Big Lots: Surprising Source for Saving Money on Organic Groceries

If you haven’t been to Big Lots in a while, you need to check them out! I found quite a few organic and natural grocery items there at very low prices!

Just a few things I found at my local Big Lots store:

  • Bob’s Red Mill organic products – quinoa, pancake and waffle mix, rolled oats, flaxseed meal, 13 bean soup mix, bread mixes, brownie mix, and more! Most were very close in price or significantly cheaper than Amazon!
  • Imagine organic soup and broth
  • Kashi products – granola, TLC bars, and Go Lean roll bars
  • Newman-O’s cookies
  • Arrowhead Mills products – organic pastry flour, Bake with Me mixes, and cereal

A few of the items were near the expiration or even expired, but many had very long expiration dates and did not appear damaged in any way!

Keep in mind that the product selection at Big Lots will vary, so your store may or may not carry any of these products. It is also important to note that Big Lots does not accept coupons!

I will definitely be visiting my local Big Lots more often to check for great deals on organic and natural foods. I typically find the best prices on organic and natural pantry items on Amazon when using their subscribe & save option, but if Big Lot’s prices are lower then I’ll be shopping there!

Have you found a good selection of organic groceries at your local Big Lots?


  1. My Big Lots store here in Kansas City is also a great source for organic foods, including all the items listed above. Thereza, Big Lots does not accept coupons, but they do send out 20% off coupons from time to time. You can also join Buzz Rewards, which gives you 1 point for every $20 you spend. Earn 1o points and receive 20% off. The manager actually suggested using that 20% on a bigger item (they also sell mattresses and furniture). I’ve also found that Big Lots has good deals on kitchen items. For instance, I have my eye on a Pyrex teardrop bowl that’s marked at $10.00. Hope this helps!


  2. I love Big Lots for this very reason. They also have great prices on everything from Shampoo to bread and chips, sometimes their prices will be a better deal than using a coupon at the grocery store. Their stock is constantly changing, so you have to go in frequently in order to snag the best deals.


  3. I have not explored the nearest Big Lots in quite a while – I will have to check it out. I have found a lot of organic products at Ocean State Job lots, if you have one located near you. Their prices have been very good, also.


  4. I don’t typically buy organic products because I can’t justify the added expense, but since you’re talking about Big Lots, I thought I’d chime in with some of my finds.

    Believe it or not, they frequently have a nice selection of WINE! They are not usually name brands, although they’ll sometimes have labels I’ve heard of before, but I’ve found some wines that normally retail for upwards of $20 – $30 per bottle for only $3 to $4 per bottle!

    They have different varietals (chardonnay, pinot gris, sauvignon blanc, merlot, shiraz, cabernet sauvignon, zinfandel, blends and a variety of others), and wines from all over (California, Australia, Chile, Oregon, Washington State, etc.). Plus their selection changes frequently so I find myself there once every few weeks just to check out the new shipment. At $3 to $4 each, it’s fun and inexpensive to experiment. And then when I find one I really like, I go back and buy more to stock up.


  5. Our Big Lots has Veggie Straws!! If you’ve never tried them… Wow! You’re going to fall in love!! They are made from tomatoes (red ones), spinach (green ones), and potatoes (yellow ones). And the have sea salt on them. My kids will pass up French fries for veggie straws!! There are also Apple Straws!! It’s cinnamon-apple goodness!! We actually ate those for dessert tonight!!


  6. There is a chain out here on the West Coast called Grocery Outlet that also has some great organic deals – especially on granola bars, cereal and frozen organic products. I love snatching up those deals!


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