CVS Deals 3/22 – 3/28


If you’re new, please read Couponing Terms and Abbreviations and CVS 101 before continuing.


Crest Pro-Health Enamel Care $3.49, Earn $3.49 ECBs (limit 1)
– 75¢/1 Q (3/1 P&G)
= Free + 75¢ Profit after Q and ECBs

Good Deals:

Mott’s Apple Sauce 6pk $1.25
55¢/1 Mott’s IP
= 70¢

Wisk 3x HE or 2x Ultra Liquid Laundry Detergent $5.99, Earn $1 ECB (limit 5)
– $1/1 Q (3/15 RP)
= $3.99 (12¢ per load) after Q and ECBs

Spend $10 on St. Ives, Earn $5 ECBs (limit 1)
– $1/1 Q (3/8 SS)
= Prices Vary

Schick Quattro for Women or Intuition Razor $8.99, Earn $3 ECBs (limit 1)
– $4/1 Q (3/22 SS)
= $1.99 after Q and ECBs

Playtex Gentle Glide or Sport Tampons, Earn $2 ECBs (limit 1)
– $1/1 Q (3/22 SS)
= Price Unknown

Dry Idea Clinical Complete Deodorant $7.99, Earn $5 ECBs (limit 2)
$2/1 Dry Idea IP
= 99¢ after Q and ECBs


Here is my scenario for paying the lowest out-of-pocket expense using these deals.  This scenario is assuming you have no ECBs starting off.  If you do have ECBs you can use them and pay even less!

Transaction 1:

(1) Crest Pro-Health Enamel Care $3.49
Use 75¢/1 Coupon
Pay $2.74
Earn $3.49 ECBs

Transaction 2:

(1) Schick Razor $8.99
Use $4 off Coupon
Use $3.49 ECBs from 1st Transaction
Pay $1.50
Earn $3 ECBs

Total Cost OOP: $4.24
ECBs Left to Use Next Week: $3


*Don’t forget the March ECB offers.

*This week’s ad scan can be found here courtesy of HotCouponWorld.

*Be sure to visit BeCentsAble’s Grocery Gathering for more local grocery store deals!


  1. I don’t have a blog to be able to post a link, but I’m dying to tell someone about my deal at CVS this week!!! (Sorry, this will be long, but it’s killing me to tell someone!)

    1 Shick Quatro Razor $8.99
    2 Dry Idea Clinical $15.98
    2 Sure Deo. $6.38
    2 Pert Plus Shampoo $7.98
    Total: $39.33
    1-$4 off Shick Quatro
    2-$2 off Dry Idea
    2-$1 off Sure Deo.
    2-$1 off Pert Shampoo
    1-$5 off $30 CVS Q
    1-$2 ECB from last week
    1-$2.99 ECB from last week
    1-$6.99 ECB from last week
    Total oop: $12.35+1.46 tax= $13.81
    Rec’d: $10 ECB
    $3 ECB
    $2 ECB
    $2 ECB
    Total: $17 in ECB’s for next week!!
    I made $3.19 on this deal!!

    I’m so happy!! Yay me!!
    Thanks for letting me post this!



  2. Sue,

    Apparantly some areas have a “test ad” and the deals are different than the rest of the country. I don’t have all the details on it though. I wish I could be more help! You might try Hotcouponworld.com.


    The Huggies deal has ended (unfortunately!). Hopefully another deal like it will come along soon!


  3. Stephanie/Keri,

    How are you guys redoing the huggies deal? Is Walgreens still doing the $10 back? (I still have some of the $5 coupons)



  4. Our CVS ad in Michigan is quite different. Our Wisk is only $4.99 with $1 ECB, making it $3.99. We have Dawn 2 for $2 with $1 ECB. Unfortunately we do not have that Crest ProEnamel at all. how strange to have different ads! I am bummed about the Crest.


  5. Are you not going to walgreens this week? I haven’t yet decided if I want to or not. I might re-do the huggies deal if I can get enough cupons. I would love to see your post if you do go to walgreens though!


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