August 16, 2018

My Coupon Binder Organization Method

Dec 17, 2008

Coupon organization idea - a binder with baseball card inserts.

To celebrate my 200th post I’ve made a video tour of my coupon binder! I hope you like it!

I’d love know what you think about the binder coupon organization method!

Build your own coupon binder:

Do you have any questions about my binder? How do you organize your coupons?


  1. I love seeing other’s coupon binders 🙂 I organize mine in a binder, too, only I do them by categories… like “baking” then I have these subcategories: ingredients, doughs/mixes, spices. Or “toiletries” then I have “femenine” “deoderant” “shaving”… Thanks for sharing!

    • @Miriam, what do you d to keep track of the date coupons expire

      • Thanks for asking that question Darlene. I am having the hardest time trying to organize a binder. None of my coupons fit in spots and i miss dates and through coupons away. I need help…..

        • if you put them in a binder put the ones that expire earliest in the front of its category so when you open to it you will remember to use it

    • When you want to purchase many of one item like for an example vitamin water and you have 50 coupons for 50 vitamin waters how do you do it getting that many coupons and how do sometimes you even get money back? please explain to me because I’am a first time couponing and i ould like to have more expierience from proffesionals that have been doing this for a while. please let me know everything i can know for icould keep passing it on to my children.

      • I have never seen coupons for Vitamin Water here in TN . Our Kroger changed their coupon policy due to the per the Mgr of the Store … Extreme Coupon Show. They do not double the coupon nor can you use more than one coupon for the same item.

        For Vitamin Water Kroger will often offer them 10 for Ten which is how we have had to buy them but no coupon. I have written for a coupon as my husband being a Firefighter needs those drinks after he is on duty and to replenish himself. Water is one way but to get other sources in his system is better for him and does anyone have suggestions ?

        Thank You.

        • most coupons for things like that are found online and to print that many at a time visit a public place like a library where coupon websites dont have limits

          • Maria Hively says:

            I visited my local library and tried to print off coupons and their computers won’t allow it.

  2. Thank you so much for posting this! I love to see how other people organize their coupons. I have mine in a binder, but I don’t actually clip them until I’m planning to use them. I keep them in a folder sorted by date they were issued. Any that I receive in the mail, peelies, etc. I keep in a separate place. Maybe I’ll try the baseball sheet idea though! That sounds easy enough!

  3. WOW! I’m amazed! I’m only about 2 months into collecting coupons and just keep the whole set that comes in the paper. I’ve heard of using binders, but could picture how it was done. You have done an amazing job, super organized. The video has helped me to get an idea of how I can now start my own. I’m having so much fun with all this and I love to organize so I’ll have to make that one of my projects… after the craziness of the holidays. Thanks again for doing such a wonderful job, on the binder and the blog!

  4. Thanks for all the sweet comments! I really do love my binder. I stopped keeping up with it for a few months and just filed my inserts in a box. I was going crazy! So, I started the binder back up and I’m so happy I did! It makes shopping for deals SO much easier! There are so many different ways to organize coupons (and I’ve tried A LOT of them! lol) and I’ve found that the binder is what works best for me!

    • Michaela Dodge says:

      I want to get started at couponing but dont know were to begin nor how to use them. I would apprciate some pointers. I have a large family, my husband and I have six children and he just got injured in a motorcycle accident. I am now facing surgery myself. If anyone would be interested in taking time to spend with me I would apprciate it greatly.@Stephanie,

    • @Stephanie,

      Where did you get your binder? Thx.

      • Hello, I love your site! I also love this video! When I go grocery shopping with my binder, people almost always look at me like I’m crazy! As I was reading, a lot of people were commenting on the pages with the pockets. I’m not sure if it was ever addressed or not as I didn’t have time to read through everything, but I thought I’d pass this along.

        I also use the 9-per-page sheets, but the printable coupons don’t always fit even when you fold them, and having multiples makes things tight. I went to my local craft store, in their scrap booking and photo album section and found empty book filler pages. Now I have 3 varieties of pages, 9, 4 3×5 sized ones, and 2 5×7 sized for the really BIG ones. Also, I know many people say they can’t find the pages at Walmart, I personally got mine at Target, but my Walmart has them also. Otherwise, any card-type hobby store would probably still carry them, maybe even (if you care THAT much) a comic book-type store.

        Good luck couponers!

        • I think most people are looking in the craft section for the dividers, and they are usually kept up near the check out lines, where there is those small aisles that have baseball cards, collector type cards (Pokemon, Bella Sara, etc) and it’s also where they usually have the “as seen on tv” items. So, make sure you are looking there to find them 🙂

          • I bought a medium sized photo book. It has slots that fit coupons perfectly. It also has lines
            Next to slots yo write the catagory.

          • Ladies, I found a coupon starter kit at Walmart. It had the baseball pockets and pockets for your the printable ones. The cost for this was like $7.99. The packet is called Ultra Pro (Coupon Saver Starter Pack). It contains 40 +1 Premium pages. 10 (9 – Pockets), 10 (8-Pockets), 10(6=Pockets), 10(3-Pockets which are for your printables), 1-Pocket. You also get a Bonus which is a Glossary and a Coupon terms index. I was very excited when I found this and it was excellent for my binder. I hope this helped everyone.

          • Thank you for sharing, Debra!

        • I am brand new to couponing and while searching for a way that I worked for me I stumbled upon a set of “couponing plastic sheets” they have 4 different kinds of sheets in the package to accommodate different coupon sizes. I LOVE them. The best part? They were on Clearance for $4 for a package with 10 of each kind of page and one large page with a “Couponing Cheat Sheet”

    • Jacqueline says:

      Where do you find the binders ? Are they just notebooks like students carry ? I use coupons, but not in a BIG WAY….but I want to start. Do you subscribe to your local paper to get the most coupons. I signed on to COUPON MOM, but I don’t think that the site has that many coupons I would use. Last ?? Where do you find the greatest deals,for things like Detergents, Toilet Paper Shampoo etc. ?

      Stephanie you did an AWESOME JOB with your VIDEO……
      Thanks so much everyone who has posted with great ideas ! I hope to get back inot couponing !! I used to do more couponing when the children lived at home …but slacked off after they moved out of the house.
      I want to start really saving money for trips etc……

      • Yeah, most people just purchase binders like the notebooks that students carry. Some just have the fat binders, while others like to get the zip up type so it holds them in better. Just make sure you get a nice size one if you plan to really start doing this, as you’ll outgrow a small 1″ binder quickly. lol

  5. I think you have an awesome system going there! I used to use a binder but when I started to get 10 and 20 of each insert a week, the holder pockets just were not big enough. I think I might post mine on my next “what the heck do I post today” days lol Thanks for sharing, it is alwasy fun to see other peoples systems!


    • @ Toni-Lynn

      They have sheet protectors that can hold 25 Pages or a magazine… They sell them at Office Max.

      I have yet to set up my coupon binder, but i was scouting out different ways and these were the whole page pockets I was looking at.


  6. I like your idea for the coupon binder. I do mine by insert, but your way makes lots of sense to me.

  7. Thanks for sharing your vlog Stephnaie. Figuring out a way to manage coupons seems to be the only hard part to couponing. Thanks again for sharing.

  8. oneybunchofoats and other fine things says:

    Neat idea and helps me out. I have been doing this between 3-4 weeks and am needing something better than the system that I have. I think I will be trying to implement this into my couponing! Thanks!

  9. fourboymommy says:

    I want to start this system but I am having trouble finding a good binder. Where did you get yours? I love the pockets. Also why did you decide to organize alphbatically instead of by category? Thanks for posting the video.

    • michaela says:

      @fourboymommy, Try looking at Goodwill or Salvation Army thrift stores. They have used binders that are in good shape and not as much as in WalMart, etc.

      • I agree. I found a 3″ binder at Goodwill for $1.25!!! Still looks brand new. As for pockets, if you find a regular binder, you can always just purchase a few of those zipper pouches that go into the binder prongs… usually out when buying back to school items. They aren’t very thick, so you could easily put 2 or 3 in the binder, and use that for your supplies, coupons to be used, etc.

  10. Stephanie says:


    I got my binder years ago so I don’t remember where I got it. If I had to guess I would say I probably either got it at Walmart or an office supply store like Office Max.

