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7 Things to Keep in Mind if You’re Visiting Theme Parks This Summer

For many Americans, summer isn’t complete without a trip to a theme park. Things are much different this year, and a lot of people have already canceled their summer travel plans due to COVID-19. However, some diehard theme park fans may choose to hit the parks anyway. If you’re planning a trip to a theme park during the pandemic, you’ll need to be prepared for a far different experience. We’ll highlight a few things to keep in mind before you depart.

Each Park Has Its Own Policies

Before you travel to any theme park, you should look into its most recent policies regarding disease prevention. Most major parks will now require guests who are two years old and above to wear a face mask except when they are eating or drinking. You may also need to make a reservation ahead of time in order to enter the park. Since policies vary between parks, we recommend visiting your favorite theme park’s website for guidance.

Everything is Subject to Change

Situations are changing rapidly. Since we learn new information every day, existing policies may change at any time. If you’re planning a theme park vacation, you may want to pay careful attention to any new information your theme park of choice puts out leading up to your trip.

It Won’t Be a “Normal” Theme Park Experience

If you’ve been to theme parks before, you may need to adjust your expectations before going during COVID-19. Some guests may enjoy the extra space provided by lower crowd limits and social distancing, but a lot of what gives theme parks that magical touch may be missing.

Some Rides, Attractions, and Restaurants May Be Closed

Try not to get your heart set on anything, because even if a park is open, some things may still be closed. Since most theme parks plan to operate at a limited capacity, maintaining the same staffing levels as before COVID-19 may not be economically feasible. That means some things may need to stay closed until parks can resume normal operations.

Special Events May Be Canceled

Families often flock to fireworks, parades, and special events, but check your favorite theme park’s website before making any plans. Along with limited capacity, many theme parks are canceling things that would encourage a large crowd to gather, like fireworks, parades, and special events.

You May Be Denied Entrance

Most major theme parks will now screen guests’ temperatures each day before they enter the parks. If you or anyone in your party has a fever, you may not be allowed into the parks. Additionally, many parks currently use a reservation system, so you may need to plan ahead to snag a spot.

You’ll Probably Get Hot

Most of the biggest theme parks in the United States are in warm climates. Since you’ll be expected to wear a face mask for the duration of your visit, you may feel even hotter than usual. Special products to help you beat the heat, such as mini fans and cooling towels, may become your new must-haves. And don’t forget to stay hydrated!

If you suspect you or anyone in your party has COVID-19, has been exposed to the virus, or doesn’t feel well, the CDC asks that you stay home. While canceling your trip may seem like a downer, it’s a lot worse to spread the disease to others. Stay safe, and keep others safe!

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