5 Festive Crafts Using Fall Leaves

Fall leaves are so beautiful that sometimes it seems like a shame to leave them outside. Luckily, you don’t have to leave leaves on the ground to rot. These five festive crafts give you an excuse to bring colorful autumn leaves inside and create something beautiful with them!

Waxed Fall Leaves via Creative Homemaking

When you were a kid, you may have pressed leaves between wax paper. We’ve included this project on the list because it takes that general concept and refines it. These leaves are carefully dipped in wax, producing a beautiful product you can use to decorate your home all season long.

Autumn Leaf Wreath via The Artful Parent

A seasonal wreath can help set the mood in any home, which is why we’ve included this project on the list. This autumn leaf wreath is simple, elegant, and so much cheaper than some of the pre-made fall wreaths you see in stores.

Maple Leaf Roses via Shelterness

This project earned its spot on the list because roses can add an elegant touch to any decor! And while these carefully crafted roses may look like the real thing at first glance, they’re constructed of maple leaves for a fun fall infusion.

Leaf Bowl via Made with Happy

We’ve included this leaf bowl on the list because we think it would look so cute on a coffee table or mantle. The project produces a bowl made of leaves and held together with glue or Mod Podge.

Leaf Covered Hedgehog via Glued To My Crafts

Your kids might enjoy making crafts from leaves, too, which is why we’ve included this adorable project on the list. This project is simple enough that even younger children can participate. Just print the free hedgehog template or have your child draw the basic shape. Then, let your child decorate it with his or her favorite fall leaves. While the instructions call for artificial leaves, we think real leaves would work well, too.

These five crafts can help you add a gorgeous pop of fall color to your home. What are some of your favorite ways to use fall leaves?

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