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Adorable Bento Box Ideas for Your Kid’s Lunch

Bento boxes have a long history in Japan. These handy meal boxes leave room for small portions of several different dishes, making it easier to enjoy a balanced meal. When it comes to packing a lunch for your child, bento boxes can be a godsend. They make it easy to include multiple items without the need for plastic baggies, but they can also provide a fun creative outlet. The appearance of the bento box is limited only by your creativity! Some parents turn their children’s lunches into works of art, but you don’t have to be the next Picasso to put together a picture-perfect bento box. These seven adorable ideas can infuse your child’s day with extra fun.

Monkey Bagel Bento via Eats Amazing

We love this bento box idea because it is so easy! The adorable monkey main course requires a little careful cutting and the right ingredients to put together. You don’t need any special equipment or hard-to-find ingredients!

Autumn Squirrel Onigiri Bento via Love At First Bento

Sure, it says this is for autumn, but we think squirrels are adorable all year long! We’ve included this idea on the list because it’s a little more ambitious without being too daunting. You can shape the onigiri by hand if you want, but if you think you want to continue making these adorable squirrels, you can invest in a shaper and nori punch to make it much easier.

Magical Unicorn Bento via Alpha Mom

We think this idea is a great way to add a little magic to your child’s lunch! This unicorn bento box is fun and colorful, but it won’t require a ton of work. Cookie cutters do the heavy lifting. Then, you just pair your creations with adorable, colorful sides.

Simple Flower Themed Bento via

Looking for a pretty and cheery bento idea? This one is a great option! But the real reason we’ve put this idea on the list is that we think the basic concept used to craft the sandwich could be used with other cutters to change things up.

“Star Wars” Bento via Bento Monsters

We’ve included this idea for ambitious, diehard “Star Wars” fans. It is elaborate, so it may be too complicated for all but the most dedicated wannabe Jedis. But if you’re prepared to put in the time and effort, young “Star Wars” fans may love this bento box!

Turkey and Cheese Sandwich Bento via Surf and Sunshine

We’ve included this bento idea because it is such a cute and clever way to remind your little one that you love them. Since it’s not too complex, it’s a good option for parents who want to try crafting adorable bento boxes but find them a little daunting. Plus, you can switch out the type of sandwich for whatever sandwich your child enjoys, so the idea is quite flexible.

Disney “Frozen” Olaf School Lunch via Lunchbox Dad

If you want to give your favorite “Frozen” fan a big surprise, this Olaf bento box idea should do the trick! We like this idea because it looks so elaborate without being excessively complicated. You wouldn’t even need any special tools or cutters to complete it, but a cookie cutter could definitely make it easier to craft adorable sides!

What do you do when you want to make your children’s lunch extra special? Tell us your favorite ideas in the comments section below!

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