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How Coupon Expiration Dates Work

A commonly asked question about couponing is, “When does my coupon expire?” The short answer is that coupon expiration dates are usually stated in the fine print.

Here are the full details of how to tell when your coupon expires, and how to potentially use it afterward!

Coupon Expiration Dates

Where is it? All coupons have an expiration date located somewhere in the fine print, which is usually printed along the bottom or on the back of the coupon. Even if a coupon doesn’t expire, it will actually say, “No expiration date” so you can be sure. If you’re printing a coupon online, be sure to print all of the pages or sides that are available so you don’t accidentally miss the fine print!

What time is it good til? The expiration date usually won’t have a time printed on it, but generally you can use the coupon until 11:59pm local time (or when the store closes) on the day of the expiration date.

What if the coupon is expired? While most stores will refuse an expired coupon, it never hurts to ask at checkout if they can honor it. Pairing the request with a really nice attitude helps! The worst that can happen is they’ll say no, and you can either pay full price or put the product back. However, I do not recommend raising a stink about it if they refuse it. Just politely say, “Thanks anyway!” and move on.

I hope this helps dispel any hesitation you have about using your coupons. I truly believe that the best way to feel confident about couponing is to know how to read your coupons!

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