DIY Valentine's Day

75 DIY Non-Candy Classroom Valentines

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! If you’re looking for some fun and unique classroom valentine ideas for your kids that aren’t candy, here’s a list of some of the best ones we’ve found. These DIY Non-Candy Classroom Valentines are sure to be fun for kids to make, give and receive!

1. Star Wars Valentine via Alecia Dawn Photography
With fun phrases like “I ‘chew’se you” and “I want you to come to the dark side”, these are sure to be a hit with young Star Wars fans.

2. Printable Valentine Bookmarks via Positively Splendid
Such a cute idea, and it encourages reading!

3. Clementine Valentine via The Cards We Drew
With the printable “You’re a cutie” printable, this is just an adorable way to give a healthy valentine!

4. You’re the “Raisin” I’m Smiling Valentine via Homemaking Hacks
Grab some boxes of raisins and print off these cute tags for an easy DIY valentine.

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 3.43.54 PM

5. You Blow Me Away Valentine via Makely
Attach these free printables to some bubbles, and kids will go wild over this one!

6. Friendship Bracelet Valentine via Purl Soho
If you have especially crafty children, they might have a blast making these for their fellow classmates.

7. Muffin Tin Crayon Valentine via Our Best Bites
Muffin tin crayons are so much fun to make, plus the “you color my world” printable to attach to it is so cute!

8. Valentine Fruit Tags via Craftaholics Anonymous
A couple more fruit-themed valentines are sure to be a hit with tags like “You’re the apple of my eye” and “Orange you glad we are friends?”

9. O-Fish-Ally Be Mine Valentine via Tammy Mitchell Designs
These valentines stuffed with goldfish crackers are a great edible alternative to the usual candy.

10. MadLib Valentine via Design Mom
This is such a cool idea! Kids love doing mad libs, and the tags you attach to this are great!

11. Mustache Valentine via I Can Teach My Child
Oh my gosh, this is so unique and fun. “I mustache you a question…will you be my valentine?”

12. Pencil Arrow Valentine via Positively Splendid
Insert a pencil through a paper heart with the tag “You are just write” for a unique valentine idea.

Pencil Monsters

13. Monster Pencils Valentine via The 36th Avenue
These little one- and two-eyed monster guys on the ends of pencils are so endearing! And they are super simple to make.

14. Just Popping In DIY Valentine via Fabulessly Frugal
Grab those fun little popper toys for kids in bulk, and add this “just popping in” tag for a fun valentine idea on the cheap.

15. Owl Always Be Your Valentine via Seven Thirty Three
These owls are so precious, and look like fun to make!

16. You Make My Heart Skip a Beat Jumprope Valentine via Homemaking Hacks
Encourage health, exercise and fun with these unique valentines. Grab the multipack of jump ropes in the party section of Walmart.

17. You’re a Hoot Owl Valentine via Frugal Coupon Living
This environmentally-friendly project utilizes old toilet paper rolls and turns them into an adorable stand-up owl! You can add candy inside, but you really don’t have to. I think it looks great as-is!

18. I Think You are Really Sharp Valentine via The Crafting Chicks
These pencil sharpener valentines are so useful and clever!

19. Tic Tac Toe Board Game Valentine via Bargain Briana
Give the gift of a fun game of tic tac toe. And bonus? “You are a winner!” 😉


20. Twinkie Minions Valentines via Mission To Save
Okay, so I know Twinkies aren’t any better than candy, but these are just TOO cute for a little Despicable Me fan!

21. Frozen Olaf Warm Hugs Valentine via One Creative Mommy
This is sure to win over all the little Frozen fans.

22. Kids’ Mouse Valentine via 7 On A Shoestring
This little folder paper mouse is adorable and opens up to reveal a customized Valentine’s Day message.

23. Valentine’s Day Pencil Toppers via You Brew My Tea
These are so sparkly and pretty!

24. You Make My Heart Flutter Butterfly Valentine via Passion For Savings
Even though this is shown with a lollipop as the center, I think you could just as easily use a pencil!

25. Wheelie Valentine via A Mom’s Take
Sure to be a hit with the boys, attach a toy car to each valentine and add the cute tagline to complete it.


26. Popcorn Valentine Love Monster via Laura Kelly Designs
Isn’t this little guy cuuuuttteee?!

27. Whoopie Cushion Valentine via The Taylor House
For the young little prankster who will get a good laugh out of this one…

28. You’re The Bomb Valentine via That Bald Chick
Kids will have fun making this one, and I think you could put any gold filler in the middle. (It doesn’t have to be Rolo candy.)

29. Edible Clay Valentine via Crazy About My Bay Bah
Give the gift of play with this edible clay. Add the “doh you want to be my valentine” tag, and voila!

30. I’m Nuts About You Valentine via Around My Family Table
As long as your child’s school isn’t a peanut allergy restricted school, these are a great idea.

31. Be Minecraft Valentine via Club Chica Circle
Because you know there had to be at least ONE valentine for all the Minecraft kids out there. Wrap this around any toy or food item. It doesn’t have to be limited to candy.

32. Big Hero 6 Valentine via Desert Chica
Let your kids color their own valentines this year! And this movie is so popular with all the kids right now.

33. It’s Great to Bee Your Friend Valentine via Mom Endeavors
Keep it simple with this fun bee-themed printable.

34. Monster Valentines via Better In Bulk
I love this, because kids can get creative and each one is completely different. Those are some seriously CUTE monsters.

light up my life 01

35. You Light Up My Life Glow Stick Valentine via Eighteen 25
These are gorgeous. And kids will go crazy over the glow sticks.

