Daily Frugal Tip: Use Dry Beans Instead Of Canned

Did you know you can save a pretty good chunk of cash by cooking dry beans from scratch, rather than buying canned beans? It’s true! One package of dry beans makes at least 3 to 4 cans of beans for about a third of the cost. It is a little time consuming if you’ve never tried it before, but follow this really great tutorial to learn how to easily make recipe-ready beans for the fridge or freezer!

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  1. It’s cheaper and it reduces landfill space. GREENER!! You just have think about it the night before. Boil while washing the dishes or something. Turn off the heat. Let the beans sit overnight in the pot of water. Add what you want to add the next day.

    So glad that you mentioned this, Stephanie!


  2. Lisa Dinolfo Luginbill via Facebook

    I cook mine in the crockpot. I sort, rinse, throw 1 lb of dry beans in the crockpot unsoaked, sprinkle them with salt, onion powder, garlic powder and turmeric, then fill the crock until 1 inch from the top with water and cook on high about 5 hours.


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