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Get More for Less with Costco’s iTunes Gift Card Offer

Through August 3, Costco is offering manufacturer savings on iTunes gift cards, which can help you snag extra savings on future music, movie and audiobook purchases.

Right now, you can get an extra $10 off $100 iTunes gift cards. Since Costco already offers a discounted rate on $100 iTunes gift cards, the manufacturer savings can drop the price of a $100 gift card down to around $85!

Don’t need quite so much iTunes credit? Costco is also offering an extra $2.50 off $25 gift cards, so you should be able to snag a $25 gift card for just under $22.

You will not get a physical gift card. Instead, you’ll get a code delivered via email that you can use to start downloading your favorite movies, music, TV shows, and apps right away.

Don’t forget to share this deal with your friends and family before it ends on August 3!

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