May 26, 2018

Brookshire’s Coupon Matchups and Deals 5/25 – 5/31

May 25, 2011


My Brookshire’s is doubling coupons up to 50¢ and tripling coupons up to 39¢ for a limited time.

If you need help with abbreviations, please reference this post: Couponing Terms & Abbreviations.

Don’t forget to load your Upromise e-Coupons!

Here are the best deals this week:

KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce 99¢
– $1/1 KC Masterpiece Product Coupon (5/15 SS)
= Free

Kraft BBQ Sauce 89¢
– 45¢/1 Kraft Barbecue Sauce Coupon (5/1 SS)
= Free

Cesar Dog Food 60¢
– B1G1 Cesar Entree Coupon (5/15 RP) OR
B2G1 Cesar Canine Cuisine Entree Printable Coupon OR
– B3G1 Cesar Entree Coupon (5/15 RP) or Printable Coupon
= 30¢ – 45¢ ea.

French’s Classic Yellow or Spicy Brown Mustard $1.50
– 30¢/1 French’s Classic Yellow Mustard Coupon (4/10 or 5/15 SS) OR
50¢/1 French’s Mustard Printable Coupon
= 50¢ – 60¢

Suave Hair Care or Body Wash $1.50
– 50¢/1 Suave Body Wash Coupon (5/22 RP) OR
– 50¢/2 Select Suave Professionals Products Coupon (5/22 RP) OR
– B1G1 Suave Body Wash or Lotion Coupon (5/22 RP) OR
= 50¢ – $1 ea.

Hormel Compleats Kids Entree $1.69
B1G1 Hormel Compleats Kids Meal Printable Coupon
= 85¢ ea.

Lawry’s Marinade $1.88
– 50¢/1 Lawry’s Marinade Coupon (5/15 RP)
= 88¢

Suave Body Lotion $1.89
– $1/1 Suave Body Lotion Coupon (5/22 RP) OR
– B1G1 Suave Body Wash or Lotion Coupon (5/22 RP)
= 89¢ – 95¢ ea.

Lipton Tea Bags $1.69
– 60¢/2 Lipton Tea Bags, To Go or Ice Tea Mix Coupon (5/22 RP) OR
– 40¢/1 Lipton Tea Bags, To Go or Iced Tea Mix Coupon (5/22 RP)
= 89¢ – $1.39 ea.

Heinz Ketchup $2
– 50¢/1 Heinz Tomato Ketchup Coupon (5/22 SS)
= $1

Kraft Dressing $1.88
– $1.50/2 Kraft Dressing Coupon (5/15 RP)
= $1.13 ea.

Hormel Chili $1.50
– 55¢/2 Hormel Chili Coupon (5/8 SS)
= $1.23 ea.

Hormel Natural Choice Sandwich Meat $2.50
– 50¢/1 Hormel Natural Choice Deli Meat Coupon (5/8 SS)
= $1.50

KC Masterpiece Marinade $2.50
– $1/1 KC Masterpiece Product Coupon (5/15 SS)
= $1.50

Oscar Mayer Lunchables $2.50
– $1/1 Lunchables Combinations with Fruit Coupon (5/15 SS) *if included
= $1.50

Kellogg’s Cereal $2.50
$1/2 Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes Cereal Printable Coupon OR
– $1/2 Rice Krispies or Cocoa Krispies Coupon (4/17 RP) or Printable Coupon OR
$1/1 Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes Printable Coupon OR
– $1/3 Kellogg’s Cereal Coupon (5/15 RP) OR
$1/2 Kellogg’s Raisin Bran, Rasin Bran Crunch, or Raisin Bran Extra Cereal Printable Coupon OR
– $1/2 Kellogg’s Frosted Mini-Wheats or Raisin Bran Coupon (5/15 RP)
= $1.50 – $2.17 ea.

La Victoria Salsa $2.29
– $1/2 LaVictoria Product Coupon (5/15 SS)
= $1.79 ea.

Jell-O Pudding, Gelatin, Pie, or Mousse Snacks $2.50
– 60¢/1 Jell-O Refrigerated Snack Coupon (5/15 SS) OR
– 60¢/2 Jell-O Refrigerated Snack Coupon (5/15 SS)
= $1.90 – $2.20 ea.

Eckrich Smoked Sausage $2.50
– $1/2 Eckrich Smoke Sausage Product Coupon (5/15 SS)
= $2 ea.

Kraft Miracle Whip or Mayonnaise $2.68
– $1/2 Kraft Mayo or Miracle Whip Dressing Coupon (5/15 SS)
= $2.18 ea.

Angel Soft Bath Tissue $3.50
50¢/1 Angel Soft Toilet Paper Printable Coupon
= $2.50

Maxwell House Coffee $3.29
– $1/2 Maxwell House Produc Coupon (4/17 SS or ALL YOU May ’11) OR
– 55¢/1 Maxwell House Product Coupon (4/17 SS)
= $2.74 – $2.79 ea.

Ball Park Franks B1G1 Free
– $1/2 Ball Park Product Coupon (5/1 RP) OR
– 75¢/2 Ball Park Products Coupon (5/1 RP)
= Price Varies

Real Big Deal

Buy 1, Pilgrim’s Pride 3lb. Bag Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast Fillets, Get Free:

  • Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad
  • Food Club Foam Plates
  • Food Club Marinade
  • Food Club Baked Beans
  • Russet Potatoes, 5lb. Bag

Save $10.98

You can also check out my tutorial to learn how to do your own grocery store match-ups!


  1. The coupon policy says one coupon per item per person. I never buy at Brookshire’s brothers and this sales are great but getting just one product of each is not the best for a shopping trip.

  2. Ok, ok I don’t know what I was thinking. I understand is not buy only one product with a coupon but don’t use more than one coupon per item. lol

  3. I go to the Brookshire every so often in Montgomery. To me this particular store has high prices but I have used several of the same coupons and never had a problem.

  4. Jennifer says:

    I’m new to couponing and Brookshire Bros is the only grocery store by me that doubles & triples. I thought there prices where high too! What I am wondering is… do you save more money going to BB or Walmart or Kroger(the only 3 i have by me). And Kroger doesn’t dble/trp anymore!

    • @Jennifer, I have a brookshires and I don’t get much there, really just shop their loss leaders. Most of the people I know who shop there do so out of convenience. I do the bulk of my shopping at Aldis and Costco and just watch Brookshires for deals. Walmart is a good bet, if you can keep yourself from buying other stuff while you’re there and canceling out your savings! 😉

  5. I have a Brookshires near by but they do not double coupons… I did use 10 coupons for a dollar off KC Masterpiece bbq sauce which were on sale for 99 cents. We have a Fred’s that will double coupons up to 70 cents but only on Saturday and they are very very limited on what they sale. We have a USA drug store that will run a few good items on sale every 2 weeks but they do not double coupons or have any type of reward card. I wish we had a Kroger and Walgreens closer by……….. I live in the Pine Bluff, Arkansas area about 35 miles south of Little Rock… I do go to Little Rock at least once a month.

  6. No one in Tyler, Texas doubles coupons!!
    Brookshires doesn’t double or triple….hopefully
    Another grocery store will cone in and we can get
    some competition!!! Come-on Brookshires step
    up and double coupons for all of us in Tyler!

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