    I chose to organize alphabetically because it just made more sense to me. I just get easily overwhelmed by some things and I wanted to keep it simple. This way I didn’t have to figure out all the different categories and then figure out if a cereal bars coupon goes in the cereal category or the snack category!

    • @Stephanie, thanks for sharing i am just beginning and loving all the information, but how do you keep from letting them expire and not using them?

      • Billi Toner says:

        Thank you for asking this Kim. I too have the same problem, I try to put the coupons closest to their expriation date, toward the top of its stack, but sometimes i forget to sort through them

    • I also struggle with figuring out which category things should go into. lol But does it make it harder when you are in the grocery store and trying to see if such and such item is on sale? I know some people will be in the dairy section and turn to the dairy section of their binder to see if they have any coupons, that maybe are about to expire. So they may not have a certain name brand they are looking for, just a good coupon for something in the dairy section.

  11. Kathy Wyler says:

    I did a binder for a while, but it seemed a little tedious to make them fit in those little pockets. Do you try to collect multiples of the same coupon? If so, do you put all of the same coupon in one pocket?

    Maybe I will get my binder out and try again.

    I also have started keeping a database of all my coupons. When I get a new batch, I sit down and log in all the ones I think I will use. In that same database, I have columns for sales. That way as I log in a sale, I immediately see if I have a coupon for that item, because it is going in on the same line or “record” of the database as the coupon for that item. Does that make sense? Of course it is pretty time consuming.

    So with the binder, how do you match up your sales with your coupons?

    Thanks, Kathy

  12. Kathy,

    I get multiple papers, usually 4-6, and the multiple Qs fit fine in the pockets (though it does make my binder pretty fat, lol).

    I use and for their coupon databases. When I see something on sale, ie Birds eye vegetables, I will search their database with the term “birds eye” and it will give me a list of all available coupons for birds eye vegetables. It makes my job SO much easier!

  13. OM! You have made my job of coupon-ing So much easier. I started slowly the past couple of months and it paid off. I saved $97.00 on a total of $216 w/tax (prior to my stack of coupons). Your site has made it easier to understand the how too’s of coupon 101. Now I am able to stock up on freebies 😉

    Yay! Thanx Steph!
    Jennifer ~ Nashville ~

  14. Jennifer,

    That’s awesome!! Congrats on your savings! Glad I could help! 🙂

  15. This is sooo funny!!! I have been organizing my coupons this way too!! I saw your video and just laughed! I took my sons Pokemon card sheets (baseball card sheets), 5 plastic dividers with pockets, a zippered pouch (for my pen & scissors), paper to write my grocery list, and a large binder. I also made a cute sheet to slide in the clear front sleeve of the binder that says Amber’s Coupons. I did my sections for organizing a bit different. Food, Personal (makeup, toiletries…), Household (cleaning supplies), Dog, & Medicine (vitamins & otc meds). This works well with me. Thank you for having this site, it is awesome!!!!

  16. Amber,

    The binder makes coupon shopping so much easier! I just wish it didn’t take so much time!

    • Sabine says:

      Great system Stephanie! How to you track the expiration dates with the binder system?

      • @Sabine, I just go through it about once a month and pull out the expireds.

        • Christina says:

          What do ya’ll do with the expired coupons? I hate for them to go to waste. I heard about them being about to go to the miltary, but have no idea about who or where to send them. Anybody have any info?

          • Christina, please send them to Coups for Troops. Check out this link here:

          • I just wanted to write and say THANK YOU sooo soooo much for donating coupons to the troops. We are stationed in Japan for 3 years, and obviously don’t get any coupons here, but with everyone’s donations from the States, we are allowed to use the coupons up to 6 months past expiration!!! THANK YOU!!! 🙂

  17. Carol Marciniszyn says:


    I have to go upstairs and listen to your explanation of your binder! I’ve started this 2 months ago and got the binder idea from a TV report about couponing. I was lucky to have all the supplies I needed to start – a binder, platic page covers and a large set of photo holder pages for a binder with 3×5 pockets. I divide by category (frozen, paper products, etc) and have about 2 of these pages per section. Each photo pocket is for a particular month to help with discarding out-of-date coupons. I’ve begun to paperclip like items together within that month’s pocket (paper towels, tp, trash bags, etc) to help with impulse buys at the store. It’s a rule that the note book goes in the store every time and sits in the kid’s seat. Here in NE Ohio, only one grocery store accepts Internet coupons and no stores double over 99 cents, so there are limits on what a couponer can do. But we spent $49 dollars yesterday and got another $16 of goods free with coupons, so we are doing better than not doing this at all. I follow the Coupon Mom’s online booklet on how to improve the deals on our coupons, but all of this has to be a serious hobby to make it work. We were already of the “storage” mentality when we began. We keep a pantry in our finished basement and a freezer full of vacuum sealed food in the garage, so we were ready for this next step. I can’t wait to learn more at this site! Thanks, Stephanie!

    Akron, OH

  18. Can I say wow I am amazed by your book if you saw mine I looks like it exploded with very little organization. I love your idea I am going to try something like it. Luckily I have a good memory of where I ‘ve seen coupons last my bill was $81 and I got it down to $42 but wit hyour organization I think I could do much better. I am so greatful for the idea thanks again. I also have found other info on site useful!


  19. Hi- I love how you do organize your coupons. The alphabatizing ALL of them makes sense to me too.

    One thing that I would like to know… When you get new coupons… lets say you have…

    Alavert in the first slot, Aveeno coupons in the second slot, etc. Now what do you do when you get a coupon for Act. You don’t move all your coupons do you? This is what is keeping me from doing the binder right now. I’m afraid I would be too anal about keeping everything in alphabetical order.

    Or do you just keep all the A’s together and then all the B’s together, etc?

  20. Chelle,

    Goodness no! That would be way too time consuming. I just keep all the A’s in the A section in no particular order. I usually only have to flip through a page or two before I find the Q I’m looking for.

    • @Stephanie,
      I am new to couponing and trying to get a system that works for me that does not take time away from my family.

      Stephanie, with your system, how do you remove the coupons that have expired?

    • I just started alphabetizing and was wondering the same thing. It sounds so simple but I didn’t think of just keeping all a’s in one section etc…

  21. Thanks for sharing this. I’m starting to get more sophisticated with my couponing, and your guide and this video are inspirational!

    I’m really shocked by how many you have! I don’t have quite a selection, but I’m building it! I have a couple of tips in response to your video I would like to share:

    1) My local library (Portland Oregon) has free classes on many subjects, and I’m taking a Couponing class later this month. Maybe yours does too.

    2) I find a lot of great office supplies (some brand new!) at the Goodwill and other thrift stores. Check there for super cheap binders, which can be very expensive new.

    3) We stopped subscribing to the local paper to cut our monthly expenses, but I get the Sunday newspaper coupons from my office, which does take the paper. If I didn’t take them, they would just end up in recycling.

    Thanks for sharing – I really enjoy your newsletter. (And there’s nothing funny about your voice! We all sound funny to ourselves!)

    ~Lizzie in Portland, Oregon

  22. Stephanie,

    I have been couponing for years and try to have a coupon for everything on my shopping list but there are things that we buy that I know I have a coupon for at home. Right now I have three plastic shoe boxes filled with coupons, number and on an excel spreadsheet. I am going to go with a binder system now and was not sure how to organize them…I like the idea of alphabetic so I dont have to think where is that coupon. Thank you for that idea.

    Deb ~ Buffalo NY

  23. Stephanie,

    About a year ago our youngest child was diagnosed with celiac disease and we switched to a gluten-free diet. I began menu planning at a whole new level, for me, at least. However, even after several months with menu planning, I found our grocery bill, was taking up a huge part of our budget. I tried planning our menus around naturally GF foods as much as possible. I compared prices on-line and at local stores for the GF foods we needed to buy. Our grocery bill was still high.

    One day, I was checking out $5 Dinners website and found your website. It got me to thinking about getting into serious couponing. That was about three months ago. I am now saving 90-95% at the drugstores and about 50% at the grocery store.

    I am telling you my story to let you know what a difference your website has made! Thank you!

    I am trying to continue to improve on my saving! I have organized a huge binder with my coupons. I take it to the grocery with me, but I find it hard to handle in the grocery cart. It sits down too far into the child seat section of the cart. Do you or your readers have any suggestions?

    Thank you so much!

