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Best Planners for Meeting Your Goals in 2020

Life is a juggling act. When you throw more and more balls in the air, it gets exponentially harder to keep them from falling. That’s why we love planners! Planners are one of the easiest ways to keep track of important dates and tasks so that your whole schedule doesn’t come crashing down around you.

Different planners are best for different people and lifestyles. You might even maintain multiple planners for different areas of your life. We’ll share some of our favorite planners to keep you on track in 2020!


Students frequently lean on planners to keep track of activities, due dates, and exams. The best planners for students make it easier to track what’s happening at a glance. We especially like visually appealing planners since they can make organizing a little more fun. Students generally begin planners at the beginning of the school year, but they could also start a calendar year planner for an extra layer of organization. Students might like these options:

  • Erin Condren Designer Hardbound Life Planner – Not only is this planner pretty to look at, the pages are also quite customizable. It’s undated so even if you pick it up in an odd month, you can fill in the correct dates for the month you’re in. Artistic students can transform the pages to make them both beautiful and functional. There are blank note pages throughout the planner to jot down important notes. And every month has a beautiful inspirational quote page to get your month started off right.
  • BooQool Wirebound Planner – This planner has convenient tabs to allow users to flip between months easily. The spiral binding also makes it possible to lie the planner flat for easier access to the current date.


As a professional, you might want a planner to keep track of your meetings, tasks, and goals. However, it may also be important that the planner has a professional look to send the right message to your boss, coworkers and clients. The following planners have a good balance of professionalism and utility:

  • Lemome Faux Leather Planner – This sleek planner has room to keep track of your monthly and weekly schedule, and its faux leather cover looks elegant and professional. There’s even a pen holder so you’re not left scrambling to find a pen to write something down during meetings.
  • MaaIbok Faux Leather Spiralbound Monthly Planner – Similarly to the Lemome, the faux leather cover of this planner maintains an elegant look and feel appropriate for any professional setting. The difference here is the spiral binding which enables the planner to be folded flatly for easy documentation.


How can you keep track of everyone in your family’s schedule and stay positive? For parents, we like planners that leave enough room for all the important activities and goals while leaving enough space for a little personal pep talk. These planners may fit the bill:

  • Legend Undated Planner Plus Stickers – This planner leaves room for you to schedule your week ahead, but there are also convenient sections to jot down your major wins of the week and to set rewards for meeting your goals. There are separate to-do lists on every week page so you can keep home and work items organized. Not to mention the helpful visuals that the fun stickers provide!
  • Mountain Planner Classic and Bonus Sticker Set – Planner? Check. Gratitude journal? Check! That’s right; this planner can do double duty. With dozens of useful stickers, you can track your week ahead in the planner. However, you can also focus on what matters most with sections for gratitude and anticipation.


Planning a week’s worth of meals can seem like a full-time job. Between deciding what to eat and buying the right ingredients, there is a lot to keep track of. A meal-planning planner might be just what you need to simplify the process. We think these options might make life a little easier:

  • Life & Apples Weekly Meal Planner – This spiral-bound planner can help you organize your weekly menu and shopping list. The accompanying stickers can make the process more fun and add a visual touch. Plus, a built-in pocket might be a handy place to store your coupons while you shop.
  • bloom daily planners Weekly Meal Planning Pad – This isn’t a traditional planner. Instead, it’s a notepad with tear-off pages that can help you organize your meals for the week. The back of the pad has a magnet, so you can keep it on your refrigerator to jot things down when you think of them. Then, just tear off your meal plan and shopping list to take with you when you hit the grocery store!


Money plays such a major role in our lives, yet many of us don’t plan out a budget. And it’s no wonder why! It can be stressful! But a good budget planner can make keeping track of your budget much easier and maybe even fun. These planners might take some of the stress out of budgeting:

  • Clever Fox Budget Planner – Want to set a budget and see if you can stick to it? This planner allows you to set your intended budget and compare it to what you actually spend. You can also track your income, goals, and more.
  • Limitless Mindset Budget Planner – You can track your income, bills, and expenses with this helpful planner. This planner even comes with three cash envelopes in case you want to tuck a little extra money away.

How do you keep track of your schedule? What are your secret tricks to keep your planner in order? Let us know in the comments section below!

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