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10 Money-Saving Instant Pot Recipes

The Instant Pot is all the rage these days, especially if you’re into meal prepping. This multi-tasking pressure cooker has been a total game changer in my kitchen.
It not only helps me cook up unique and delicious recipes, it enables me to easily make large batches of them, saving me time and money every week. If you haven’t gotten one yet, you can check out all the different models here!
The Instant Pot is one of those appliances you don’t know you need until you see it in action. Luckily there are tons of how-to and recipe videos available online, and recipe bloggers have really caught onto the Instant Pot trend to help us out!
Check out some of my favorite healthy and affordable recipes from around the blogosphere:
  1. Lentil Soup via Recipes from A Pantry.  Lentils are key here. They’re feeling and cheap when you buy in bulk! Definitely recommend going to your local market and buying them in bulk to use throughout the winter months.
  2. Potato Soup via Three Little Ferns.  Loving this recipe since it’s so easy and straightforward! To save even more money, you can always make your own potatoes first rather than buying the packaged ones.
  3. Cabbage Soup via Savory Tooth.  For a hearty, healthy meal, this is awesome! It’s like an unstuffed cabbage roll. Plus, using ground beef saves a ton!
  4. Chili Lime Chicken Thighs via Tasting Page.  I like adding this into our winter rotation to imagine myself in Mexico! Chicken thighs tend to be less expensive than breasts and MUCH more flavorful!
  5. Korean Beef  via Cookies and Cups.  To add some spice to our lives, I enjoy making this dish as well! And since most stew meat is pretty inexpensive, you can make a ton and keep it for later!
  6. Pork Carnitas via Skinny Taste.  Again dreaming of the beach in Mexico, this is a great recipe to liven up a dreary winter day.
  7. Coconut Lime Quinoa via Wholesomelicious.  This isn’t a main dish, but it’s a great side that’s super easy to make. Quinoa is such a nutritious grain I couldn’t not mention it. And if you buy in bulk, can definitely stretch your budget!
  8. Indian Butter Chicken  via Super Healthy Kids. This is a yummy, spicy dish! And if you’re able to go to your local Asian store, you can find the spice mixes and they last for a very long time!
  9. Rotisserie Chicken via A Pinch of Healthy. Instead of buying a rotisserie chicken, making it on your own is much more cost effective! And you’ll know exactly how fresh it is!
  10. Orange Chicken via Sweet and Savory Meals. Instead of spending money on take-out, this is an awesome alternative. Plus, you can control the ingredients so it won’t weigh you down!

What are some of your favorite, go-to Instant Pot recipes? Let me know in the comments below!

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