New Printable Coupons – Dole, Clorox, Prego, and more!


Here are some new printable coupons for you!  Print them now before they’re gone!

Save $1.50 on Clorox2

Save $1 on 2 Dole Fruit Bowls, Gels, or Parfaits

Save 50¢ on Dole Canned Fruit

Save 75¢ on Dole Frozen Fruit

Save $1.50 when you buy both Pepperidge Farm Garlic Bread and Prego Italian Sauce

Save $1 on 2 bags of Sun Chips

6 thoughts on “New Printable Coupons – Dole, Clorox, Prego, and more!”

  1. Where is the coke coupon you spoke about…? I see it on my RSS feed, but I can’t find it in your postings.


  2. hey all kinda in a tight spot financial. Not looking for a hand out but if anyone can help me find great coupons that would be great. Not going to be able to go shopping till middle of november so hopefully they dont expire before that. thanks everyone for helping out.

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