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Non-Screen Activities to Keep Kids Busy on the Plane

Traveling and flying with kids can be a challenge, and it can be tempting to stick them in front of a screen watching movies and shows to keep tem happy. However, you can limit screen time while still keeping them entertained! There are many kid-friendly plane activities that are easy DIY projects. With enough options in your back pocket, you can keep them entertained for hours without getting bored and fussy.

Here are just a few ideas:

  1. DIY Lego Travel Case via Frugal Coupon Living. You can make these small or a bit larger but most all kids love Legos.
  2. Busy Box via The Lean Green Bean. These boxes are amazing and totally customizable to your little one’s favorite things to do. I could honestly see a Busy Box for adults, couldn’t you?!
  3. Busy Bag for Writing Practice via The Educators’ Spin On It. This is great for older kids or kids who love to doodle!
  4. Digital Library via Epic! I use this for my kids constantly. You can get a free 30 day trial so it can start right before you leave and put it on your computer, iPad, or phone and just let your little one be read a story and they can see the pictures and the words as they are being read.
  5. Water Wow Books via Melissa & Doug. These are available on or through the Melissa and Doug website and can keep a child entertained for hours.
  6. Quiet Blocks via Childhood101. These are stacking blocks made out of sponges so there is no noise when they fall. Childhood101 also has some other amazing busy bag ideas.
  7. Travel Adventure Book via Fun with Mama. This site offers a free printable airplane travel activity book filled with coloring pages, journal pages, tracing, matching, patterns, and more.
  8. Sticker Books. There are many sticker books available for purchase, and you can choose the themes that your kids will be interested in. These are perfect sensory play for younger and older kids alike.
  9. On-the-Go Bead Jewelry Kit via Melissa & Doug. for kids there they can make jewelry on their flight. Even more fun would be to hand them to the flight attendants and pilots on the way off the plane as a thank you!

It’s always best to over pack instead of under pack especially when you have children in tow. Hopefully some of these ideas will help you make your flight a bit less stressful. Happy Travels!

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