Cinco de Mayo COVID-19 Recipes

8 Cinco de Mayo Recipes to Get Festive at Home

What better way to relax at home than enjoying a festive fiesta? Tuesday, May 5 is Cinco de Mayo, and we’re ready to celebrate!

Technically, Cinco de Mayo celebrates the 1862 victory of the Mexican army over France in the Battle of Puebla. But in the United States, it’s also a great excuse to honor Mexican history and culture. Ordinarily, many Americans flock to their local Mexican restaurants. While your favorite restaurants may still offer takeout or delivery, some people may prefer to stay home this year.

But staying home doesn’t have to mean sitting this one out. You can make delicious Mexican and Mexican-inspired dishes for your family to enjoy. These seven recipes can help you put together a Cinco de Mayo feast!

Homemade Margarita Mix via Slim Pickin’s Kitchen

Some people can’t let Cinco de Mayo come and go without enjoying a margarita. We have your backs! We like this recipe because it focuses primarily on the mix itself, so you have more options of what to do with it. The mix itself is alcohol-free, so you can share it with your kids. If this batch is just for you, though, the recipe also has suggestions for transforming it into an adult beverage.

The Best Guacamole via Kristine’s Kitchen

Guac fans, rejoice! This recipe makes the list because it is relatively simple and straightforward. Plus, a number of ingredients are optional and others list possible substitutions, so you’re not out of luck if you can’t get everything the recipe calls for.

Mexican Street Corn via Inconsistent Kitchen

Mexican street corn is a popular treat, so it seems perfect for Cinco de Mayo. We like this recipe because you can use fresh, canned, or frozen corn, making it pretty flexible. Most of the ingredients you may already have in your pantry, so you might not need to go shopping. To make the ingredients even easier to find, you could use sour cream instead of Mexican crema and parmesan or feta cheese instead of cotija.

Ground Beef Tacos via How Sweet Eats

Craving tacos? This convenient recipe is actually two recipes in one: one for seasoned ground beef and one for pico de gallo. We picked this recipe because we like how easy it is to adjust the toppings to suit different preferences…perfect for families!

Vegetarian Enchilada Casserole via DessArts

If you love Mexican flavors but putting together individual tacos is just too much effort, this enchilada casserole might be the perfect solution. We chose this recipe because it’s so easy to serve it up for your family. Plus, while it includes a lot of fresh produce, we think substitutions could work beautifully. For instance, if you don’t have spinach, zucchini might be just as delicious.

Vegan Tamale Pie via Another Music in a Different Kitchen

Tamales are so delicious, but they are also usually very labor-intensive. This recipe makes the list because it packs in familiar tamale flavors without all the work of wrapping and steaming them.

Easy Churros via Stylish Cravings

Fried dough with cinnamon is hard to resist! We’ve included this recipe because it calls for mostly staple ingredients you may already have on hand.

No Fry Fried Ice Cream via Life is Poppin

Frying food can be intimidating, but frying ice cream can seem particularly daunting since ice cream melts. That’s why we chose this recipe. It includes the flavors from restaurant-style fried ice cream without the need for a deep fryer.

Are you planning on doing anything special for Cinco de Mayo? Let us know in the comments section below!

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