Get $20 off Your First 3 Boxes of Blue Apron

Meal subscription boxes are all the rage right now. If you’ve been wanting to try one but not sure what to expect, Blue Apron has a great promotion going on right now that might make it a bit easier for you to try one out. 

Right now when you sign-up as a new member, you get a $60 credit to use over your first three boxes ($20.00 off each box). 

Blue Apron delivers chef-designed recipes straight to your door with step-by-step instructions to make cooking your dinner a breeze. You can choose from an array of menus, choose the number of people you’re feeding, and leave out food you may be allergic to or dislike. Plus, you aren’t obligated to pay for and use it every week. You can skip deliveries whenever you want.

If you make your purchase through Ebates, you could get up to an additional $20.00 back.

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