7 Ways to Upcycle Glass Jars

Don’t throw out that sauce jar! It seems that everyone loves to upcycle right now, and it’s no surprise.

Who doesn’t love the idea of taking what would be trash and turning it into something useful for your home?!

It’s financially beneficial to be sure. Instead of spending $10 on a decorative storage jar at Hobby Lobby or Target, you can upcycle and make one at a fraction of the price.

On top of saving yourself some money, upcycling also benefits the planet by keeping things out of ever-growing landfills. Even recycling has its environmental costs. It’s always better to reuse than recycle!

And finally, another benefit of upcycling is the fun of actually doing it! Crafting is a great bonding activity for a family or group of friends, and it’s also great as “me” time. There’s just something so special about creating something with your own two hands.

If I’ve convinced you to upcycle those jars of pasta sauce, pickles, and whatever else you might have in the fridge, check out these ideas from around the web for inspiration.

But First: Remove Labels from Glass Jars

Before you get started on any upcycle projects, you’ll want to make sure to get those labels (and pesky glue residue) off your jars. Check out these useful tips for getting your jars squeaky clean!

Antebellum Bathroom Storage

The best part about this bathroom jar project is you can use any jars that fit your bathroom storage needs – short for cotton swabs, tall for brushes, etc. You can then decorate them to match your existing bathroom decor!

Wall-Mounted Vases

Declutter desk and counter space by making this adorable wall-mounted vases. Use them to display small bouquets of flowers, pens and pencils, or even makeup brushes!

Rustic Tissue Holder

This mason jar tissue holder is a great replacement for those square boxes that sell for $10+ at the store. You can paint and decorate it to fit your decor exactly, rather than hunt around for a store-bought design that kind of works.

Mirrored Bottle Centerpiece

All you need to make these contemporary mirrored bottle centerpieces is three bottles and looking glass spray paint.

Farmhouse Kitchen Canisters

I don’t know about you, but I can always use more kitchen storage! Make these farmhouse kitchen canisters using any size jar that fits your needs, whether it’s a small one for measuring spoons or a large one for spatulas.

Succulent Planters

Succulents are all the rage because of their eco-friendliness and how low maintenance they are. You can make these cute succulent planters first and then find succulents that fit the jar, or you can pick out succulents you like and choose your jars accordingly. Just keep in mind that some jars will be too big for most succulent plants!

Hanging Lanterns

Add a little bit of light to the great outdoors with these tea light candle lanterns. Lauren calls them winter mason jar lanterns, but I think these are just perfect for a spring evening out in the backyard!

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