Charlotte Mason’s Original Homeschooling eBook Series – Only 99¢ (Reg. $58.95)

Wow! If you’re a homeschooling family, here is an incredible deal for you! Right now Amazon has the Kindle digital version of Charlotte Mason’s Original Homeschooling Series for just 99¢ (reg. $58.95)!

This includes all 6 volumes of the series. This is a very popular and classic teaching technique. If you’ve been interested in trying it out, this is a great resource at a fabulous price. It gets great reviews from customers. Here is one review that gives a nice overview of this teaching technique:

“Well for those of you homeschoolers who have heard the name Charlotte Mason, this is it! This is her complete works written by Charlotte Mason herself. For those of you not familiar with this method of teaching and learning I will explain a little. A very basic definition is that she suggests a narrative method of learning. For just one exmple, a child reads a history lesson. The child then repeats back to you in his own words, what they have read. This assures comprehension of the material read. For those of you with reluctant writers, or younger children, this is great! Of course older children can write down what they have learned & experienced. She suggests studying the classics verus dry textbooks for learning. Similiar to that of a unit study approach. If you want the true Charlotte Mason method, this is all the material you will ever need.”

You can also still get a FREE download of The Big Book of American Trivia eBook right now, which could definitely be used as a homeschool teaching resource as well!

You can find even more ebooks on Amazon.com. You don’t need a Kindle to read these books either. You can download the Free Kindle Reading App to your Computer, iPad, iPhone, or Blackberry!

Be sure to verify the price before you purchase! These free/discount ebooks come and go (sometimes within just a few hours), so I recommend downloading any that catch your eye because they may not be available tomorrow!

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