12 Cheap Ways to Decorate for Halloween

Halloween decorations have been out in stores for about a month now and in some they are already starting to clearance them out! If that’s the situation you are in but you need some amazing decor – have no fear! There are some amazing DIY Halloween decor out there that won’t break the bank! 

  1. Floating Witch Hat Luminaries via Polka Dot Chair.  Inexpensive witch hat, light sticks or battery operated tea lights, and fishing wire, and you’ve got yourself some unique luminaries you won’t find in any Halloween store. 
  2. DIY Spooky Tree Painting via Crafts by Amanda. This painting will make you look like picasso even though it’s easy enough for Kindergarteners to paint!
  3. Bats and Spiders via One Good Thing. You get an easy stencil to cut around for the bats, yet they add such a distinct look! These spiders can be made in small or large sizes and are absolutely adorable (did I just say that about a spider?!)
  4. Bloody Candles via Sous Notre Toit. This website would have to be translated, but I’m pretty sure you can get an idea by looking at the pictures. Little upset I never thought about this idea, it’s brilliant!
  5. Monster Doors via Good to Know. Possibilities are endless with this decor and it’s made with supplies almost everyone has laying around the house. 
  6. Ghost Leaf Bags via Everyday Art. Almost everyone this time of year has a pile of leaves that have to be cleaned up – what a great use of resources!
  7. Mason Jar Mummy via Weekend Craft. One of my most favorite DIY decorations and it only takes 5 minutes to make!
  8. Illuminated Ghost Garland via Taryn Whiteaker. I’ve made these before with lollipops, but to make them larger with outdoor lights is genius. 
  9. Candy Corn Ombre Wine Bottles via Brit.co. These are absolutely gorgeous and I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to make them in even more colors! 
  10. Spirit Jugs via Eighteen25. These looks the cutest when there are several together – so start drinking that milk now or else you may not be ready for Halloween. 
  11. Paranormal Portraits via Country Living. Creepy! That’s all I have to say about this one. 
  12. Black and White Halloween Topiary via Tatertots and Jello. This is absolutely amazing and I have to go make one right now. Can you imagine the possibilities with this? 

I wish I could say I plan on making all of these, as much as I’d like to, Halloween is right around the corner! Better get started! 

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