Father's Day Recipes

10 Father’s Day Recipes to Make With Your Kids

It’s hard to believe that we are already talking about Father’s Day! We have to make sure that we show appreciation towards dad just as we did towards mom last month.

I’ve always heard that the easiest way to a man’s heart is through his belly! Avoid the crowded, overpriced restaurants this year by making a special treat for dad at home.

Here are 10 easy recipes to make with your kids for Father’s Day.

  • Football Brownies via The Soccer Mom Blog. If your dad likes college or professional football, these easy brownies are sure to kick a field-goal into his heart! This simple two ingredient dessert is as easy as it gets. And delicious for everyone!
  • Necktie “I <3 Dad” Pancakes via I Love My Disorganized Life. These are seriously the cutest. You could really create any design you’d like in pancake batter, but this recipe shows you how to make a tie. You can use the recipe shown or use a store bought mix to achieve the same outcome. Any way you get there, it’s an adorable Father’s Day brunch idea.
  • Hot Dogs via Cooking for Kids. Simple and easy to make with kids, this creative spin on hot dog toppings makes an ordinary meal a little more special. Make this fit your family’s dietary needs by choosing beef, turkey or vegan hot dogs.
  • Father’s Day Award Cookies via Cool Mom Eats. Cool Mom Eats shows you a super easy and adorable design where you just tint frosting to the color of your choosing, put it on a store bought or home made cookie, add some sour ribbon candy and M&Ms, write a special message and voila! A special treat for dad without overpaying for a custom cookie order.
  • Papa Pizza via Balancing Beauty and Bedlam. Imagine a pizza. Imagine you making that pizza look like your dad. Just that simple. Pepperoni eyes, black olive nose, maybe some bell peppers for hair! This would be so fun to do with kids and is sure to bring laughs for years to come. Don’t forget to take a side-by-side comparison photo!
  • BanMANa Split via Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons. Traditional banana split with a twist! Tailor this dessert to the gearhead in your life with some chocolate bolts and spark plugs.
  • Lawn Mower Rice Krispie Treats via In The Kids Kitchen. You can choose to make your own Rice Krispy treats or buy them pre-made, but these are so cute and would be so fun to see dad’s reaction!
  • Hole in One via Gathered Again. Apparently there are a lot of different names for this breakfast like Bullseyes, Eggies in a Basket, Adam and Eves, Frog in the Hole. When it’s Father’s Day and the dad in your life loves golf, it’s called a Hole in One.
  • Hamburger Cupcakes via Mealtime Movement. These cupcakes have brownies, icing, and coconut to make it look like a hamburger. Need I say more?
  • Portrait Toasts via Fork and Beans. Make some toast, add your desired topping, and make some faces and make sure one of the portraits looks like dad. The options for these are endless. Again, don’t forget to snap a comparison photo!

What are you planning to make for Father’s Day?

Happy Father’s Day!

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