    • @Karla, Hi!
      I also have Celiac Disease, and find it so hard to pass up all those good coupons, because I can’t use them! We network at work though, so I take them there, and we all share. I am so excited to get the Rudi’s and Udi’s frozen bread coupons! I just wish my noodles and flours would be coupon-able…..
      So I concentrate on the things that I can use, produce, meats, and all household and personal items.
      As for my binder, I am still curious about which is the best way to organize. I currently file by produce, baking, bodywash and shaving, pets, etc. I like the alphabetic concept, but wonder if for Crisco, I may go look under S for shortening??
      I put my bag (my purse is pretty fat) under my binder, and find it brings it up to a perfect level to balance on the cart. Hope that helps!

  24. Karla,

    I am so happy to hear how well you are doing in your couponing! One thing I do with my binder is, I place my purse (a fairly large one) in the child seat, then place my open binder on top of it. That way it is at the right level to browse the pages.

    Good luck finding something that works for you! And thanks so much for sharing your story!

  25. Allison says:

    I loved seeing your binder. I also use a binder. I had a ton of document protectors on hand so I used my sewing machine and made mine. I put paper in them & made each sheet to hold coupons on both sides. I have plain document protectors in the front that hold the sale bills for price matching at WalMart. I put a stick it note on each listing what is to be pricematched. I also use a sharpie to circle item and expiration date of salebill.
    I file my coupons by store aisles. Very short dated coupons are put in envelopes & labeled then held in special pockets in front of binder. I then concentrate on them until they expire.
    People are always stopping me & asking about my binder.
    Thanks for sharing yours.

    • can you please tell me exactly how you made your pages? i was wondering how to make them double sided. thanks so much! I’m just trying to picture how you did this. GREAT IDEA!!! Did you just take a razor and slice above each pocket?

  26. Stephanie,

    I was wondering where to find the baseball card holders to get my coupons organized? I looked at Walmart but couldn’t find anything.


    • Bernadette says:

      @erin, Hi Erin, I was reading your comment about not being able to find the baseball card pages. You might want to check out a sports memorabalia store, if there’s one near you. I have a friend that owns one and he provides them to me free. Once I told him what I was looking for and the purpose of the sheets, he happily supplied me with them and said to ask for more if needed.

      • @Bernadette, I found the baseball card sheets at Staples where the page protectors are – and at super wallmart where they sell the collector cards (better deal here)

    • they also have them on amazon.. they have a few packages with all different sizes. i just bought a 50 pack that had like 10 of 9 pocket sheets, 10 of other sheets and some with 3 and 4 slots as well.

  27. Erin,

    I found mine near the front of the store at Walmart with the Pokemon cards.

  28. I can’t wait until my son is home from school so we can go to WalMart and I can get a binder! LOL – it’s amazing how this money saving “addiction” has quickly become a hobby! I used to dread grocery shopping!

    • Suzanne says:

      @Ericka, I stay home with my 4 kids while my hubby works 2 jobs(half our income goes to child support) so I think of my couponing as a part-time job, since I save about $400-500 a month it about equals a part-time jobs take home pay

      • @Suzanne,
        that’s so funny! i was just reading this, and last night i told my boyfriend that i might quit my part time job (because i need a sitter now) and just SAVE us money by coupon-ing!

  29. I’ve been couponing for about a month and a half. Before I got back into this I spent a lot of time searching YOUTUBE and checking out everybody’s methods. I’ve gotten so many FREE items from CVS and WALGREENS that I get pumped up about it! I’ve taught one of my sister’s how to play the game, the others don’t get it. My sister, Deb, and I can’t wait to call each other to see who can find a better deal.

    I too, am using the binder method with the baseball card holders (I got mine at a comic store for .25 a page). I put mine in catagories like frozen, bathroom, pantry, etc. I used my label maker to tag each space ex: first divider FRIDGE then on my pockets I labeled eggs, butter, cheese, deli meat, etc.

    But sometimes that gets confusing because a coupon can be used on multiple items such as makeup: eyeshadow, foundation, lips, nails.

    I might reconsider and do mine a-z. I know I’ll use less labels and filing will be faster.

    I work 12 hr shifts so I have a lot of time to organize and search for freebies!!

    • @diana,
      How do you find all the freebies? I am just starting out and could use any suggestions that you have. Thanks!

    • @diana,
      How do you “play the game” can you explain it to me? I have tried before couponing and dont no how to do it. We just moved to PA from NJ and our finances are a mess. I like the sound of the binder method and used boxes, it was a mess. Any help would be wonderful. Thank you Meg

      • Christina says:

        I am new to all this too. While I have only been couponing for a couple weeks, I have yet to use them. I don’t have a binder yet, but feel like the A-Z method would be great. I feel that my problem is finding the deals. Bouncing from ad to ad to find out where I would benefit better to use the coupon. Stores in my area don’t double coupons, I only have one store that does and there weekly sales are not that big and don’t match coupons that I currently have. I need advice on how to organize deals so I can shop.

  30. Stephanie,

    I found your organizing suggestions about a week ago and could not wait to get the plastic sheets. Your video made the “written” instructions so clear. We were on a road trip and I first read this idea on my I-phone so,you can understand how exicted the video was for me.

    I am about to start filing those coupons. I have been using envelopes to organize and am just getting started couponing.

    Thanks for your website and wonderful ideas:)k

  31. I was a little surprised you file alphabetically. I have been tempted to do this and wondered how it works when you get another coupon that goes in that “letter”? Do you just add it to the back of that range so you don’t have to move all of your coupons around?

    Thanks for sharing!

  32. Suzanne says:

    I made my own coupon box (this works better for me than a binder) by taking a plastic coupon organizer and cutting the bottom off so you can just expand it as much as you can and I stapled it into a clementines box from the supermarket. It works really well and when I pull out a coupon to use I have a nice little side pocket to put in in so none get lost . I sort by cataogory and try to always make my list based on the aisle layout in the store. My husband no longer complains about my couponing since I saved 393.00 on a 450.00 grocery bill. I am also fortunate that a friend works at a convenience store and gives me extra inserts every week, usually 30 copies of each insert.

  33. rebecca wockenfuss says:

    I love your binder! How do you manage the experation dates of your coupons though? That seems to be my dilema.

    • @rebecca wockenfuss, I don’t worry too much about expiration dates. At the end of the month I take my binder to the store to see if I can get any free trial sizes with the coupons that are about the expire. Any really good coupons like freebies and high value coupons I keep separate so I don’t accidentally forget about them.

  34. I love the binder idea and would like to use it but I am having the same problem locating the baseball card holders. Does anyone know of a good website where they can be purchased?

  35. Debbie Young says:

    I bought some sheet protectors and a binder so I can spread out my coupons easier to see. Where do you put the coupons in expiration order? I can see what you did with the categories, but I didn’t see where you mention expiration dates.

  36. How do you know where to locate a specific coupon when the databases tell you what insert a certain coupon came from, and you have cut them out of the inserts to put in the binder? I’m wondering if you even need the database since you probably just search through the binder by alphabet or category.

    • @Diane, I don’t need the database for inserts because I can just flip through my binder. But I do use the database for printables and other types of coupons that aren’t in my binder.

      • @Stephanie, You can get really cheap .25 pages with 9 pockets at comic book/gaming shops. If you aren’t used to such places, it might be a little intimidating (judging by some I’ve seen walk in), but most stores have really nice and helpful workers. Just ask for card holding pages and they’ll be able to help you out. 🙂

  37. I’m sooo excited to go and get baseball card holders and start up a binder. I can’t wait ’til I get out of work so I can start this!

  38. I got myself a durable canvas binder for under 10 bucks and bought a pack of baseball-card holders (I’ll need to get a second pack, didn’t realize I had so many coupons), along with dividers and I’m so excited because I’m almost done putting all my coupons in my binder.

    Thank you so much for the video Stephanie! I’m using your system of organization. I started couponing not very long ago and I’m loving it so much. It brings me such joy to save the kind of money I have been saving. Most of the people I know aren’t into it and I tell them they need to get onboard. I notice that couponing isn’t too common here in the west coast, particularly southern-west coast. I need to spread the word about couponing and!

