How to Make Your Own DIY Face Mask

The COVID-19 situation is rapidly evolving. Scientists continue to study the virus to find better ways to prevent it and treat it. The CDC recently recommended the use of cloth face coverings in public areas as a way of reducing the spread of the virus. But with masks in short supply and medical staff in need of the most protective […]

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COVID-19 Restaurants

Free Starbucks Coffee for Front-Line Responders!

If you’re working as a front-line responder during the COVID-19 crisis, we all owe you a debt of gratitude. Through May 3, Starbucks will give you a little pick-me-up to help you get through your shift. Starbucks is offering a free tall brewed coffee to customers who identify as a front-line responder. CNN reports that this includes doctors, nurses, hospital […]

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15 Free Homeschool Resources for Parents

Many parents have been preparing for the ramifications of the coronavirus for weeks. But if your child ordinarily attends school in person, all of your coronavirus prep may not have prepared you for the reality of helping your kids learn from home. This may be especially true if you are simultaneously trying to adjust to working from home. While the […]

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