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25 Things to Think of When You Need a Pick-Me-Up

We’re all going through challenging times rife with uncertainty. When things are rough, it’s easy to worry. However, the world is still a wondrous place full of amazing, beautiful things. If you’re having trouble remembering all the good in the world, here are a few things to think about that might bring a smile to your face.

  1. Think of the things you are grateful for. It might be your family, your friends, or your Netflix subscription. We won’t judge!
  2. Pay attention to the things that make your life more comfortable. Your favorite couch, chair, or sweatpants deserve some recognition, too.
  3. Think of affirmations. Staying positive can be hard, but if you repeat positive thoughts, like “I am happy,” “I have everything I need,” or “I’ll get through this,” it might help change your perspective.
  4. Remember how boring a routine errand run used to seem? Think of how thrilling it will be once this is over!
  5. The days are getting longer, and more sunlight might make you feel more energized. It’s also thought to enhance your mood.
  6. Spring breezes can be wonderful. If you can crack a window or step outside, you might feel a warm breeze, a cool breeze, or both!
  7. If it’s sunny out, you might take a cue from cats and sit in a sunny spot. The warmth and brightness can be so soothing.
  8. If it’s raining out, listen to the droplets as they hit your roof or the ground.
  9. If you can get a little fresh air, enjoy it! And don’t forget: fresh air often smells particularly good when it’s raining.
  10. Many birds are still migrating, so if you look to the sky, you might see some travelers from distant lands.
  11. Birds are busy working on their nests. See if you can spot them gathering materials!
  12. Birds sing lovely songs in the mornings. What can you hear? Can you tell what types of birds are singing?
  13. Spy on the squirrels in your neighborhood from your window and try to figure out what they’re up to. They’re clever and hilarious, and if you haven’t ever seen a squirrel sunbathe, you’re missing out.
  14. Baby animals will be born soon. Maybe you’ll see some if you keep an eye out!
  15. Trees are budding and plants are starting to grow. Maybe there are already flowers growing in your yard!
  16. Natural beauty is all around you. Look out your window and pay careful attention to the trees, their leaves, the grass, the plants, and the animals.
  17. Remember other beautiful places you’ve seen. What place did you find most beautiful? Try to imagine yourself walking through the area.
  18. Babies still laugh just as hilariously as ever. Don’t believe us? Search “babies laughing” on YouTube.
  19. Baby animals are also consistently adorable. Think of a cute baby animal you’ve seen. If you need a little food for thought, GIFs, memes, and YouTube videos can give you your baby animal fix.
  20. Books are delightful escapism. Think of a book you love and imagine yourself in it. What would you have done differently than the main characters?
  21. What’s your favorite song? See if you can sing it from memory.
  22. Have you ever laughed so hard you cried? Think about what triggered your biggest laughing fits.
  23. Think of your favorite jokes. If you don’t have any, try to come up with your own.
  24. What was your proudest moment? Remember how good you felt.
  25. What’s the nicest thing someone has done for you or that you have done for someone else? Remember all the good feelings that created.

When you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, what do you like to think about to make yourself feel better? Share your happiest thoughts in the comments section below!

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