6 Colorful Kids Crafts for World Rainforest Day

Rainforests are home to some of the most diverse flora and fauna anywhere on the planet. These complex ecosystems are as beautiful as they are intriguing, so it should come as no surprise that many children love to learn about them. With World Rainforest Day coming up on June 22, there’s no better opportunity to teach your kids more about rainforests.

Rainforest-themed crafts are one of the most fun and colorful ways to explore the rainforest from the comfort of home. These six craft projects can transform your living room into a jungle and your day into an adventure.

Colorful Macaw via I Heart Crafty Things

We love this colorful macaw project because there is so much room for creativity. There are over a dozen species of macaws in a wide range of colors that your children could try to replicate, or they could just come up with their own unique color schemes. Since the project uses a pattern, it’s also good tracing practice.

Paper Chain Python via The Craft Train

Many kids love any excuse to put together a paper chain, which is why we selected this craft. It is a fun variation on a standard paper chain, and the finished project is a snake that can bend and move. While this project uses a pattern, kids could also make it by hand with some careful coloring and cutting.

Monkey via Artsy Craftsy Mom

Monkeys are among the rainforest’s most entertaining residents, so most kids love watching them in zoos. This craft project brings the fun home! We couldn’t resist including it on the list because the legs and arms are movable, so kids can reposition their monkeys into entertaining poses.

Origami Frogs via Itsy Bitsy Fun

At Couponing 101, we love crafts that double as toys or games. That’s why we chose this project—these origami frogs can actually hop. Kids can enjoy the construction process, but once the crafting is done, they can also play with their new frogs. This project even includes ideas for fun games!

Rainstick Music Instrument via JDaniel4’s Mom

Equatorial rainforests typically receive over 80 inches of rain each year, lending to their biodiversity. We selected this rain stick project because it simulates the sound of rain using common materials you may already have in your house. Kids can also get creative when selecting materials to see what sounds they make.

Jungle Trees via My Kid Craft

A rainforest is nothing without its trees! This project makes our list because it uses so few materials, but when combined, they make wonderful little trees. If you’re looking for a larger-scale project, a few of these trees paired with some of the animal crafts would look like a miniature version of a rainforest! And if the trees just aren’t big enough for what you have in mind, try using paper towel rolls instead of toilet paper rolls.

As always, don’t forget to supervise your children while they craft. While these projects are child-friendly, kids can be incredibly creative in finding new ways to injure themselves. Selecting projects that you know your child can handle will also help set them up for success.

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