  39. I know it is awful and unbelievable, but I gave up on couponing last year because I just got overwhelmed by all the different ways to organize coupons, printables, 1001 blogs to keep up with, RR, ECB’s, and seeing bloggers save 90% when I was thrilled with my 50%, but I think I am over myself and have decided to try this again, (with a better attitude.) It kills me to spend as much as I do when I KNOW I can spend at least half of what I am spending now. Reading some of your how-tos has been really helpful. Thanks for taking the time to do it! Let’s get our kiddos together to play! AND maybe I will soak up some of your knowledge. – Julie

    • @Julie, It can be a little overwhelming so I totally understand. I take little breaks from time to time to keep from getting bogged down. When I get back into it I always feel refreshed and eager to start saving again! And I think 50% is great! Any amount you save – $1 or $100 – is blessing your family!

      And we should absolutely get together! 🙂

  40. Stephanie-your video isn’t working…any way you can get it going again? I would love to see it

  41. Thank you for posting your video about your coupon binder. I am putting one together and this is very helpful to me.

  42. I saw your binder and I was so glad when I looked around the house and had EVERYTHING I needed already here! Loved your concept and it’s going to really help me in my beginning voyage with couponing! Thank you!

  43. I’ll be switching to the binder method as soon as possible. Can anyone tell me how printables fit in the basic 9 per page baseball card holders. I don’t mind folding them in half or anything, but do they fit then or do they need to be folded again.

    Any input is appreciated!

  44. Hi,
    I absolutely LOVE your website. I’m currently in Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace and couponing will help tremendously as well. Thank you!
    I wanted to know if the bulk of the coupons in the front of your binder are the manufacturers coupons or if you’ve mixed together the coupons from magazines/newspapers/etc with the manufacturers?

  45. Hello. I am new to using coupons and I actually just throw them in pocket or purse and dig them out at the register if I remember.
    I have NO CLUE as to what I should do to get started. Do you have any suggestions?

    • @Stacy, I definitely recommend the binder method – it is a bit of work, but it is so worth it to be organized! Just get a zip up binder, label dividers by category or alphabetical, and file your coupons in there using baseball card sheets.

  46. Since they are alphabetized, how do you add a coupon you don’t alraedy have a slot for? For example, adding a State Farm coupon when your binder goes straight from Shout to Stouffers? It seems like you would have to move every single coupon that falls after that one.

    Also, what do you do with coupons that have two brands, like $0.75 off cheeze-itz or Crispex??

    • @Jennifer, actually, just read an answer you gave to the first question! Sorry for the repeat…

      • @Jennifer, It’s ok! On your second question though, not sure what you mean…..? If you are talking about say, a coupon for $1 off kraft marshmallows, graham crackers, and hershey chocolate – which letter would I file under? The answer would be, whichever product I am most likely to purchase. Since I don’t buy marshmallows often, or really graham crackers, I would put it under “H” for hershey’s since I DO buy chocolate often- hehe! Hope that helps!

  47. ug, i am just getting back into my binder..

    i went from binder, to keeping inserts, to envelopes, and am not going back to the binder..

    hopefully it will work better for me this time.. you do inspire me though.

  48. Some folks are really intense about this! I think one of the things that scares me away from couponing is that folks seem to lose sight of the bigger picture, and it becomes a bragging contest of who saved more. I saw one coupon site where women were laughing about how their husband has constantly been asking for Gillette Mach 3 razors, and they keep telling him they ‘forget’ because they don’t want to spend the money. Lying to, and disrespecting the man who earns the money in order to save money… ugh. Someone has forgotten the REAL reason why she’s doing this (her FAMILY).

    I am willing to give couponing a shot, and today at Walgreens I saved $6 on $19 (total was $13). Not bad, I thought. 🙂 I forgot to tell the cashier to make my crackers a separate transaction so I could use my RR from the shampoo, though. I didn’t know RR expire so fast!! It’s like 2 weeks!!

    I’m never going to try to live up to those 90% off people though. Small is OK with me.

  49. thanx for your website! I live in a very small town in eastern oregon. Our unemployment rate is the highest in the state and money is beyond tight. I will be setting up a binder soon. We only have a Safeway store in our town, but travel to a small city that has a Wmart and Albertsons. Any ideas on how to obtain coupons since we are not able to get a big city Sunday paper with lots of inserts? Thanx again for any help you can offer a small town girl needing to save big!

  50. Me and my daughter was looking for sites that could help us with couponing, and your site is by far the best, and easiest to understand. Thank you so much for making this site and we will be getting all of our tips from you. Were very new at this and just starting out we dont know alot, so we have a question for you. If you have say example a hamburger helper coupon that says get 75 cents off of three and there on sale for 10 for 10 how does it work? We would love it if you answered this question.
    Thank you,

  51. I am very pleased with your website. I got hooked on the new show Extreme Couponing on TLC, i didn’t know you could save so much money with couponing it was extreme but still it is great to know. Your site does explain things so great and has very good coupons. I have tried other sites and they aren’t very easy. I really loved your video of your coupon binder, I will most definetly get those baseball card holders and loved your binder. Where can i find a great binder like yours. Please keep up the great work and i’ll keep learning.

    Thx very much,

  52. Omg!!! I LoVE ur binder! I wanted to cry when I seen it. Lol.

  53. I have a binder and I keep it by alphabetical order like you. I have been doing this for about 7 or 8 months and have had some great saving, but I am learning so much from your website! Thank you so much for having this website!
    One of the things that excites me about doing this couponing, is my husband enjoys going shopping more with me. He likes to see how much we can save! It makes shopping more fun when we can shop together!
    I have had some 50 % savings, but not very often. We have only one store here in our area of Florida that does double coupons and they have double super coupon (they double up to 1.98 coupons) and they also have certain times when they have triple coupons, so I am trying to figure out their cycle. In the process, I am learning so much from your site!
    Thanks Again!

  54. I love this idea! I am a young mother on a budget and couponing is very new to me! Your website has been to most beneficial to me in educating myself on money saving with couponing — Thank you!!!

  55. Brian Asher says:

    Thanks for showing what you do. I am completely new to this mass saving game. But after seeing Extreme Couponing I am ready to realy save

  56. I love love love your binder where did you get it.
    I just been couponing on and off for a year.
    Thank you for all your help.

  57. kimberly pierce says:

    I live in Florida and bought mine at Wal-greens. 9 pockets in each side and a pack of sheets were around $5.00 and bought the big binder- a regular notebook with the big 3-inch rings there also for around the same price .

  58. I tried using the envelopes, didnt work. I tried using a planner type with just pockets to organize coupons, didnt work. I am going to try and use a binder. hopefully this works. I love couponing, just driving me crazy trying to get the organization down pat. 🙂

  59. The video is great – thanks so much. I use a regular old notebook instead of the zippered binder because I can never seem to get those binders to lay flat. My notebook has clear pockets in the front and back plus I’ve added a couple of zipper pockets (3 holed) to hold scissors, pens, coupons I’ve pulled for today’s shopping, etc. LOVE the alphabetical order idea. Mine are by categories but sometimes end up in the “wrong” category.

    @Julie (way up there in June) – I would love to hear an update, did you get back into couponing, how it’s going, etc.

  60. I also use 3 ring binder and my coupons are in order according to the supermarket aisles – it works great and saves me time. I LOVE COUPONS!

  61. I saw a show called couponing ( i think thats right) I saw today and was absolutley amazed!!!!! I wanna learn how to save as much as they did!

  62. So, I’ve been couponing here, going into the second month, and I too use a binder. But heres what Ive found out the hard way, hard cover binders should not be used for coupons. One of my children bumped into me and it fell in the store parking lot. Oh my goodness, coupons were everywhere. Am heading over to walmart to purchase a zipper binder.Guess its a good thing, need to start a binder over. Thanks for all the good tips.

    • @kiuga7, Oh no!! I have a zipper and one time I had it open and balanced on the cart seat at cvs. It fell and tons of pages of coupons fell out everywhere, it was so embarrassing! So beware that it can happen even with a zipper binder!

  63. where did you get that binder???

  64. Jill Hemp says:

    Oh my gosh, I used coupons periodically in the past just one of two here and there but I recently decided to give it a real try and just started really last night scouring websites and everything . And the biggest problem I had was how to organize them. I used to just clip coupons from the paper and kept them in a plastic baggie, but it was such a pain. And now that I’m getting even more coupons I know a baggie would be impossible. So I’m am off to get a binder..does anyone know where I can get a coupon for it? lol

  65. Wow! I have been couponing for awhile and have always used an accordion type folder for my coupons. I thought I was organised!! I have been wanting to get deeper into this; I want to be one of those couponers that pays pennies for their groceries like I have heard is possible! I guess my next step is a binder…this is amazing!

