Daily Frugal Tip: Freeze Green Onions or Herbs In Plastic Bottles

This is very similar to the veggie prep frugal tip from a couple of days ago, but I found this on Pinterest and thought it was great! I know I always buy a small bunch of green onions or herbs when I need them for a recipe ingredient, and I end up throwing the extras out because they spoil super fast.

Here’s a great idea to help with that! Freeze them in plastic water bottles! Just chop up all of the green onions or herbs, dry them thoroughly, put them in an empty plastic water bottle, and freeze. You can then pull the bottle out of the freezer whenever you need green onions or herbs for a recipe. Sprinkle. Sprinkle. Ta-da! You can get more specific details and tips over here.

Thanks, Lunch In A Box!

Photo Source: lunchinabox.net via Krystal on Pinterest

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