Daily Frugal Tip: Plan Your Menu Around What’s On Sale

Somari e-mailed in a great frugal tip. We could all use a reminder on this very important way to save money on groceries without even using coupons:

“Once a month I check out the circular from two of my local supermarkets. One doubles the coupons and the other gives discount points for gas. I make up a monthly lunch and dinner menu according to what’s on sale. I clip my coupons to my list and that store’s circular. I have spent as little as $70 for one month in the past.”

Great reminder! Did you catch this tip on how to avoid spending traps at the grocery store?

What other ways do you save money on groceries (besides coupons)?

Thanks, Somari!

Photo Source: thesuels.blogspot.com via Carly on Pinterest

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  1. I find I save more when I shop without my husband or children – in my case grandchild. My dtr. In law and I shop solo and we can better keep our concentration and avoid extra things finding their way into our carts. We try to avoid shopping when hungry or too tired- we need to be at the top of our game! We are fortunate to have an e travel fridge and freezer downstairs. If something has been purchased in quantity or for a particular meal it goes down there, thus avoiding an extra trip to the store to REPURCHASE items. I’ve done that a few times!


  2. We save money on groceries by simply staying out of the stores–saves on gas and impulse buys! I used to drive around for every sale to three different local stores every week. Now I shop at Costco once a month and my husband picks up a few perishables from Aldis while he’s in the city. It forces me to plan better, and while I do still make occasional impulse buys (Look, pretzel slider buns! So cute!) It’s $5 once a month instead of the constant temptation.


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