10 Ways to Save Money on Movie Theater Tickets

If you love to go to the movies, then you know how expensive it can be – especially if you bring the whole family! If you want to go see a movie without spending a fortune, here are some money-saving tips!

1. Buy Discounted Tickets – Group buy websites like Groupon, Living Social, and Plum District occasionally offer deals on movie tickets. You can sometimes get the tickets up to 50% off!

2. Go on Discounted Days – Some movie theaters will offer discounts when you go on a specific day or at a specific time. If your schedule is flexible, this can work out to your advantage!

3. Movie Reward Programs – Some theaters offer rewards programs that will give you discounts on tickets or concessions. Depending on how often you like to go to the movies, these could potentially save you money.

4. Skip the Popcorn – I know, it’s hard to think of seeing a movie without that bag of popcorn! However, if you can, indulge in a pre or post-movie bowl of homemade popcorn instead! You won’t believe the savings!

5. Use Coupons – Some movie theaters will offer concession coupons on their websites or Facebook pages. I like to plan our movie dates around the days when our theater offers free or really inexpensive popcorn.

6. Summer Movie Programs – See if there is a local theater that offers a movie program during the summer. We have a local theater that offers free admission to a family-friendly movie every week. They are usually older movies, but my children usually don’t care if it’s a new release or not – they just love the theater experience!

7. Discount Theaters – If you aren’t in a rush to see the movie, wait until it starts playing at the “Dollar Theater” and pay 50-75% less than you would at the regular theater.

8. Buy in Bulk – Warehouse clubs like Costco offer discounts on bulk movie ticket purchases. Depending on how expensive tickets are in your area, this could save you a few bucks.

9. Ask for Available Discounts – It doesn’t hurt to ask, right? Some theaters offer discounts for children, seniors, students, and AAA members.

10. Wait – With so many ways to watch movies on DVD for free or cheap, skipping the theater altogether is definitely the way to go!

Do you have any additional tips for saving money at the movie theater?


  1. My son-in-law has a DVD projector, so he shows movies outside with a fire pit for all of us to enjoy. The kids roast marshmallows, the dogs love being with everyone outside, and the ambience sure beats the overly air-conditioned theaters. This is my favorite way to watch a movie.

    You can project on a light colored garage door, light colored wall or a bed sheet. The projector investment can be shared with family and neighbors.


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  3. I have a ‘second chance’ theater near me. $3 movies and half price on Tuesdays! Yep $1.50 per ticket. I was so happy when it opened. I don’t buy popcorn so that saves me a ton.

    The best discount is for yourself or someone you know to work at a theater. Most employees receive free tickets and popcorn and they can usually bring a guest too!


    • Same here in Cincinnati. Danberry Theaters. However, the snack counter is just as expensive.

      We only go to the theater maybe twice a year. The movies go to DVD quickly, so it has to be a movie we absolutely can’t wait a few months to see. But when we go, I take the large purse. (grin)

      On DVD at home, we can:
      * Watch the movie over and over again to “get” those confusing parts.
      * Pause for bathroom visits & refreshment replenishments.
      * Pop our own popcorn and save a bundle on the other snacks.
      * Enjoy comfy seating like sofa’s, etc..
      * Avoid strangers who like to talk loudly throughout the movie.


  4. CVS has a month long Schick Razor deal. There’s a package of Schick disposable razors that has something about free movie tickets on the package. Haven’t bought any yet, so don’t have more details. Just thought I’d mention it. hth


  5. Robert Hill via Facebook

    The best discount really is when my wife brings a purse full of goodies for the whole family. But we know tons of parents that do that, thanks for the tip though.


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