really busy. I am 72 years of age, on a budge and would like to save what I can. The Kroger I shop at is about 30 miles from where I live. The Kroger store is at Huntsville Texas, they don’t double or triple coupons .anymore. I need to know is, how can I save money ” on a .50 coupon off a $15.00 pack of bath tissue ? I don’t understand ! I am thinking maby my poor old brain can’t absorbe what it use to.ha!
    Thank You!

  76. Need sale couponds.

  77. It’s really sad that a lot of stores have stopped doubling coupons and limit their coupons now. I have 8 children and used coupons to make sure my family was feed. I do not receive food stamps and work my butt off to make sure every dime is spent appropriately. I have to blame the TLC show Extreme Couponing. Since it came out, the store started their strategy to make money, as well as the companies who are losing out on profits. It is all do to stockpiling. Mostly, those people who get food stamps and have time to sit and cut out coupons or steal papers to get coupons. It is truly a shame that they ruined it for those of us struggling to make ends meet. Coupons have always been around, yet the show started a frenzy among those who have nothing better to do but watch television. New ways to rob the working. Sorry, but sometimes the truth hurts. I never understood greed. As well, I can never understand why the television has to exploit every little thing they can. Words to live by, WORK FOR WHAT YOU WANT, DON’T MAKE OTHERS PAY FOR YOUR LAZINESS.

  78. Thanks for the tips!

  79. Jacque Line via Facebook says:

    We like Kroger more and more, too, Jill Keogh Craft!

  80. Elizabeth Brine via Facebook says:

    Stefanie Smith

  81. Love our Kroger affiliated store in the NW -Fred Meyer. Great tips!

  82. Trying to find out if senior discounts are available in Dayton, Ohio, and if they are, how do we go about getting them.

  83. I wish we still had our local Kroger. Great tips!

  84. Love our Kroger affiliate stores out West – Fred Meyer & QFC! Thanks for the tips!

  85. My most recent trip to kroger…saved $109!!

  86. The links you have for ecoupons only have one link that includes Kroger. That is savings star. The others do not list Kroger as an option.

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