CVS Deals 5/3 – 5/9


If you’re new, please read Couponing Terms and Abbreviations and CVS 101 before continuing.


Adidas Action3 Anti-perspirant $3.99, Earn $3 ECBs (limit 3)
– $1/1 Q (4/5 RP)
= Free after Q and ECBs

Colgate Max White or Max Fresh Toothpaste $2.99, Earn $2 ECBs (limit 2)
– $1/1 Q (All You Mag May Issue)
= Free after Q and ECBs

Zantrex-3 Insta-shot 2pk $4.99, Earn $4.99 ECBs (limit 1)
= Free after ECBs

Good Deals

Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes, Frosted Mini Wheats, & Special K Cereal 3/$10, Earn $5 ECBs when you buy 3 (limit 1)
– (3) $1/1 Printable Coupons
= 3/$2 or 67¢ ea. after 3 Coupons & ECBs

Listerine Total Care $3
– $2/1 Q (3/15 SS)
= $1


Here is my scenario for paying the least out-of-pocket and using these deals.  This scenario is assuming you have no ECBs starting off.  If you do have ECBs, you can use them and pay even less!

Transaction 1:

(1) Colgate $2.99
– $1/1 Colgate Q
Pay $1.99
Earn $2 ECBs

Transaction 2:

(1) Adidas Deodorant $3.99
– $1/1 Adidas Q
Use $2 ECBs from 1st Transaction
Pay 99¢
Earn $3 ECBs

Transaction 3:

(1) Adidas Deodorant $3.99
– $1/1 Adidas Q
Use $3 ECBs from 2nd Transaction (adjusted to $2.99)
Pay $0
Earn $3 ECBs

(since the Adidas limit is 3, you could do that exact transaction again if you have another coupon)

Transaction 4:

(3) Kellogg’s Cereals 3/$10
– (3) $1/1 Kellogg’s IPs
Use $3 ECBs from 3rd Transaction
Pay $4
Earn $5 ECBs

Total Cost OOP: $6.98
ECBs Left to Use Next Week: $5


*This week’s ad scan can be found here courtesy of HotCouponWorld.

*Be sure to visit BeCentsAble’s Grocery Gathering for more local grocery store deals!


  1. Gina-
    We got something similar to what you are describing in NV, but it was actually an ad showing that Longs was turning into CVS. So I think that only applied to those stores that are converting over. Check your ad closely to see if that is the case.


  2. I live in Southern California. I got a CVS ad in my Friday (today) newspaper advertised deals for the week of 5/3. I ALMOST CRIED. Not one ECB deal…. none. nada. blah. What’s going on? I want to call corporate and find out if this is permanent. A mistake?! My CVS’ only?! If it’s just mine I might just take the weekend and go to Vegas and get their deals <— no sales tax, I’m OK with that. It’s only 3 hours away.

    Any advice or wisdom???


  3. Shelli,

    Yes, makes sense! Still learning the CVS ropes so to speak, and that clears a lot up. Thanks for your response!!



  4. Jen,
    The difference between Walgreens and CVS is the CVS card. CVS puts a limit on how many ECB deals you can do per deal per card. So, since the limit on the Kelloggs is 1, you can only receive the ECB’s once. If the limit was more than 1, then you could turn around and use the Kellogg’s ECB’s for more Kellogg’s. Does that make sense?


  5. I was wondering if when you buy the Kellogg’s cereals and get the $5 in ECB’s, if you can then use those ECB’s to buy more Kellogg’s cereals; will another $5 in ECB’s print? I know Walgreen’s RR’s won’t print again with that type of scenario. Does CVS work the same? Hope that made sense! I’m new to CVS. Thanks for your help!!!


  6. I tried to go to the get printable coupons and other sites on this page but it kept saying my email address was invalid but it was not. Please adivse as I am really interested in saving with coupons. Thank You


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