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7 Toilet Paper Roll Crafts to Keep Your Kids Busy

With kids home from school and many parents working remotely, your family is probably going through toilet paper at a previously unprecedented rate. And as the empty toilet paper rolls pile up, you might be wondering if there isn’t something better to do with them than tossing them in the recycling bin.

Well, we have a secret to tell you! Empty toilet paper rolls are one of the most under-appreciated materials in the crafting world. And what kids can create with them is only limited by their imagination. To help you get started, here are seven of our favorite toilet paper roll crafts to keep your kids busy!

Toilet Paper Roll Butterfly Craft via The Resourceful Mama

Lots of kids love seeing butterflies throughout the spring and summer months. We chose this project because we think it’s a great way to commemorate your favorite flutterers. There’s lots of room for children to use their creativity by selecting different colors, adding decorations, or even adjusting what type of insect they try to make.

Toilet Paper Roll Crab Beach Craft via Hunny, I’m Home!

If you can’t get to the beach this year, you can still have your kids bring the beach into your home! We couldn’t resist including this project on the list because the resulting craft looks so beachy and summery. With the bendable legs and claws, some kids may even enjoy playing with their crabs.

Toilet Paper Roll Snakes via Clumsy Crafter

If you have enough toilet paper rolls, this craft might be hissterically fun. We chose this project because you can use as many empty rolls as you have in your house. Kids could make their snakes short or extraordinarily long depending on what you have on hand. Plus, children can decorate each toilet paper roll independently, which could keep them busy for quite a while. If you want to reinforce cooperation, you could even have your children work together to make just one snake.

DIY Cardboard Tube Construction Toy via Picklebums

If your child loves Legos or building blocks, we picked this project for you! With a little decorating and some strategic cuts, toilet paper rolls can become a construction set. Not only can kids enjoy the crafting process, but they can also spend hours using their new toy to build architectural wonders.

Biodegradable Mini Planters From Toilet Paper Rolls via Plant Care Today

We selected this project because it combines crafting and science. Kids can help put together these mini planters, plant seeds, and then watch them sprout.

Space Rocket Craft via Mas & Pas

This project makes the list because of its cute space theme. A parent might string the rockets to make a garland or use them as festive decorations on patriotic holidays! Kids who are interested in air or space travel may also enjoy playing with their rockets.

Five Easy and Fun Toilet Paper Roll Kid Activities via Color Made Happy

We love any craft project that seamlessly transitions into a game or activity, which is why we had to include this project on the list. Children can help decorate the toilet paper rolls as they like. Once the rolls are complete, they can use them for five different activities! And as a major bonus, these activities can be educational for younger children. The project notes that you can use magnetic numbers, but please keep in mind that children frequently swallow small objects, and swallowing magnets can be extremely dangerous. Read the American College of Medical Toxicology’s article on the topic to learn more.

And as always, craft carefully! Accidents happen, but you can avoid some of them by supervising your children as they work on their projects.

What are your favorite uses for empty toilet paper rolls? Share your clever ideas in the comments section below!

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