DIY Memorial Day

7 Fun Memorial Day Crafts for Kids

Memorial Day honors members of the Armed Forces who died while serving the country. As such, patriotic crafts are the perfect addition to a 3-day weekend at home. If you’re looking for a fun and festive way to kick off the summer and celebrate the holiday, help your kids try out these seven fun Memorial Day crafts!

Patriotic Wind Catcher via Crafty Morning

We like this project because the results can look so pretty and festive that you could hang one (or a few) up on your front porch to celebrate any patriotic holiday. While this tutorial calls for paint, you could also use crayons, colored pencils, or markers for easier cleanup. The cutting might be a bit hard for some little ones, but kids with strong scissor skills shouldn’t have a problem.

American Flag Ribbon Wand via Views From a Step Stool

Waving a flag seems appropriate on Memorial Day, but some children may have trouble ensuring the flag doesn’t touch the ground. That’s why we like this project. It looks enough like a flag to feel appropriate for the holiday, but you don’t have to worry so much about proper flag etiquette.

Simple Flag Craft for Kids via I Heart Crafty Things

This project makes the list because it is such a convenient (and clever) flag craft. Even preschoolers with only basic scissor skills should be able to help put it together! Plus, if you have any straws leftover, you can use them to sip a refreshing beverage during your holiday cookout.

Shaving Cream Fireworks via I Can Teach My Child

Fireworks are often an integral part of patriotic celebrations. While you might not be able to go to any big public fireworks displays this year, this craft can be just as fun. That’s why it makes the list. Since it uses shaving cream, we think kids might really love the crafting process.

Patriotic Suncatcher Kids Craft via A Little Pinch of Perfect

We chose this project because there is plenty of room for creativity. Children may choose to use paper cutouts and/or colorful tissue paper and arrange them in whatever patterns they like. A parent might have to help out with a few of the steps, but the project may be fun enough that you want to participate, anyway.

Cupcake Liner Poppies via Laughing Kids Learn

Red poppies are a symbol used to honor those who died in war. We like this craft because it is quick and simple, so even little ones can help out. And if your kids love making them, the colorful flowers might look lovely grouped together in a bouquet.

Easy Red Poppy Craft via Carrots Are Orange

This is another simple red poppy craft that we think kids will love! An adult may need to help set up the activity, but then kids can go to town gluing on “petals” using construction paper and a glue stick. We selected this project because tearing and placing the paper “petals” could be good ways to exercise the child’s fine motor skills.

Parental supervision may be necessary for these crafts. Be sure to take your child’s skill level into account when selecting a project so that you set them up for crafting success!

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