May 26, 2018

Daily Frugal Tip: Handmade Coasters

May 8, 2012

Need some coasters for your home? A nice gift for a wedding shower or housewarming party? A Christmas, birthday, or Mother’s Day gift?

Try hand-making some coasters! They’re actually very simple, and I’ve made them countless amounts of times. They make great gifts. They are useful and have a nice personal touch to them.

All you need are some ceramic tiles at your local hardware store (about 20¢ each or less), Mod Podge, Clear Acrylic Spray, Felt, and some Scrapbook Paper. Once you invest in the Mod Podge and Clear Acrylic Spray (which both last for many, many sets of coasters), you can create a set of 4 coasters for less than a couple dollars!

I followed the tutorial over on Two Girls Being Crafty, and it worked beautifully. Have fun!

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  1. Thanks for sharing our tutorial! Like you, we are frugal gals who never spend a lot on crafting–in fact, the majority of our crafts are $5 or less because we’re not the kind of crafters who have endless budgets, fancy gadgets, and our own craft rooms. We’re a bit less sophisticated than that… ; )

    Anyhow, I’ve visited your site numerous times in the past, so it’s cool to see that we’re on your blog. Thanks for the love!

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