  66. It is definitely exciting to see how motivated everyone is with their couponing. One question I have is that I live in Minnesota, and to my knowledge, Rainbow Foods is the only store that doubles coupons. Does anyone else know of any other stores (grocery or otherwise) that double or triple coupons? I would love to take advantage of them. I’ve been slowly growing in my couponing, and your website has been GREAT for all of the helpful hints and ideas! THANK YOU!

  67. I have never used coupons before but you can bet I will start now. The binder sounds like a great way to go, but I don’t understand the internet couponing, can someone tell me what that is all about? How do you get coupons from the internet? I will call today to start the Sunday paper delivery.

    • @Shannon, Many websites like offer printable coupons. You select the coupons you would like and then they print on your printer. You can usually only print 2 per computer though (and copying coupons is illegal). Printable coupons are very popular right now and many manufacturers are offering high value printables!

  68. Erma Stevens says:

    Just starting Couponing. My daughter got me hooked on it, now to get in the swing of things, and how it works. Thanks for the binder hints and the store policy news. Can’t wait to get as good as some of you.

  69. Stephanie, Since your binder is alphabetical what do you do about expired ones? Something tells me you don’t sit down once a week and go through ALL of those coupons 🙂 My problem would be I would have a book like that full of expired coupons.

  70. I hate to sound coupon dumb…but you can not use 2 coupons for one product..right? So say I have Ball Park coupon and it says buy 1 get 50 cents off I can not use 2 50 cent off coupons on just one package? Help I just want more bang for my buck!

  71. Hi Jordan, my grandmother and I were going to start couponing, but we don’t have a clue how or where to get coupons. HELP!

  72. Debby Dodd says:

    just starting this week, we have a 2 inch binder. we separate soaps cleaning ect. at Walmart they have alphabet, and number tabs. we will sub catagorize as needed using the numbers.

  73. christy26 says:

    The video isn’t working…

  74. Just getting a binder set up. So much better than carrying them in a envelope.

  75. Being a paper clip and envelope type, was just wondering, is there ever a problem with folding the coupons over to fit into the narrow 9 pocket card cases at any of the stores? Where they won’t accept them for being folded, creased, ect…? Just hate the thought of having to pay retail for something on a cleanliness coupon issue.

  76. I am new to couponing, but am off to a running start! I, too, organize in a binder with baseball card pages that I cut and put colored paper in to double their capacity. I have mine organized by category. I have already seen significant savings, and am sooo glad that I am learning this “trade”. I recommend your website every day, and especially to my sister who has also adopted this. I spend some time going through flyers and deciding what our menu will be, then shop from that. My recent deals include 16 free jars of peanut butter, and Kellogg’s cereal for under $1.40 a box! So glad there are people like you kind enough to help us out! Thank you for an awesome and helpful website!!

    • @Eileen, Eileen I’m new to this, and don’t even have my binder put together yet, but that’s a great tip on the colored paper! I was also thinking for bigger printouts or ads I will try combining some full size page protectectors or ones split of fourths. But I think it will certainly be a work in progress…thanks for your tips and congrats on your great savings!

  77. I am very hard of hearing and do not have speakers on my computer. Perhaps in the future you can add captions to your videos, so that deaf and hard of hearing individuals are able to understand the video also.

    I do have a Binder with Tabs by categories. I use big 4 section page protectors.

  78. We are just beginning to put together our coupon binder after watching “Extreme Couponing”. I totally agree with you that there is a line between realistic and just nuts! We are a family of 4, the kids and I plan to be realistic with our use of coupons to get what we use cheaper. Thank you for the tour of your binder, ours doesn’t even have one coupon in it yet but will soon~Thanks

  79. Stephanie – Thank you for your website. I have never been good at clipping coupons. I watched Extreme Couponing last night, and while I thought it was too extreme for me, although it did intrigue me about the whole couponing thing, especially since I have been unemployed for a while now. I don’t have a CVS in my area, but I do have a Walgreens. I’ve only been there a few times, but your information is very helpful and I will be checking out their coupons and sales from now on. Thanks!!

  80. it will not load. would love to be able to watch it.

  81. Wow I admire anyone who is this organized. My “system” is a bit more rough and haphazard I guess. I have a Duck-tape pouch about the size of a wallet (but plain, just the one big pocket). I keep coupons I’ll be using soon (or think I might use soon) in it.

    I organize by what coupons I’ll use at what store. I don’t store hop much. Publix is very close to me. I feel like I save a decent amount by using their B1G1F deals alone, so any coupons I can use there for items I buy seems like a bonus to me. Plus I just love Publix. The people who work there make shopping there so enjoyable. That in itself is valuable to me. So anyway, I usually do the BIG shopping trip for 2 wks worth of groceries (including toiletries etc.) on the Fridays that are pay day.

    Right now in my pouch, I have all the coupons I know I plan to use at Publix held together with a paper clip, and folded around them I have my shopping list I made on Publix’ web site (had to trim the side margins to make it fit). It lists everything I plan to buy, what’s B1G1F, what I have coupons for, etc. Then I have some later dated coupons for things we do/can/will use held together with another paper clip and a note reminding me that they will need to be used during the *next* pay period.

    Then past the Publix stuff, I have any coupons over 50 cents / below 99 cents in two stacks (by exp. dates/ what will be used in which pay period, same as above) to use on shopping trips to a nearby Harris-Teeter. I’m not a huge H-T fan, not sure why, but since I recently learned that they double coupons up to (and including) 98 cents, then H-T, here I come! lol (Publix doubles up to –and including– 50 cents. So anything over 50 cents, generally makes more sense to buy it at H-T unless Publix has some crazy deal going on.)

    Past the coupons I plan to use at H-T within the next month, I have Target coupons, again, two different paper-clip-held stacks for two different pay periods of shopping.

    Before I make trips to either H-T or Target, I’ll write or print out a list of what I’ll buy there with list of coupons.

    Then a few odds and ends coupons I don’t need to use right away but might if I find a good deal.

    Same pocket of my purse where I keep the pouch is Walgreen coupons/coupon booklet thingy.

    Right now that’s about it. There’s another pouch put aside here at home for coupons to be used in the next month or beyond (unless a great deal comes up before then).

    That’s how I roll. lol Maybe a bit rough around the edges, but it works pretty well for us I think.

  82. PS to add: before I shop, go through coupons again and weed out any “impulse” clippings, any coupons that, if I really think about it, I realize, I don’t really need those items and/or can probably get similar cheaper at Aldi or Dollar Tree anyhow. Weed those out and toss them. (Usually those are personal/pharmacy type things; I’m pretty good at only using food coupons for what my family will actually use.) Anyway, coupon weeding helps me.

  83. I apologize if you’ve already answered this in the comments above, but where did you find that awesome binder? Thanks! Erin

  84. Hi Stephanie:

    I used to do couponing (not on a large scale) many years ago, but got out of the habit once the kids all left home and I was working so many hours. Now I’m at home, working on building a small business teaching people how to sew their own clothing and home decor (something I love to do, and another money saver) and have recently started getting back into couponing. 2 weeks ago I saved 1/3 on our grocery bill just getting started so I’m excited. I love the way you have organized your binder as I was trying to figure out an easy, accessible way to do so. Thanks so much for the tips. Between you and the other suggestions on your site, I am looking forward to doing a great job of saving. THANKS again for all your help. Debbie

  85. Okay ladies. Newbie here. Please tell me how you make these databases for your Q’s, I’m sure its a duh kind of thing but i’m not sure where to start on doing that. Working on my binder now… Help please.

  86. annalissa says:

    I really liked this. I am just starting to coupon and your website has great information! I like it a lot!

  87. Thank you so much for all of your information. This is my 3rd time trying to coupon, every time before I got too overwhelmed. I never thought of organizing the coupons in alphabetical order, but I am totally gonna try it. I think that would totally work for me! Can’t wait to read more of your tips and deals! 🙂

  88. Hi Everyone,

    I am so thankful for sites like this one. I am terrible at organization and the fear of missing a deal makes couponing a stressful thought for me. This site helps alleviate some of these stresses. I have noticed everyones comments regarding organization. I have always struggled with this as I used to use Grocery Game. I am always wanting to use exact coupon recommended if I can so I don’t miss any opprotunities or have expired coupons. For this reason I am currently storing them as whole inserts but after watching this I am considering doing each insert in aphabetical order so that I have both the product and insert date together. I don’t have any extra time to go and read each individual date. Thanks for giving me this idea. Lets see if I ever get around to implimenting it.


