Couponing Basics

Can You Buy Coupons?

Coupons can help you save a lot of money, but cutting them takes time and energy. Plus, you may want more coupons for your favorite products than you can find in the weekly inserts you receive. It’s no wonder that some shoppers look to buy coupons instead of hunting them down themselves.

But can you buy coupons? If so, where? While you can find coupons for sale online, we don’t recommend doing so. Below, we’ll share what you need to know about buying coupons.

Is It Allowed?

Buying and selling coupons is inherently questionable. Look at the fine print on a coupon. Many coupons say that they are to be voided if transferred or sold. This wording would indicate that coupon distributors have not intended for coupons to be used by anyone other than the person who initially received them. In fact, once the coupon is transferred, it may technically lose all value, so redeeming it could be considered fraud.

While the wording establishes that coupons are not intended to be sold, some people sell their clipping services. Coupon clipping services technically sell the service of clipping coupons rather the coupons themselves. While this is still a gray area, it has left room in the market for these services to exist.

Where Can I Buy Coupons?

There are a plethora of coupon clipping services online. For a fee, these services will clip select coupons and send them to you.

However, it is important to note that depending on the wording of the fine print on the coupon, these coupons could be voided and lose all value when you purchase them. While many retailers may honor the coupons regardless of how you obtained them, technically, redeeming a coupon once it is voided could be considered fraud.

Where Can I Get Coupons for Free?

Rather than purchasing coupon clipping services, there are plenty of easy ways to collect your own coupons for free. Weekly inserts in your local newspaper are a great way to start. However, if you’re not up for all the clipping, you might also consider downloading apps from your favorite stores. Many store apps feature coupons you can clip with just a click.

In summation, it is possible to purchase coupon clipping services to get more of the coupons you’re looking for, but we’d strongly advise against it. It’s morally and legally dubious, and there are plenty of free, easy ways to obtain coupons.

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