36. Army Valentines via Armelle Blog
For all the little boys who love playing with toy army figures.

37. We Belong Together Valentine via Artsy Fartsy
SO. CUTE. And all the work is done for you. Just print these adorable artsy valentines and personalize them.

38. You’re Awesome Sauce Valentine via Creating Really Awesome Free Things
Give the gift of a healthy snack (apple sauce) with this creative idea.

39. You Make My Heart Soar Paper Airplane Valentine via No Biggie
This is simple and fun!

40. You Rule Valentine via Relocated Living
This little “You Rule” valentine includes a new ruler for the student.

41. Kinetic Sand Valentine via Smart Schoolhouse
Kids these days are obsessed with kinetic sand, so this is a great idea.

42. Heart Suncatchers via Fun At Home With Kids
This is a cute alternative to the traditional class valentine.

43. I Like You Beary Much Teddy Graham Valentine via Cupcake Cuties
This is darling with the little bear tag attached.


44. Tiny Animal Valentines via Sweet C’s Designs
These are just precious. The little dinomite one is my favorite.

45. You are Totally Kool Valentine via Pink Peppermint Design
These little valentines give a kool-aid drink to each child.

46. Sip Sip Hooray Valentine via Kinzie’s Kreations
These are so fun with the crazy straws attached!

47. Dropping Down Paratrooper Valentine via Paging Supermom
Fun for the little boys!

48. Love Bug Valentines via Rhythms of Play
So precious. The ladybug is my favorite.

49. Love Is In The Air Valentine via Eighteen 25
These little heart-shaped balloons are simple and such a unique idea.

50. You’re All That and a Bag of Chips Valentine via My 3 Monsters
The best part about this one is you can attach a healthier organic variety of chips.

51. You are Golden Valentine via The Crafted Sparrow
If you can find inexpensive nail polish at the dollar store, this is a fun idea for the little girls.

52. Arrow Pencil Valentine via Muffin Grayson
Another variety of the pencil valentine, but this one is a bit different. I just love this simplistic but stylish valentine with a pretty glitter pencil in the middle.

Wood Valentine

53. Wood You Be My Valentine via Eclectic Chica
These little hand-painted wooden valentines are just delightful, and kids will have so much fun crafting them.

54. You’re My Main Squeeze Valentine via Funky Polkadot Giraffe
A variation of the applesauce valentine we previously saw, your child can give the gift of GoGo Squeez Applesauce with this fun valentine.

55. You Color My World Valentine via Crazy Little Projects
If you don’t have time for the muffin tin crayons mentioned above, then maybe you can pick up some dollar store crayons and use this one as an alternative.

56. My Heart Bounces For You Valentine via Craft-O-Maniac
Kids are sure to love this fun valentine with bouncy ball attached!

57. You’re Tops Valentine via B Inspired Mama
This is a great, inexpensive idea. Just pick up a multipack of spinning tops for this one.

58. Sowing the Seeds of Love Valentine via Garden Therapy
Oooo! I just love this lovely little idea. And the love given just keeps growing throughout the year.

59. Coloring Sheet Valentine via Motherhood On A Dime
This is the flipside of the crayon valentines. With this one, you roll up a sheet from a coloring book to give. This one is fun, because your child can pick out a special picture for each classmate to color.

60. Popcorn Valentine via See Vanessa Craft
“So glad you popped into my life!”

61. Magnifying Glass Valentine via I Can Teach My Child
“I’ve Had My Eye On You” tagline with a mini magnifying glass attached. Kids love playing Spy at this age, so this is great.

62. Melting Heart Slime via Growing a Jeweled Rose
This one is sure to make kids gasp and giggle. Ooey, gooey and tons of fun!

63. You Make The World Sparkle Valentine via Pretty Prudent
Attach a small container of glitter for a unique valentine idea. Kids can use it for all their crafting projects at school or home.

Animal Bookmarks

64. Printable Valentine Bookmarks via Life As A Mom
Another variation of printable bookmarks, these have fun little cartoon animals printed on them!

65. You Are A SuperStar Valentine via Plucky Momo
These have star-shaped sunglasses attached to them, and kids will have a blast with these.

66. Toad-ally Awesome Valentine via Crap I’ve Made
The reptile and amphibian lover in me is geeking out over this one. Seriously adorable.

67. Blown Away Valentine via Dukes and Duchesses
Give the gift of music with this fun valentine idea.

68. Pet Rock Valentines via Little Lovables
Oh. my. gosh. Soooo precious. That little rock is darling, and this is such a frugal project!


69. Vintage Arrow Valentine via Design Sponge
Love the style of these.

70. Yarn Heart Cards via Parents
The simplistic beauty of these little handcrafted valentines makes them so appealing.

71. You Amaze Me Valentine via U Create
These are so frugal, since you can just buy the multipacks of toy mazes. Such a cute idea, too!

72. Cootie Cleaner Valentine via Some What Simple
These are so hilarious and adorable. Keep the cooties away with these antibacterial cleaners.

73. You Make Me Feel Better Valentine via Pretty Prudent
This one includes two band-aids, which is always useful to have on hand. You can buy really cool designs of bandages to have fun with this one.


74. What Does The Fox Say Valentine via Pink Peppermint Design
The Fox song has become so popular over the past year, and these little foxes with pretzels attached are darling.

75. Puffy Heart Tags via I Heart Naptime
These little handmade heart tags made from brown craft paper are so pretty!

With all these awesome ideas, it will be difficult to pick just one. 😀


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