  89. Your video was very informational….especially since I’m new to the whole coupon thing. I really just did not know how to get started, organized, etc. I still have yet to go out on my 1st shopping trip, but my 9 year old is my coupon assistant so we’ll see how it turns out.

  90. Jeannette says:

    Glad to have found your website! How many times in the past several years did I use coupons, and then get away from them?? Since I moved back to Jersey, and have yet to find employment, I have had to do whatever it takes to save some money. That meant getting back in the swing of things with the couponing. I was amazed at watching Extreme Couponing, and am so grateful for all yours and other’s websites out there showing us how to be more organized and prepared when we go shopping. In the past month or so, I have actually enjoyed couponing and am getting a kick out of saving money on some really great deals! Even though it does take some time and effort, it sure is worth it! I will definitely tell my friends about your site and video! 🙂

  91. hi, i am also a couponing newbie & just bought my first ever sunday paper as i learned that’s where you get the most coupons from. my question is, what do i do with the coupons that are due to expire in a few days but have not found any good deal for them from the stores? do you use them anyways?

    also, what do you do with the coupons that have no use for you (you don’t use that product, you prefer a different brand, etc.)?

    thanks for being really helpful!

    • @ella,
      one of the things you can do with coupons that you won’t use (even if they are recently expired), is send them to a military base overseas. is the website for the overseas coupon program. The military and their families can use regular coupons in the commissaries (grocery store) and post exchanges (department store) at the base or post where they are stationed overseas. there are some requirements about sending them, but especially our younger enlisted soldiers with families can use them.
      Thanks for reading!

  92. a few more questions for you…

    what do you consider a good deal? anything above 50% off? how can you tell you’re getting the BEST deal for your precious coupons? for example, this week I’d be able to buy 1 40 oz. bottle of Heinz Ketchup for $.99, saving me about 67%. how would i know if now’s the right time to buy and the ketchup won’t get any cheaper in the near future?

  93. redbeelips says:

    I have only been couponing for 28 days. I watched the video and decided to use the binder w/card inserts. I sort by ABCs rather that categories. However, my smaller coupon wallet is catergorized by kinds of food, beverage, or supplies, etc. I literally shake when entering a store to use my coupons. I have yet to use more than a few coupons because I am excited and terrified! So, I am taking baby steps with my 900+ coupons in my 10 lb binder in tow. I hid in the empty aisles to check my list and sort through coupons so as not to draw undo attention to what I am doing. I hope that several small trips will help desensitize me and help me shake less, be less fearful, and enjoy the hunt!

  94. Barbara says:

    This is great! I now have 2 children in college and it is like have 3 households!! I use to really use coupons when they were small but got out of the habit. I love your binder and am going to “borrow” it for my self!

  95. This post was extremely helpful. I’m always looking for the best ways to organize my coupons. I like how you set up the pocket for coupons you plan to use at the store and then transfer them to the upper pocket to give to the cashier. Keeping the store circulars and sales flyers in the outside pocket ensures you have everything you need at your disposal during your shopping trip. Great post!

  96. I am so glad I watched this little video. I just started clipping coupons 4 weeks ago. I currently have my binder set up by categories and was trying to research a different way, as I keep running into the “what category did I put that in” problem when I get to the store, and I’m constantly flipping back and forth through my binder. I bought new tabs today because the ones I had don’t stick out enough and wanted other ideas before I labeled them.
    My first week clipping coupons and organizing my binder- it took me all day, and I was a bit discouraged. The first two weeks shopping I went to Lowe’s Foods, because they are the only local store that doubles coupons. (Food Lion doesn’t double, and Fair Value will not take the printed coupons- I’m in Lenoir NC) However, even though both weeks my bill was cut in half from about $150 to $75 and $80, when my husband and I got home with our groceries, we really felt like we had about $80 worth of food. Less food than if I had spent $80 at Food Lion. I was pretty proud that I got worstechire sauce for free though.
    Tomorrow I am taking my binder to my mom’s and we are going to shop at Bi-Lo in Newton. I wish we had one up here.
    I agree with the other lady, cutting them out and organizing them is the hardest part, but with 4 kids and my husband out of work, I will figure it out darnit!

  97. Kym-Berly says:

    I have been following your Website for quite a while now. I had always couponed and saved a pretty penny but I had never purchased newspapers. Just got what ones I could from friends and family. This is my First week doing the stock pile method rather than, buying as we need it and a week or two ahead. I still use Internet coupons as well.

    So Far I made 4 trips to the Local Pharmacies CVS and Walgreens. I’m out nearly $100 in cash , have $10 maybe $15 in Walgreen’s gift certificates from Triple Points purchases. Some Merchandise was free but forced me to spend money in store Via ECB , but much of it was just pennies each.
    My 2 Day Haul from CVS and Walgreens
    6 old spice deodorants
    6 old spice body washes
    7 Nivea body washes
    2 Gillette deodorants
    1 Gillette body wash
    8 bottles of hand sanitizer
    3 of the Secret deodorants. The Expensive white ones
    4 huge bottles of crest mouth wash
    2 new lip gloss
    1 new powder for my face ( Make Up)
    4 John Frieda hair products.
    6 Oral B Vibrating Tooth Brushes
    3 Dawn Dish Detergents
    1 Nivea face wash
    2 cover girl concealers
    1 Gillette Flex 4 Razor Pack
    6 Colgate 6 ounce tubes of toothpaste
    4 Garnier Mousses
    4 Garnier Shampoo and Conditioners
    4 Huge things of Crest Prohealth Mouth wash.
    1 Ban Deodorant
    2 Personal Sized M&M’s
    2 Bags of Gummy Worms.
    When I plugged it all in at CVS.Com to figure out exactly how much I saved. I came up with $406.10, total retail price.
    I’m not sure if I should take away the Gift Certificates or add the value of what I manage to get free next with those GC. I think I can easily stretch $15 into another $60 in merchandise.
    So 79% off to 76% off!!! We spend that $100 in a month on personal hygiene and beauty care items anyways! And I now have enough between my previous stockpile and new stuff to last us 3 Months minimum , those GC should take me to 5 months!

  98. I really like your site, thanks. I have played with couponing off and on for years, how serious I was depended on how broke I was. I started out with an accordion style folder, and recently have been trying the save the newspaper inserts by date and then getting the grocery lists from CouponMom. That worked okay, but then I would miss some good unadvertised sales in the store that I knew I had a coupon for at home. I plan to try the alphabetized coupon binder, I appreciated the video. Also, the Krogers in our area (Houston) stopped double and tripling coupons last month. Randalls only doubles up to 50cents. I haven’t found any other grocery stores close by that double or triple coupons. Can you still save 50% or more regularly, if nobody doubles coupons?

    • @Faith, Yes, you can still save money even if your store does not double coupons! Coupons are pretty high value these days, so the majority of coupons are for a higher amount than would be doubled (most stores only double coupons that are $0.50 or less and most coupons now are worth a $1 or more anyway). So you can absolutely save!! Printable coupons are HOT right now, especially on Facebook! Many companies are just jumping on the Facebook bandwagon and are trying to get people to “like” their pages so they offer a high value coupon as an incentive! I post these as soon as I find them in my daily coupon roundups. Just wait for a good sale then use your coupon on top of it and you’ve got a great deal! 🙂

  99. Hi Stephanie
    I am new to couponing and just found your site today.
    Funny shopping experience today… I went shopping for the first time with my coupon binder. I had a blast finding some good deals on stuff I had to buy anyways. When I got to the checkout register the clerk saw my binder and coupons in hand. She asked me if I was an extreme couponer…lol I told her, “Oh no, no no! I’m a newbie but someday I hope to be!
    I have my whole family aboard including my Husband. On one of todays purchases: I had (2) coupons for buy one Old Spice deodorant and received a free body wash worth $4.19. I felt pretty good about spending $4.40 on deodorant that I had to buy anyway and got $8.40 worth of free stuff! =) I did make one mistake though that I did not catch until I got home. I had two addional coupons that should have taken off an addition $2.00. It would have made the purchase be only $2.40+tax.
    My families grocery/household budget seems to vary from $600-$700 a month for a family of 6. That is with me being frugal and buying off brands to try and save money. That now seems a lot to me!!!! lol My goal is to trim that down to maybe $150 month???
    So far I have only clipped from last Sundays paper and a few internet coupons. I am hoping to find the magazine “All You” because I read that it has a lot of coupons. If there are any other suggestions as to where I can find coupons that would really be helpful. I also wanted to know what you think about clipping services.
    I still have many things to go through but I am so grateful to you for having this site going. Any feedback would be helpful and greatly appreciated.

