6 Colonial-Era Recipes for a Hamilton Viewing Party

With “Hamilton” set to premiere on Disney+ on July 3, you won’t have to wait for it for long! Do not throw away your shot to have an amazing viewing party and leave your family satisfied with the event. Colonial-era food may not be everyday cuisine these days, but we think it could rise up the fun level. These six old-fashioned recipes seem particularly appropriate!

French Beans (or Carrots) Dressed the Dutch Way via Mount Vernon

The Mount Vernon website has a large collection of recipes adapted from cookbooks used by Martha Washington. If you don’t see recipes that suit your palate in this list, we recommend taking a look at the site for other potential options. We selected this recipe because of the Dutch influence. Alexander Hamilton wife’s Eliza was of Dutch descent, so he may have eaten Dutch food. Since George Washington was said to love nuts, we think adding some slivered almonds would also be an appropriate twist on this dish.

Caribbean Salt Cod Fritters via Joe’s Healthy Meals

We included this recipe on the list because salt cod has remained popular in the Caribbean for hundreds of years. Alexander Hamilton was born in the Caribbean, and his mother reportedly sold salt fish in a small store she operated. While there is little record of what Alexander Hamilton ate during his lifetime, it’s easy to imagine he may have had dishes like this during his childhood.

Gruyère and White Cheddar Mac and Cheese via Olivia’s Cuisine

Thomas Jefferson spent a significant amount of time in France and brought a lot of previously unfamiliar dishes back to the United States. Jefferson often had dinner parties, and macaroni and cheese made a frequent appearance. We chose this recipe because it is traditional enough to fit into a “Hamilton” party, but it may also appeal to kids. And if you want to add or substitute Parmesan cheese, we think Thomas Jefferson would approve! It was said to be one of his favorite foods.

Profiteroles via A Baking Journey

Thomas Jefferson was also supposedly a fan of serving ice cream at dinner parties. George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and other Founding Fathers are said to have enjoyed the creamy treat. While a scoop of vanilla may be perfectly fitting for your “Hamilton” viewing party, we included this recipe to give you a fancier option.

Lemmon (or Chocolett) Puffs via Rare Cooking

Flavored meringues were relatively common in the 1700s, but they were called puffs. We like this recipe because it is based on a real recipe from the 1600s. Plus, we think these little treats would be perfect as a sweet snack while you watch “Hamilton.”

Simple Lemon Syllabub via Southern Plate

Syllabub is an English treat that was likely developed during the 1500s. Traditionally, it can be sipped or eaten as a dessert. We picked this recipe because we think it would be a light and refreshing dessert for your viewing party. If you prefer to enjoy your syllabub as a drink, you might also include some extra juice.

For more information on how to watch “Hamilton” at home, check out our guide. Are you planning on watching “Hamilton” on Disney+? Have you seen the show on stage? Let us know in the comments section below! And if you put the “hungry” in “young, scrappy, and hungry,” try out these six recipes!

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