4 DIY Entryway Bench Ideas You Can Actually Do

An entryway bench probably wasn’t at the top of your must-have furniture list, but it can add so much functionality and coziness to your home! However, much as I love a good entryway bench, I agree that it shouldn’t cost you too much. Enter DIY entryway bench ideas!

Luckily, we’ve got the internet and plenty of access to amazing DIY tutorials. Here are four of my favorite DIY entryway benches from around the web:

Easy Wooden Shoe Bench

This simple design by Erin Spain is an easy project for a spring weekend, and you can dress it up with baskets, wall hooks and whatever else goes with your decor.

Shoe Bench with Storage Crates

This shoe bench with storage crates is still a pretty simple project but it takes it up a notch with storage crates! Be sure to buy your crates first so you know what dimensions to make the cutouts.

Door Turned Entryway Bench

So this door turned entryway bench will require that you either have an old door lying around or can find one at a local garage sale or hardware store. If you happen to get an old cute door, this is such a cool DIY entryway idea! You can keep the bench additions as simple or as complex as you like (or are capable of!).

Headboard Turned Entryway Bench

This headboard turned entryway bench is a similar project to the door one above, but it should be easier and cheaper to get your hands on an old headboard. Or you can use this as a great excuse to get yourself a new one!

Have you ever made a DIY entryway bench? Let us know how it went in the comments below!

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