10 Free Things To Do With Your Dog This Weekend

To many, dogs are just as much a part of the family as their kids, so they want to spend as much time having fun with them as possible. However, summer can bring such extreme temperatures that doing things with your pup can become difficult. This weekend, try some of these free activities with your dog that won’t have you out in the sweltering heat!

  1. Take an Early Morning or Evening Walk. Walking your dog is a classic activity that most pet parents do daily. With temperatures reaching triple digits around the country this summer, you may want to adjust your walking schedule to early mornings or evenings to avoid the hottest points of the day. Just don’t forget the bug spray!
  2. Play Frisbee, Catch, or Tug-O-War at the Local Park. Similar to the walks, park time can be a great time for both of you to get active, but would best be done when it’s not the hottest point of the day.
  3. Find a Dog Friendly Outdoor Festival. Unfortunately, not all outdoor festivals are dog friendly so be sure to check the websites before you go – but is a free way to enjoy summer with your pets!
  4. Go to the Pet Store. I know, this may be a bit of a stretch – but think about it. They have the opportunity to socialize with other people, other dogs, and let you know what they want for a new toy — and there is air conditioning!
  5. Meetup.com. Check out meetup.com for dog meetups in your area. You might be surprised how fun it is to meet new people who share your love for dogs!
  6. Teach Your Dog New Tricks. Rollover, Sit, Stay, or even how to balance a treat on their nose! This can all be done in the comfort of your home.
  7. Make Paw Print Crafts. You can make paw print ornaments or paw print canvas paintings. Head over to Cool Creativity for some other Easy Dog Paw Print Crafts to make!
  8. Play Hide and Seek with Treats. This can be done indoors or outdoors, hide some treats when your dog isn’t looking and see if they can find them!
  9. Find Local “Dog” Events. Search for dog, dogs, or puppies on Eventbrite to see if there are any dog-centric events going on in the area, hopefully for free!
  10. Volunteer. Volunteer you and your dog’s time to become a Pet Partner. This is a Therapy Animal Program that allows your dog to get extra attention while helping out someone who might need the affection from an animal.

No matter what you do this weekend with your pets, don’t forget to keep them hydrated – this summer sun can be brutal for them!

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