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10 DIY Pet Toys You Can Make Today

Your furbaby deserves a treat, but that doesn’t mean you have to run to the store and buy a new toy. That’s because pet toy manufacturers don’t have a monopoly on fun. These 10 DIY pet toys can be just as engaging as commercially manufactured products at a fraction of the price.

Easy & Cheap Dog Toy via Instructables

It’s a tennis ball stuffed with dog treats. What dog wouldn’t like that?

Chew Toy from Socks via Instructables

Give your dog something to chew on and help it beat the summer heat with these frozen socks.

Dish Towel Dog Toy via Real Simple

Just cut and braid dish towels to craft this simple dog toy.

DIY Tug Toy via SheKnows

If your dog loves a good match of tug of war, this DIY toy made of a t-shirt and ball can lead to hours of fun.

Build Your Own Agility Jumps via Gone to the Snow Dogs

If you’re handy, constructing agility jumps can provide you and your dog with a fun activity you can enjoy together.

Interactive Treat Toy via DogTipper

Encourage your pet to use its problem-solving skills with this treat feeder made from a PVC pipe. While this was intended for dogs, intrepid cats may also enjoy rolling the pipe to dispense treats.

Homemade Cat Toys from Empty Toilet Paper Rolls via Catster

Looking for a good use for your empty toilet paper rolls? Your pet will help you find one! Catster provides not one but five innovative ideas to transform a toilet paper roll into a cat toy. And don’t worry! Dogs would probably be willing to play with them, too.

DIY Cat Tree Using a Real Tree via By Brittany Goldwyn

Give your cat an opportunity to climb, jump, and scratch with this DIY cat tree. Constructing it will require some serious effort, but the results can be gorgeous.

Menswear Mouse Toy via Martha Stewart

Can a DIY toy mouse be elegant? Of course! These mice can look so adorable, you may not even want to let your cat get its claws in them.

Sock Fish Cat Toy via KittyClysm

If you have an extra sock lying around, this cat toy is quick and simple to make.

Whenever giving your pet a new toy or product, be sure it is safe. Check out The Humane Society’s article on dog toy safety and PetMD’s article on cat toy dangers to make sure you’ve taken key factors into consideration.

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