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Couponing Pro Tip: Be Flexible to Snag the Best Deals

You cut out coupons for products you use often, head to the store with your shopping list, and fill your cart. While a routine can be helpful and reduce the risk of overspending, it can also blind you to some of the best savings. Staying flexible can help you snag the sort of deals you’ll brag about for years to come. Here are some of the best ways to stay flexible to maximize your savings.

Watch for Coupons and Markdowns as You Shop

Some of the best deals you find may be completely unexpected. Grocery stores often have sale and clearance items that don’t appear in any ads. The only way to spot them is to pay attention as you shop.

And don’t even get us started on the coupons you can find in stores! You may find coupons attached to packages, tear-off coupon pads near products, or automatic coupon dispensers scattered throughout the store. If you happen to spot coupons near sale products, pay extra attention! Manufacturer coupons generally work with in-store markdowns, so you might be able to save big.

Clip Any High-Value Coupons

If you spot a high-value coupon for a product you’re unlikely to use, you might be tempted to skip it. However, cutting it out can better prepare you to get excellent deals when the opportunity strikes. If you notice a product you have a coupon for is on sale, you might be able to use the coupon and get the product for very little or nothing. And if you’re still not interested in the product, you can share it with friends, family, or a local charity!

Try Different Brands

When you find a good deal on your favorite brand, it can seem magical. But just because a product isn’t a brand you know and love doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a try when you find the right coupon. If you are prepared to try different brands or switch between brands, you can go where the couponing tides take you to maximize your savings.

Don’t Stick to Just One Store

We all have our favorite stores, but sticking to just one store might make you miss the amazing values other stores offer. Different stores excel in different areas, so you might find you can get better prices on produce at one store and better deals on frozen food at a different store. If you’re only picking up a few things, it might not be worth the time and gas money to visit multiple stores, but if you’re doing a lot of shopping, it can add up!

Being flexible can be one simple strategy that helps take your couponing experience to the next level. What other tips do you have to find the best deals on the fly? Let us know in the comments section below!

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