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8 Easy Ways to Upcycle Paper Bags

Everyone has at least a few paper bags sitting around their house. Instead of throwing them away, upcycle them! There are a ton of ways to upcycle paper bags, from household uses to arts and crafts projects. The ideas below stood out as unique and very easy to do. These are so versatile, they should work for any size of bag.

  1. Paper Bag Flowers via These remind me a lot of the fans that you can buy for party décor. Use a brown paper bag and have your kids color on them for an even more personal touch.
  2. Woven Baskets via ThePinterestProject. How. Cool. Is This?! These work best with thicker grocery store brown paper sacks and you will need a sewing machine. These would be one of the most amazing gifts!
  3. Paper Bag Notebook via The House that Lars Built. An artsy, fun, twist on staying organized. Get some plain white office paper and your imagination, and you’re ready to make this adorable notebook.
  4. Paper Bag Floor via Domestic Imperfection. I recently saw this on a DIY home network television station and I literally had to pull my jaw up from the floor. I could not believe how beautiful paper bags could look as a type of flooring! Honestly, if someone didn’t tell me those were paper bags, I would have never known.
  5. Paper Bag Wreath via PopSugar. This is absolutely gorgeous for anyone’s front door, very rustic and reminds me of fall. You could adorn this with so many different craft items to turn into whatever them you are looking for.
  6. Paper Bag Planter Bags via Grillo-Designs. Such a unique twist on a necessary item if you have plants. These could be decorated even more to match whatever your décor allows.
  7. Cover Textbooks via Chloe Moore Photography. Let’s be honest, haven’t we been doing this for years to our school books? It used to be so very popular and a fun way to doodle and decorate on your book without ruining the book itself.
  8. Wrap a Gift via I always loved doing this for my parents from my kids. There is always something a little special when you get a gift wrapped with paper that has kids writing and drawings all over it. For some, it’s a gift in itself.

Do you upcycle your paper bags? Let us know how you like to use them in the comments below!

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