New Target Cartwheel savings program. AWESOME coupons can be used with both Target and manufacturer coupons!

Cartwheel: Target’s Newest Coupon Savings Program

New Target Cartwheel savings program. AWESOME coupons can be used with both Target and manufacturer coupons!

Target has a brand new savings program called Cartwheel. So far, I’m really loving it! You can save anywhere between 5% and 40% on everything from fresh produce to clothing to school supplies.

Here are a few of the key things you need to know about using Cartwheel.


The best thing about this new program is that you can stack the Cartwheel coupons with Target coupons and manufactuer’s coupons! That means you can now use 1 Cartwheel, 1 Target, and 1 manufacturer’s coupon per item!

The Cartwheel discount comes off after Target coupons and before manufacturer’s coupons, regardless of the order you present your coupons in. You can also use Cartwheel on top of your REDcard discount.


The Cartwheel program is connected to your Facebook account so you do need Facebook to use this program. Your friends will be able to see which offers you use, but you do have the ability to control what is posted to your Facebook page.


While there are a ton of Cartwheel coupons available, you can only add a few at a time. You automatically start out with 10 offer slots just for joining and you can gain more slots when your friends join or you earn badges. You can add/remove offers as often as you’d like.

New Target Cartwheel savings program. AWESOME coupons can be used with both Target and manufacturer coupons!

Offer Limits

You can redeem as many Cartwheel coupons as you have in your slots in a single transaction. Each Cartwheel coupon can be used up to 6 times per day, but only up to 4 times per transaction. For instance, I used the 5% off avocados coupon the other day – I bought 4 avocados and received 5% off each avocado. I could’ve come back again later that day and bought 2 more avocados at 5% off, but that would have been my max for that day.


Even after you use them, the coupons remain in your Cartwheel either until you remove them or until they expire.

Redeeming Offers

There are two options for redeeming your Cartwheel coupons. My personal favorite is through the Cartwheel app. You just show the cashier the barcode and she scans it just like Target mobile coupons.

If you don’t have a smartphone, you can choose to print the offers and redeem them like a paper coupon. To print them, just go to “my Cartwheel” and click “redeem in store” in the upper right-hand corner.

New Target Cartwheel savings program. AWESOME coupons can be used with both Target and manufacturer coupons!

–>> Sign up for Target’s Cartwheel Coupons.

What do you think about this new program? Have you tried it yet?


  1. Is this program varying by store or working as described on the website? I don’t want my purchases made available on Facebook, how do I stop that from happening before I beginthe pprogram?


    • I think there’s a way to not have it show up on Facebook. Somewhere in the settings. I remember when I set my account up I was able to switch a setting and now mine don’t show up on Facebook.


  2. I needed Nicorette lozenges so I Went to target on Tyrone and Park in FL today armed with a $15.00 off manufacturer and a $10.00 off target coupon, plus 20%off cartwheels, in addition the item was on sale for $29.99. My 3 items had to be rung up at the customer service desk. The girl refused to put the 20% off on the items before the manufacturer coupon, and only gave me 20% off what was left. She entered it by hand and you cant even see on the receipt that it was a cartwheel. I never had this problem before but. I received a total of 3.00 off with the cartwheel, she used a calculator to decide this? when I questioned he she said that is how it works and was suggestive that I am wrong Its not done any other way, until I pulled out a receipt from a different target. She told me that at her target when its done at the service desk its done her way.????I guess my good deal was just too much for them to handle, they had to change the rules. Well thanks anyway target…a bit of a discount is better than no discount, even though its not what you promised.


  3. I was at my local Target today and they had a bunch of Glade items on clearance for $1.48. So with the $1 off coupons, they become super cheap!


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