CVS: Hawaiian Tropic $4 Money Maker (No Coupons Needed!)

This week you can earn $10 ECBs when you purchase 2 Hawaiian Tropic products (excluding trial size). Buy 2 of the Hawaiian Tropic Lip Balms at $2.99 each and earn your $10 in ECBs, making this a $4 money maker!

Buy (2) Hawaiian Tropic Lip Balms $2.99 ea.
Pay $5.98
Earn $10 in ECBs
Final Cost: Free + $4.02 Profit!

You may have to search endcaps for the lip balm display; they may not be on the sunscreen aisle.

You can see the full list of CVS Deals HERE.

Thanks, Common Sense With Money!


  1. For those who have not found the Lip balm… ask to speak to your district manager!!! We just bought the lip balms at a CVS store about 6 miles away. District manager called me this afternoon and told me there is only 1 store here in Tampa that carries it. He told me which one it was and Thank Godness there were still a few left. Good luck!


  2. Totally worked for me in RI with the shimmer lotion! Used ECBs to pay so paid .47 cents out of pocket and got $10 back! Cashier was stunned and impressed! Thanks for posting this!


  3. My girlfriend and I went to 6 different stores, 3 in Pa Philly area where we live and 3 in Southern Nj where we work, and no luck. Congrats to those who found them b/c we can’t lol. I even checked the CVS website and the lip balm isn’t on there either. Oh well. Better luck next week.


  4. I love reading everybodies adventures lol!!

    Ok I went back to TWO more Cvs and nothing lol! A total of 5 so I take it we don’t have it in our area 🙁 IL

    OH well maybe I’ll get hit with another good deal next week 🙂


  5. Has anyone attempted this and it NOT work? Always hate looking like an idiot at checkout…but what a great money maker to buy the other fun stuff on sale. Thanks!!


  6. Same here guys. Went to 2 CVS stores, asked the cashiers and employees… no luck.

    However, I was able to get the Schick razon for $0.99 cents both.
    “”””Warning”””” I went to the first CVS store and they had them for $9.99. I told the cashier they were supposed to be $8.99 and get one free. She answered “We changed the price because people were getting them for too cheap with ‘those’ coupons”. So I drove 3 miles to the other CVS and there they were for $8.99!!! buy one get 1 free.


      • I live in Miami. I had to go to 4 stores before I found them. They were not the same as the picture shown. They were coconut flavored. They were hanging on a peg at the top of a shelf. They weren’t even with the sunscreen.


  7. So if I have $5.99 in ECB can I use them on this purchase? I am new to this and kind of confused. Would that be a good thing to do?


    • @Leslie,

      If you use any ECB for this purchase, then no ECBs will print out after you pay.

      Example: (I learned it the hard way yesterday)… you know the sale they’re having for Colage $2.79 and get $2.00 ECB??? well, I paid for the first Colgate, got my $2.00 ECBs back, then I made a second transaction – same thing, another Colgate toothpaste… and I paid with the ECB I had just received.

      When I got my receipt, no ECBs were given to me this time. I asked the cashier and he told me: “If you use ECBs to pay for an item that should give you another ECB, the machine won’t print ECBs because you’re using some to pay for the item…”

      Anyways, I felt like they stole $2.00 ECB’s from me… in fact they did because they never printed… BUT… lessson learned.


    • @Leslie, Leslie, sometimes if you use a specific ECB (or RR at Wags) you don’t get another if you purchase the same item. However if you use, for example a poweraid ecb to purchase a Revlon item you can still generate the revlon ECB.


    • @Leslie, You CAN use ecb to pay for a new ecb deal. The only reason it wouldn’t work (which was the case in the scenario stated above) is if you are already over your limit. So if the limit on a particular deal is 1 and you have already done it, no new ecbs will print. But if the limit is 4 and you have only done 2 previously, it will work. 🙂


  8. I went to 3 and nothing LOL!

    I did go by the cosmetic to check it out but yeah nothing.I wll try one more and that will be my last so crossing fingers.

    Thank You for the info on this deal!!


  9. My CVS (I tried 2) did not have the lip balm, but the second one I went to had a snall display of HT in the front of cosmetics that included “shimmer lotion” The 2 oz bottle is $2.99. It worked with these!


    • @Amanda, Amanda,
      Extra Care bucks are on various products at CVS. You buy the product and when your receipt prints out your care bucks will be attached, like a coupon. You can use them on your next transaction.


  10. Sadly the CVS near me did not have it. I had 4.00 ECBs and 30 percent coupon I could have used and I was going to pay for all my other deals with this 10 ECB… oh well, I will see if they have it in another one.


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