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5 DIY Teacher Gifts for the First Day of School

The first day of school is nerve-wracking for everyone… even teachers. Giving your child a gift to bring his or her teacher can make it easier for the child to meet the teacher and start the relationship on the right foot. Plus, it may make the teacher’s day!

While gift cards and useful classroom items are always appreciated, a DIY gift can be a more personal way to show you care. These five DIY projects can be great gifts to give your child’s teacher on the first day of school.

Paper and Book Holder via HomeMadeville
Papers accumulate quickly during the school year. We’ve included this DIY project on the list because it can give your child’s teacher a cute, convenient tool to organize papers in style.

Apple Terracotta Pots via Real Housemoms
This project makes the cut because it plays on the idea of giving your child’s teacher an apple. Plus, the teacher can use this adorable apple to store office supplies for years to come.

Succulent Jar via Making Joy & Pretty Things
This DIY project involves decorating a jar and planting succulents inside. We’ve included this project on the list because bringing some plants into the classroom can make the room more comfortable for everyone, so both your child and your child’s teacher can enjoy the gift.

School Supply Cake via The Craft Patch
If you want to give your child’s teacher something useful and fun, this DIY project fits the bill. This project makes the cut because your child’s teacher can choose to use it as a decoration or disassemble it for classroom supplies. Either way, it’s sure to make an impression!

Crayon Bouquet via MomDot
A colorful crayon bouquet can really brighten up a drab classroom, which is why we’ve included this DIY project on this list. While it involves a good amount of crafting, it also isn’t too advanced for beginning crafters.

What DIY gifts do you like to give your children’s teachers? Share your ideas in the comments section below.

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