    • @Lorie, You’re doing great! Just be sure to set realistic goals (going from $700 per month to $150 per month might be a big stretch) so you don’t get frustrated. Take it slow and steady! 🙂

  100. Michelle says:

    My first couponing in years (neigh — decades).

    CVS purchase:
    4 ea Mitchum Advanced Deoderant retail $23.96, I paid $3.96 ($.99 ea). Savings: $20.00 or 83.48% savings

    2 packages ea Airwick Refills (2 per package) retail $19.98, I paid $3.38 or $1.69 ea. (combination CVS card discount, Sale, and Coupons). Accompanying that I got 4 Airwick Motion kits for FREE (coupons). Retail $9.99 ea * 4 or $39.95. Total cost and savings on 2 packages of refills and 4 new kits (6 products): Total retail cost $ 59.94, I paid $3.38 total. Total savings $56.56 or 94.37%.

    4 each 6.4 oz Colgate toothpaste (combination buy 1 get 1 free and coupons): Retail $11.96, I paid $1.98 total (or $0.495 each) Savings: 83.45 % or $9.98.

    Tic-Tacs: Purchased 6. Retail $9.42, I paid $.55 each. Total savings 70%.

    I found that you MUST shop as early to ad release as possible. Many of the items on sale for which I had coupons were already out of stock (I shopped Monday morning). I could have done 50% better on the toothpaste had I been there earlier for the smaller 4.2 oz sizes…but, $.49 for a 6.4 oz tube of toothpast isn’t bad…

  101. I use a binder, also, but I love yours with all its pockets! Where can I find one like you have??

  102. I also use a binder w/ the baseball card inserts….but where can I find a binder like yours with all of the pockets??

  103. so being new to couponing i am having trouble finding the baseball card page protectors. where can i find these?

  104. Stefanie says:

    Hi Stephanie,
    I was wondering how you double your coupons and where you get all your coupons from, we dont get the sunday paper, and i heard thats where people get most of there coupons from, we only get our coupons from the little red plum booklet, which we get every 2 weeks or so .Can u give me some advice, and how to get more coupons, please!

  105. Thank you so much for all your realistic blog to couponing. Extreme Couponing inspired us, but this blog helped keep our heads on the realistic side. My mom and I are a couponing team and we’ve been doing it for a few months now, we have two 4 shelfs full of food/non food products. Once at CVS we used our extra care bucks and our coupons and only paid 34 cents for two boxes of Q-tips! We don’t take it to the extremes but now, we don’t pay full price for anything, couponing has really saved us. Thanks again for the blog and your video, it helps alot!

  106. I have always used coupons, but not like now, since subscribing to your website. I like the video but it is a little dark on my computer. Isn’t it burdensome to take the whole binder to the grocery store?

  107. Great site, its my first time here. Question, how often do you go back into your binder to organize and resort, if needed?

  108. Kathy Bertsch says:

    Thanks showing your binder !! I just started couponing and I am currently using my jewerly organizer. So far it works out fine for me. Because I can see everything with the clear pockets on it.


  109. Coren Boughton says:

    How do you get more than one of each coupon? I just moved from michigan to tennessee and i need all the help i can get. do you just buy multiple papers? is there somewhere that gives them away.
    Thanks Coren

  110. I find it funny when people pronounce coupons like queue-pons rather than the proper coo-pons.

  111. Hi. I use a coupon binder, inspired by you and others. I like your other coupon organizer, the couponizer! How can I get one? I tried clicking the link to it, but it must be closed now. Kathy

  112. i am just starting the coupon shopping, It is amazing how much i have saved already. I was in FredMeyer’s and needed disposable razor’s there was a the razor’s were $5.39 with a $4.00 off coupon then there was an added 10% off the store add for health and beauty. After all the coupons I paid $1.25 for schick disposable razor’s that had 10 count in them. I went back today to get my new binder and the baseball card sleeves. the craze is big her in Nampa, Idaho, the base ball sleeves are hard to come by they are only around $3.49 for 10 pages were is a better place to get these since the stores seem to run out as soon as they are stocked.thank you for your website i find it helpful.

  113. Thanks so much for sharing. I’ve got mine set up now and love how easy it is to find what I’m looking for now.

  114. I’m an average couponer. I don’t stockpile too much. I don’t ‘super coupon’. I don’t go to several stores to get the best deal. I just shop and use coupons. Right now I have a coupon file, but I’m thinking of switching to a binder. I’ve seen other shoppers using them and it seems to be easier than my file.

    Here’s how I organize my shopping (it takes a little homework and a non-buying trip to your main grocery store). First I made a grocery list on my computer (Word document) by aisle (not product). Then I organized my file also by aisle. This has really streamlined my shopping, and since grocery shopping is one of my least favorite chores, organizing things this way makes it really slick!

  115. Tawny Robles says:

    Your coupon binder is very well organized. I recently started couponing as a hobby and to save money, it can be very nerve wrecking when you go to checkout, most cashiers, don’t seem to be very fond of coupons, so I appreciated that on your beginner’s tab you mentioned to stay calm.

  116. im just beginning to coupon an your video really helped give me an idea on how to organize a coupon binder thank u

  117. I just found this website 2 weeks ago and Love it. I have used coupons for years, but only one or two, here or there. And with the economy the way it is ,I had to really step up to the plate to help save money and still feed my family. Not to mention getting my kids fun new items to try that I normally couldn’t. But with coupons and a little homework ,I am starting to really get the hang of it. Thank a bunch Couponing101.

  118. where did you get your colored tab dividers??

  119. I watched your video re: couponing binder organization and I found it to be very helpful. I’m just starting my quest of couponing so all ideas are helpful at this point.

  120. I can’t see the video?

  121. Sat here for a long time and read all the posts. What a great site. I’ve been couponing for about 6 months now. I thought envelopes would be just fine and couldn’t believe people would actually have binders, silly me, it’s brillant. I missed several coupons on my last trip because I had so many envelopes to dig through. I’m going to go out and get a binder today and the baseball card inserts.

  122. Beth Welsh says:

    Hi, I’m just getting started — mostly out of desperation. I’m a SAHM with two kids, age 8 and 20 months. Like you, Stephanie, I’m homeschooling DS1 because he has special needs and being cautious with his diet helped a lot. He doesn’t eat anything with gluten now or FD&C dyes. At first I tried saving money by making everything, but the ingredients are expensive too. THEN I tripped across the reason why the baby was still throwing up everything well after the spit up phase should have passed — seventeen food allergies, one of which is wheat, but he’s also allergic to coconut and tree nuts like almonds which were two items I had been using to manage DS1’s menu. Yikes. Well, I figured out things I could feed them, but once again faced the terrible cost. That led me to couponing.

    I’m never going to be like the mom’s on the extreme couponing. I can’t buy just whatever is on sale. For me it has to be a safe food I already know or I have to be able to read the label. A lot of times I grab coupons for new items not knowing if I’ll even be able to use them. If I get to the store and find I can’t buy that item, I leave the coupon for someone else. I’ve just started, so a little coupon sorter worked to begin with. I also have an extremely good memory, so I usually know if I have a coupon. But I’m fast discovering that the little sorter doesn’t work anymore. In fact, today it will no longer close. I can imagine a time when memory will no longer server either because of the sheer number of coupons. I started with online coupons and my one family newspaper. Last week I saved enough to afford a second Sunday paper from a different company. I’m hoping next to get the LA times. Like some others here, I’m uncertain how to handle the expirations. I started by categorizing, imagining that I’d go through each sunday and sort out the dead ones. But I can see that that will not work soon. What’s the best approach?

    • Sorting out expired coupons is time consuming so I only do it about once a month – most coupons expire at the end of the month anyway. If I’m flipping through and find an expired then I go ahead and pull it out, but usually I just clean it out monthly.

