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8 Easy and Affordable DIY Christmas Ornaments

‘Tis the season for crafting! Crafts can be a fun, festive way to get in the holiday spirit and fill your home with beautiful decor. This year, instead of relying on those large mass-produced containers of multi-colored ornaments, why not create unique, meaningful ones? You can use these to deck out your own tree, gift to friends and family to decorate theirs, or even display them in a bowl on your dining table.

Here are just a few tutorials on how to make easy and affordable DIY Christmas ornaments. It’s easier than you may think!

Handmade Foam Christmas Ornaments via DIY Tutoriales y Mucho Mas

If you are going for a specific color scheme for your tree, a lot of DIY ornament projects just won’t work. That’s why we’ve included this project. It uses craft foam, making it easy to select colors that will go with your aesthetic.

Easy Decoupaged Fabric Christmas Ornaments via This Southern Girl Can

Some fabrics are just so beautiful you want any excuse you can find to use them. This project makes the cut because it allows you to use your favorite fabric (even if you only have scraps) to craft a lovely ornament.

Christmas Gnome Ornaments via Ruffles & Rain Boots

Scandinavian Christmas decor often features gnomes, and we think they look absolutely adorable! This craft project is no exception. We’ve included it on the list because these gnome ornaments aren’t too complicated to make, but they look like something you’d find in a European Christmas market.

Beaded Christmas Tree Ornaments via Deep Roots at Home

Christmas time can be stressful, but stringing beads can be so relaxing! But the real reason we’ve included this project on the list is that kids can join in on the fun. Using pipe cleaners and larger beads, even little ones can make ornaments (with parental supervision and a little assistance, of course).

Snowflake Ornaments via Tifani Lyn

Old books are usually easy to buy on the cheap. After all, some are outdated and/or in poor condition, and that can make it hard for them to find a loving home. This craft project uses book pages to craft intricate snowflake ornaments. We included this project on the list because the resulting ornaments look fancy, but making them is so affordable!

Jingle Bells Christmas Ornaments via The Girl Creative

The main reason we’ve included this project because it is so quick and easy, but we also think it looks so very Christmasy! If you made a bunch of ornaments, you could stagger them throughout your tree for a festive touch. Otherwise, these would also make great gifts or package toppers.

Paper Ball Ornaments via A Beautiful Mess

If paper crafts are your thing, we’ve included this DIY project just for you! These ornaments are constructed of paper and glue, but they look like so much more! Plus, since you select the paper, you can make these ornaments with whatever colors and patterns you like best.

Baby’s First Christmas Ornament via Midwestern Moms

We couldn’t resist putting this on the list for all those sentimental parents out there. This tutorial offers a great way to use your baby’s hospital bracelet and hat as an ornament, allowing you to see it each year! We also think the same basic concept would work well for other small trinkets you save over the years.

What are your favorite Christmas crafting traditions? Let us know in the comments section below!

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