May 23, 2018

{Hot} 2 FREE Full-Sized Suave Professional Products

Mar 23, 2011

Suave Professionals is offering 2 free full-sized Suave Professional products if you can guess which person is using Suave. If you get 4 right, you get the coupons!

Here is how to get the deal:

1. Watch videos on the Suave Professionals website and choose which person used Suave products.

2. If you get 4 right, you get two free full-sized Suave Professional products . (Be sure to click to see all the prizes when they offer your prize. Only a 50¢/2 coupon will show up if you don’t.)

3. Follow your progress at the top and when you get the prize you want, click “Claim Your Coupon”.

Thanks Money Saving Mom!


  1. katherine miller says:

    This is a scam. You are only offered the $1 off 2 no matter how many you get right. That is just wrong! 🙁

  2. Will the video load for anyone?

  3. Well, I got 4 right but all it let me do was print a coupon for 50/2 even though I clicked on 2 free full size. Anyone else have trouble?

  4. The 2 free products coupon is not available.

  5. I have taken the test and have only got 1$ off 2.there was no option to see all prizes and i got 5 right. this is not fair. boo hoo

  6. new member says:

    The video does not open or download!

  7. I got 4 right and got the 2 free Suave products coupon!

  8. I wanted the free magazine subscription but it was unavailable (got 6 right). I’m assuming unavailable means they are out since the contest started on the 14th.

  9. What a scam and a waste of my time.

  10. It won’t open for me as well 🙁

  11. I’ve tried several times – video won’t open. Oh well.

  12. Victoria says:

    I got 4 right, but only was offered 1 free product. Oh, well! Now we’ll see if they actually send the coupon.

  13. Crystal says:

    The best offer for me was 1 free product. One free beats none free!

  14. Got 4 right and was offered 1 free product coupon… to be sent within 6-8 weeks.

  15. I did not see that 2 free products was an option either. My options were $0.50 off 2, $1.00 off 2, or 1 free product. Rather disappointed with all the hype.

    • @Debora, Correction!! I had not completed the Claim Prize form when I posted, so I went back to the site and did the rest of the “tests”. I got 6 out of 8 right then clicked “See Your Final Score.” This shows the whole list of prizes and how many challenges you must get correct to unlock the prizes. To get the 2 free products, you actually have to get at least 6 of the “tests” right.

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