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5 Adorable Kids Headbands & Bows Under $5

These adorable kids headbands and bows are on sale for as little as $2.49 at! Whether you’re getting ready to take cute spring family photos or just want to give your child some fashionable flair, these are just too good to pass up.

Check out the details beneath each photo to find out when each deal expires (hurry, the first one expires tonight).

Nylon Baby Bow Headwrap

This one-size-fits-all baby headwrap is specially designed so that it’s soft, comfortable and leaves no compression marks, while still staying snug. The length of the headband unstretched is 13-14 inches and the width is 3.5 inches.

Price: $2.95 (reg. $9.99) + $2.99 S&H

Deal Expires: Today, 4/10

8″ Grosgrain Bows

These take me straight to Beauty and the Beast and the gorgeous bows in Belle’s hair. I think these would look cute on any age, but that’s just me. They come with an alligator clip so that can be secured to any hairstyle.

Price: $2.49 (reg. $8.99) + $2.99 S&H

Deal Expires: Thursday, 4/11

Felt Flower Headband

Maybe she’s not going to a music festival this spring, but this bohemian look is still so cute for kids! These kids headbands come in 8 colors and make the perfect gift for any little girl in your life.

Price: $2.95 (reg. $7.99) + $2.99 S&H

Deal Expires: Thursday, 4/11

Darling Velvet Bows

It doesn’t get more classic than a velvet bow. These can be ordered to come on alligator clips or on a headband, depending on how you plan to use it. There are also three different styles of knots to choose from, all of which are super cute!

Price: $2.49 (reg. $8.99) + $2.99 S&H

Deal Expires: Thursday, 4/11

Darling Glitter Bows

Like their velvet counterparts, these amazing glittery bows can be ordered to come on an alligator clip or a headband. They also come in 20 fantastic colors. Good luck choosing just one!

Price: $1.99 (reg. $6.99) + $2.99 S&H

Deal Expires: Today, 4/10

There are a ton of other amazing spring deals on Jane right now. I highly recommend taking a look!

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