8 International Cookie Recipes to Try This Weekend

Bake Your Way Around the World with These 8 International Cookie Recipes!

If your international travel plans were canceled, your adventurous side may be aching for an outlet. The humdrum of daily life could be getting you down, and baking another loaf of banana bread might not be enough to satisfy you. When you’re ready for a delicious, indulgent adventure, try out these eight cookie recipes from around the world to take a break from the norm!

Mtedza (Malawian Peanut Balls) via Global Table Adventure

Peanuts (also known as groundnuts) are a staple food in much of Africa. We included this recipe from Malawi on our list because it uses just seven common ingredients that you may already have in your house. But be careful—you might be a little too tempted to keep popping these cookies into your mouth.

Silvanas (Filipino Frozen Cookies) via Kawaling Pinoy

Feeling fancy? We included this recipe from the Philippines on the list because it is so unique that it would probably impress anyone you served it to. Since these cookies are frozen, they’d also be a rich but refreshing treat on a warm summer day.

Maamoul (Middle Eastern Date Cookies) via Amanda’s Plate

These decadent date-filled cookies are popular throughout the Middle East, especially at night during Ramadan. This recipe makes the list because it uses common Middle Eastern flavors in a way that is likely to appeal to anyone, even people who are usually intimidated by international dishes. This recipe calls for a special maamoul mold, but you could also just form them with your hands. Once you realize how amazing they taste, you can pick out your mold.

Anzac (Australian Oat Cookie) via RecipeTin Eats

Anzac biscuits are some of the most popular cookies in Australia. While the original recipe likely emerged earlier, the cookie rose to fame and earned its name in the early 1900s.

Native American Cookies via Native American Food

While Native American cookie recipes aren’t always easy to find, we bring you four incredible options! We couldn’t resist including this compilation on our list because Native American cuisine doesn’t get a lot of recognition, but it’s delicious. And who could pass up an opportunity to try a cookie made with beans?

Alfajores (South American Dulce de Leche Sandwich Cookie) via A Baker’s House

Alfajores are perhaps most popular in South America, but you can also find them in Spain, Mexico, and the Philippines. The dish may have originated after the Moorish conquest of Spain. In fact, it may be related to maamoul. We included this sandwich cookie on the list because of its overwhelming popularity and its rich, satisfying flavor.

Lebkuchen (German Spice Cookie) via A Beautiful Plate

Lebkuchen is one of the most traditional German Christmas cookies, which is why we picked this recipe for our list. It has roots dating back to the 1200s, and it tastes similar to gingerbread cookies.

Macaron (French Almond Cookies) via Sweet & Savory by Shinee

No international cookie list would be complete without the macaron, which is why we’ve included this recipe on our list. Macarons exploded in popularity in recent years, and we can understand why! Once you get the basic recipe down, you can experiment with different flavor combinations, leaving plenty of room for creativity.

There are many variations in these cookies, including unique regional takes. If one of these recipes appeals to you, don’t hesitate to look around for other versions of the same treat!

Does making food from around the world help quench your wanderlust? If so, what’s your favorite dish to make at home? Let us know in the comments section below!

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