7 Ways to Stay Cool at Home This Summer

The weather is warming up, so you might be getting eager to beat the heat. Since COVID-19 still a concern, though, some of your favorite ways to cool off during the summer might not be options this year. But you don’t have to go to a crowded pool or a movie theater to stay comfortable. These seven ideas will help you chill at home.

Use a Fan

If you don’t have air conditioning or it’s just not powerful enough, a fan might be your new best friend. And there are tons of fan options to suit virtually anyone’s needs and preferences. Some folks might prefer ceiling fans, others might like large box fans, and others may prefer small personal fans.

Wear Breathable Fabrics

If you’re wearing clothes that don’t allow airflow, your body heat is probably trapped against your skin. This could get a little steamy at any time of year, but it is usually most problematic in summer. Cotton and linen are often prized for their breathability, but you can also find other fabrics crafted for cooling.

Take a Cold Shower

A cold shower can be a quick and refreshing way to cool off. You might not want to stay in long, but just getting wet can help. Using cold water provides instant cooling, but the water evaporating off your skin will provide a continued cooling effect.

Stay Hydrated

Even if you don’t consciously feel thirsty, ensuring you stay hydrated is important during the heat. Not only can drinking water regularly help prevent dehydration, but it can also give you an instant cooling sensation. After all, there’s nothing quite as refreshing as a cool glass of water on a hot day!

Cover Your Windows

Many windows are prone to leaks. If your home is a comfortable temperature inside but it’s hot outside, leaving your windows uncovered may be letting your cool air escape. What’s more, the bright sunlight might also be increasing indoor temperatures.

Just shutting your blinds or curtains might help. But if they just don’t seem to be doing the job, you can also buy special energy-efficient window treatments.

Don’t Heat Up Your Kitchen

Cooking and baking create a lot of heat, and that heat has to go somewhere. If you can avoid cooking on hot days, your home shouldn’t get as hot. Plus, eating a sandwich or salad might keep you a bit cooler than eating something fresh from the oven.

Open Windows Strategically

If you don’t use air conditioning, you might be tempted to leave your windows open during the day to keep the air circulating. However, that might not keep your house as cool as possible. Temperatures are usually lower early in the morning, so you might be able to keep your house more comfortable by opening up early and closing the windows before the day really heats up.

During hot weather, always be on the lookout for signs of heat-related illnesses. The CDC has a helpful list of warning signs. How do you stay cool during the summer? Share your favorite tricks in the comments section below!

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