DIY Halloween Classroom Treats

I love LOVE Halloween! All the little kids dressed so cute ringing your doorbell, handing out candy (but only once the kids actually say trick or treat), and school carnivals. It’s such a fun day for all that participate and a real money maker for the dentists. 

As Halloween is approaching and since I’ve already got my kids costumes taken care of, the one thing that’s on my mind is food. Always food, really, but this time it’s treats. What will my kids bring to class? I have to make sure I don’t offend anyone by having my treats be too scary so I should stay away from skeletons/death and anything bloody, and definitely clowns for sure.

Here are a few treats I like from around the web!

  1. Sticky Spider Webs via Giggles Galore. This is so easy, and so adorable. Spiders won’t give nightmares to anyone, right? 
  2. Chocolate Snack Cake Bats via Hungry Happenings. Literally 2 ingredients. Chocolate and Chocolate. 
  3. Chocolate Pretzel Monsters via Love the Day. These are actually very cute little monsters. This page also offers several other ideas as well! 
  4. M&M Popcorn Balls via Real Simple. Popcorn balls always remind me of Halloween. They are a must. 
  5. Oreo Witches Hats via Princess Pinky Girl. These are so adorable – where do people come up with these ideas! Genius! 
  6. Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops via Craft-O-Maniac. Any kid would love to receive one of these in class! 
  7. Graveyard Pudding Cups via Party Pinching. This could be done with store bought pudding or box made pudding (or home made for that matter!) Have fun with this, leave the ghost off and just put crushed up oreos and worms coming out as another idea. 
  8. Halloween Spider Cookies via Cincy Shopper. These are crazy easy but you have to be careful there are no peanut allergies due to the peanut butter cups! 
  9. Monster Donuts via Thrifty Fun. These are hilarious! The best part is you have a gift to take home when you finish the treat….vampire teeth! Don’t buy the donuts, you can make those yourself too!
  10. Broomsticks via Hip 2 Save. I’ve seen so many different variants of this treat and I’d have to say this is probably my favorite, and it’s sugar free!  

Probably going to do the Oreo Witches Hats or the Monster DOnuts this year, I love coming up with something new every year! Have a safe and fun Halloween! 

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