  123. thank you so much for your site. i LOVE reading about it. I found your site about a week ago and bookmarked a bunch of things that I found on my computer. Unfortunately, it crashed today and I had to wipe everything out and start a lll over. I am looking for your page that had about 6 or so different ways to organize that were all videos. Do you know if you still have this? I’ve been searching for over 4 hours for it and can’t seem to find it… only the written explanations. Thank you so much for the help!

  124. Cynthia Deeds says:

    I absolutely loved your video I am going tomorrow if its not freezing outside to get everything for my binder. I already have my stash of coupons and I also do a clipping service. I love the savings its a rush that I get tickled by. Your a blessing

  125. Loved the video! That helped so much, I’m going to organize mine now. THANK YOU! Love this entire site, it is so helpful and easy to understand. Thanks again!

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    Professionelle vertalingen online en offline, dag en nacht, 365 dagen per jaar.

  127. I used to keep them in a small accordion file or index card box, but always a pain to find. I had been on your site previously and get the emails, but never really took the time to look the site over. I was shopping one night and saw 3 women with binders and coupons. I knew I could find that on your site…I think it is fabulous and will be trying it. So much easier to use coupons when organized. i cannot tell you how many times I arrived home and realized I forgot to use the coupon I had in my purse.

  128. the only thing i have had trouble with during shopping is my mom she’s so impatience and throws random things into the cart i would go with out her but i’m only 15 i have been couponing since i was twelve i got a 395 dollar bill down to 144 i’m very proud of it your t.v. shows are not like reality.

  129. Janeine Borden says:

    This was so helpful! I cannot thank you enough. I plan to go and buy a binder as close to yours and organize my coupons in the same way tomorrow. It will definitely save me time in the future. Thanks again!

  130. I am just starting to use coupons. Thank you for all of the help and tips that everyone has posted. I am not extreme and I only clip the coupons of products that my family uses. I am trying to figure out seasonal sales items and how frequently any item goes on sale and all of that. I would like to build up a three to six month supply (eventually 12 month) because the economy is changing and I want to be prepared in case of an unexpected job change or something of that nature, My nusband is a full time student and his mother and uncle live with us they are unable to work (age and health related) so I am the current bread winner. I think it is great to buy the things we use for less and it is fun! It will take a while to learn but that is ok. Thanks again.

  131. I use to use coupons years ago when my kids were little and money was tight. Now I don’t need too but I think it just makes good $ sense. I use to use a small accordion style organizer and was always spending so much time thumbing through a stack of coupons. I’ve seen the binders before but thought that was just for the extreme couponers. I’m gonna get one and get started. Thanks for the video and letting us look at your binder. Where did u buy your binder? I plan to visit your site often for tips nd ideas.

  132. Totally impressed with suggestion on coupon organizing. A BIG THANK YOU, to you. This helped me out tremendously.

  133. Thanks for the video I have just become getting serous about coupons and Im always amazed when I watched the extreme couoponing on TV, I am much older now working a full time job and returning to college but I hate seeing all my hard earned money go to the grocery stores, so I starting my new quest, my mother used to tell me you dont have much control over your electric bill or you insurance bill but you can always save at the grocery store, my mom and dad would take a cruise every year with the money she saved with her coupons, so I know it can be done. thanks again for the video it did help.

  134. You are my hero! Your binder is a thing of beauty.

  135. I am hard of hearing.. NOt able to understand you about ur coupon binder.. could u email me how ur binder works?? Thanks

  136. Hi,
    I was able to get a great deal of information out of your binder organizing, but if you only have one coupon for each item, alphabetically, that binder can get really heavy. Those pages in just a quantity of 50-100 can be heavy.

    By the sounds of it you already have your coupons ready when you walked in the grocery market, but the investment is quite a bit in the beginning as those pages are somewhat expensive. When my son and I were collecting the baseball cards, and yes, they are thicker than coupons the price was much less (1980’s), but if you have five of the same coupon (such as Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes, etc.) it is the same thickness as a card) thereby there really is no difference.

    Not all coupons are the same size and do not work alphabetically. I would forget where they would be if of a different size. “ is a very good source and a good example. (These used to be packaged in the local newspapers. Now, with the economy the website has gotten smarter and everyone, not only newspaper subscribers, get the coupons. But there again, they are not all the same size and some come longer and wider than those typical “baseball card” pockets.

    On the other side of couponing, not aggressive I organize differently. I have a book, similar to photo albums, big and small, arranged in categories such as cereal, laundry detergent and that is alphabetically organized. If another category comes into play it is place at the end of my binder. Special sales at “specialty stores” are there also. I take a look at the sale papers when distribution comes out right away in the mail. Might take maybe (2) two hours a week, I look through the ads of the sales and circle what I “need” not what I want, but what I need. (The common items, bread, milk, and cereal, come to mind just about every week). I have found “impulse shopping”, buying the item just because you have a coupon can cause excess spending and in these days is not sensible, therefore not saving. (A great deal of items have dates on them now, even canned fruit, and if the items are just placed in the pantry, stuck way in the back and never used it is a waste and not a savings at all). I circle all the items of interest. Then I look again through my categories, in my coupon “picture” books, and get the ones that match up the sale advertisement ads that I circled.

    Once done with shopping for the week, I use the rest of the week until another set of sale advertisement ads comes around and cut all the coupons out of these “” booklets and place into those category pockets for the next shopping sale advertisements to come out in the mail. I find this very easy to do with small books, at even a lunch hour, instead of having such a huge book with everything in it.

    I can see keeping the Wal-Mart separated differently then my method above. I organize Wal-Mart by aisle descriptions. This way I zip up and down the aisles, especially in the Fall/Winter season, and pick up what I want. On my budget if I am over my savings around $30-$50, I used “half” the savings to buy myself something. I deserve the savings and if a holiday comes up during the month, two (2) weeks before the holiday the savings goes into extras for Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas gifts.

    Drugstores are all set up so differently. Certain items relating to the human body I do not purchase at the grocery market. I prefer only drugstores in those cases. That is why laundry detergent stays being purchased at the grocery market and body washes, lotions, shampoo and soap, etc. is purchased from me at the drugstores. Laundry detergent washes the clothes that go on my body, only.

    I have never been under the budget savings and that two hours a week spent on organizing my coupons is well worth my time.

    Clara D.
    San Tan Valley, AZ

  137. Hi I watched the video of your binder. It looks great but how many coupons can you get in one card slot? Also, what do you do when another item is introduced and you don’t have an open slot already available? It looks like it would take a long time to put all the coupons in there weekly…is that true? thx Karen

    • It just depends on the coupon, but I can usually fit 8 coupons (4 of 1 facing front and 4 of another facing the back). If I need more spots, I just add another baseball card page. It doesn’t take too long if it’s maintained.

  138. Hey Stephanie,
    I have been trying so hard to read everything on your site so it can help me get started couponing. I have never done this before but I have watched the television show extreme couponing and thought it was amazing if my family could get a stock pile of grocery and non grocery needs. I am disabled and so is my husband, we live on a fixed income and have hardly any money left over for anything even groceries. I get 139.00 per month in assistance to help us for a family of 3 and I need help. please help me get started so I can help my family. Thank you so much.

  139. Hi, Stephanie. This may have already been asked/addressed, but there was too much to sift through. I hope you can email me personally, but anyway, my question is, what brand is your binder and where did you buy it? I love the extra pockets.

  140. Not sure if anyone posted this/knows this, but I have a friend who sends EXPIRED coupons to the military… they can use them for SIX MONTHS after the expiration date on their base stores. Also, you can order the inserts (like Redplum, P&G) that come in the newspaper for 30 to 40 cents each. Here where I live the daily paper is $1.50, and $2.00 for Sunday.
    LOVE the video, as I’m just getting started, and wanted to be organised. I also belong to a ‘coupon sharing’ group locally, and it’s given me a lot to go on.

  141. great video! I use a bonder as well. I think it works great for the coupons you intend to use and also for just going through them when doing regular grocery shopping. I”ll open to the page that matchs the isle I’m shopping in so I don’t miss any sale or markdown that wasn’t advertised.

  142. One question, I understand the filing system, but coupons expire so quickly, how is it that you have so many usable coupons? Thanks for letting me know.

  143. Beginners question… Do you cut/save all coupons OR just he products you KNOW you will purchase?

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