Best Buy 101 – How to Shop and Save Money at Best Buy

Best Buy might be your go-to store for all things electronic, but every shopper knows that electronics purchases can get pricey very quickly. Luckily, Best Buy offers some easy ways to shave some money off your next electronics purchase.

Read on to learn all about My Best Buy, My Best Buy credit cards, sales, price match, open-box deals, and trade-ins.

Get a Free My Best Buy Membership

Becoming a My Best Buy member is free and provides big benefits. Not only can you earn points for the money you spend, being a rewards member also grants you access to exclusive offers and early access to sales.

Watch Sales

Peruse weekly ads, follow Best Buy on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and signup to receive emails from Best Buy through the website to find the latest sales.

Even after you’ve purchased a product, keep watching for sales! If Best Buy lowers its price on something you purchased within your return window, you can request a price adjustment.

Price Match

Best Buy will match prices with local retailers and big-name websites like Amazon, so do your research to see which retailer offers the best price.

If you’re ordering online, call Best Buy to adjust the price. If you’re buying in person, ask for the price match at checkout.

Shop Open-Box Deals

Best Buy allows returns, which means it often winds up with open products that may be lightly used. For the deal shopper, these provide a great opportunity. Best Buy marks down open products, saving you valuable coin on products that are practically new. You can find open-box deals online and in person.

Trade In Old Electronics

Your closet or basement doesn’t have to become an electronics graveyard! Best Buy offers a trade-in service that allows you to trade in old electronics for a Best Buy gift card that you can use to make that latest gadget more affordable.

Consider a My Best Buy Credit Card

Depending on the type of card you select, a My Best Buy credit card can offer 5% or 6% back in rewards for Best Buy purchases, which can add up really quickly for frequent Best Buy customers.

If you’ve found any other ways to save at Best Buy, share them in the comments below!

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